Chapter 3 - Rebirth (3)

Chapter 3 - Rebirth (3)

In the end, Chen Meile had blown in like a hurricane and left just as fast, leaving Fu Bainian and Lan Jinyao to stare at each other in shock. There was a palpable rage emanating from Fu Bainian.

Lan Jinyao saw the deep hatred within the man’s eyes as he bit out, “Since you’ve decided not to cancel your contract, then go out and work!”

Just as she reached the door, he said another sentence, “I want you to remember what you said just now! In the future, our relationship is simply that of a Boss and a subordinate. Please don’t do something that is embarrassing in public again!”

Although Lan Jinyao just entered this body, she still had her pride. When she heard his additional statement, she felt uncomfortable, as if her dignity was being trampled under his feet. She turned around and stated, “I’ll certainly keep my promise. In the future when we’re in public together, we’ll act like we don’t know each other! As for that face of yours, I was clearly blinded by it in the past!”

After dropping this sentence Lan Jinyao stormed out, and as she was rushing to leave, the flesh on her body was jiggling. Once she was safely ensconced in the elevator, she caught sight of her plump figure being reflected in the elevator mirrors. She wanted to cry but found she lacked the tears to do so. One must know that in the past, Goddess Lan’s figure was the peak of perfection; she was even called a slim beauty by her fans.

Now, a formerly slim beauty had been transformed into a big fatty! Ughh! Lan Jinyao covered her face and sighed.

Heading down to the 12th floor, Lan Jinyao stepped out of the elevator and turned left, to arrive outside of her former private break room. The room wasn’t locked, so she pushed the door open and walked inside.

In the past, whenever she’d been tired of rehearsals or shooting a scene, she had usually liked to come and rest in this room for a while. So, because of this, all the necessary things you’d ever need could be found scattered around the room. After entering, she slowly walked around the room to examine everything, feeling the rims of her eyes start to sting. Stopping in front of the dressing table, she stared at the overflowing pile of unopened gifts, and the thick stack of fan letters.

At this moment, Lan Jinyao remembered the face of her best friend, Shen Wei’an, which was full of resentment, and recalled what she’d said--

“Lan Jinyao, the person least qualified to say anything is you! For you, everything was all smooth sailing, and you had the support of Shen Yu behind you. You never experienced the filthy affairs that go on in the entertainment circle, but it was different for me. If I don’t work hard, then I’m unable to obtain anything!!”

It wasn't until this moment that Lan Jinyao felt that she’d been too naive; everything she’d had was once envied by many. As for Shen Yu, he’d always been there for her, come rain or shine, yet he’d never brought up feelings of affections. There hadn’t even been the slightest hint of romantic feelings, so she’d accepted all that Shen Yu had given her with a clear conscience. Unfortunately, she only came to realise this once she’d already lost everything.

Lan Jinyao went and stood in front of the dressing table, and in passing, she picked up a letter and opened it.

Unlike the other letters in the pile, this letter was missing an address and sender. On the blank piece of paper, there was only one sentence that read, ‘You’ve recently lost weight again, remember to take care of your health!’

It was a bizarre letter. It wasn’t quite like the regular letter from a fan, and instead, it seemed more like one from a person who was familiar with her.

Before she could dwell on it, the sound of high-heeled shoes tapping against the floor abruptly came from outside, the sound drawing nearer with each step. Panicking, Lan Jinyao quickly hid against the wall behind the door. The next moment, the door was slammed open, and the thick panel swung back, whacking Lan Jinyao on the nose. Due to the force of the hit, scarlet blood started to trickle down to her lips.

“They say that beautiful women all suffer unhappy fates, but it’s still such a pity, and Goddess Lan was at the peak of her career. Who would’ve guessed that a superstar like her would end up with such a tragic fate!”

Suddenly hearing her name called made Lan Jinyao’s nose tickle and her eyes fill with tears.

“It was inhuman! I think that Goddess Lan should’ve left Shen Wei’an to her own devices that night instead of saving her. Now, not only did she pay for her decision with her life, but her career fell into Shen Wei’an’s wretched hands. Also, have you heard that the script for ‘A Thousand Years Of Tears’, that originally had Goddess Lan as the female lead, has now unexpectedly been given to Shen Wei’an? I don’t know what Director Shen was thinking! Just based on that woman’s acting skills, the show will fail any minute!”

Lan Jinyao wiped at the blood from her nosebleed with her hand. Her expression was absent-minded. So, it turned out that after she’d died, the things that had belonged to her really did fall into Shen Wei’an’s hands. It appeared that what Shen Wei’an had said was right; she really was blocking Shen Wei’an’s path to fame.

Weren’t they friends? This was ridiculous! That woman had wanted not only her career but also her life!

The conversation between the two women continued.

“I think there’s definitely something fishy about all of this. Tell me, how was that Goddess Lan fell instead of Shen Wei’an? I heard that the two of them had been standing very close to each other. Could it be that Shen Wei’an subtly extended her hand and pushed Goddess Lan?”

“Who knows? The police said that it was an accident. But, it is true that Shen Wei’an’s acting skills are unbelievably bad!”

“Hey, stop talking and hurry up with packing those things away. Anyway, it doesn’t matter how bad Shen Wei’an’s acting is, at least she’s got a pretty face. In this superficial era, it’s already a perfect advantage. Unlike that Chen Meimei, ugh, that posture and physique...even when she’s just walking, the floor of our office shakes! What’s more, she doesn’t seem to realise how embarrassing she is, and she still wants to eat swan meat. I heard she’s here again to find our President Fu.”

“Hey, don’t say that. If she heard you, you’d have to face the consequences!”

Lan Jinyao felt her nose start to become a little itchy. So, she tried pinching her still bleeding nose, but she was unable to hold back any longer and sneezed loudly.

The room suddenly went deathly silent; the atmosphere awkward.

Eavesdropping on people in the corner of a room was never a brilliant thing to do. Just when Lan Jinyao was hesitating over whether she should come out from her hiding spot or not, a clear and low-pitched male voice rang at the door--

“I don’t wish for our company’s employees to talk badly behind someone’s back. Moreover, you were both talking badly about a colleague!”

“Pres...President!” The voices of the two young girls slightly trembled.

Lan Jinyao peeped through the narrow slit between the door and the wall and saw Fu Bainian standing nearby wearing an expression as dark as soot. This man seemed to be born with a naturally strong aura, causing the young girls who’d been bad-mouthing others to be scared witless.

“Get out!”

As if following a royal decree, the two young girls immediately fled the room.

After they’d left, Fu Bainian walked further into the room and sat on the couch. There, he picked up the bear that had been nestled on the cushions and hugged it. With his chin resting on the bear’s head, his expression became slightly pained.

Lan Jinyao suddenly forgot about massaging her numb arm as she looked at the man’s pained expression in a daze. She then knit her brows in puzzlement.

Ever since she’d signed with Blue Hall Entertainment, she had never once seen the Big Boss’ face. Firstly, it was because she’d been continuously busy, and secondly, it was because the Big Boss was low-key and mysterious. She couldn’t remember any friendly relations between this man and her. Would an unfamiliar person really show such an expression because of her death?

Lan Jinyao felt something odd, deep within her heart, but she decided not to dwell on it for the time being.

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