Chapter 29 - Whose Heart Is Crying? (6)

Chapter 29 - Whose Heart Is Crying? (6)

On the night before the wedding, Lan Jinyao made another phone call to Fu Bainian. “Fu Bainian, you’ll come, right? After this wedding, if you still insist on being with that woman, then...”

She was silent for a moment before she whispered, “Then, I’ll comply with your wishes.”

On the other end of the phone, Lan Jinyao could hear Fu Bainian’s steady breathing. After a good while, he finally said, “Good! I’ll come. You have to remember your promise, otherwise...”

“Hehe,” Lan Jinyao chuckled. “You don’t have to threaten me. Also, don’t worry about me breaking my promise; I’ll keep my word. I’ve already said it: after we’re divorced, we’ll no longer be friends and only be strangers to each other.”

Fu Bainian’s voice was hoarse as he responded, “Alright!”

Lan Jinyao managed to add a few more words before Fu Bainian hung up the phone. “You must come!”

Fu Bainian didn’t answer her and hung up.

That night, Lan Jinyao lay on her bed and found it impossible to sleep. Tomorrow was her wedding day. Perhaps, after the wedding, Fu Bainian would choose not to believe her and still decide to be with Lan Xin.

She told herself that it didn’t matter because even if she bumped her head against the wall with all her strength, she wouldn’t be able to change what was fated to be. For her, the best result now was that she could marry him, and if nothing else, she was happy that she’d get that wish granted. In the future, regardless of whether or not she fell in love with someone else, she’d at least walked into a wedding hall with the first person she’d ever liked.

The next day, Lan Jinyao was awakened by the sound of her phone. Mother Fu’s tone was full of excitement as she said, “Meimei, hurry up and come join me. The customised wedding dress has been sent over.”

“Mum, isn’t this all happening a bit too fast?”

Her heart was beating like a drum. She’d always felt that things wouldn’t go this smoothly, despite personally getting a confirmation from Fu Bainian last night that he would be there.

“This is indeed a bit rushed, but what other choice do I have? To think that, even after getting married, that worrisome son of mine would actually get into a scandal with another woman. If I don’t announce to the whole world now that you’re our Fu family’s daughter-in-law, I think it’s highly probable that wave after wave of women would approach my son.”

Mother Fu’s voice was filled with admiration, and she sounded thrilled.

Lan Jinyao chuckled. “I understand, I’ll head over now. Fu Bainian, he...”

“I called him; he’ll be here soon! Don’t worry, how could those foxes delay my son?” Mother Fu said vigorously.

Lan Jinyao was relieved. Nevertheless, when she was freshening up, her heart suddenly had a bad premonition, but she tried to ignore this strange feeling.

However, with her longing for love, she decided to sacrifice her self-respect and moved forward with the wedding; regardless of her misgivings. Unfortunately, this would ultimately result in her becoming a joke to everyone.

On this day, the sky was bright and cloudless, and Lan Jinyao was currently sitting in a taxi on the way to the hotel. Typically, this was a bustling road with traffic delays ranging anywhere from thirty minutes to one hour. However, today, the car was steadily making progress towards its destination with plenty of time to spare. It was as if God was opening up a path for her.

Lan Jinyao’s heart was beating fast. Even if she watched the scenery sliding past the window, she couldn’t relax. Instead, the closer she got to the hotel; the more her anxiety increased.

An hour later, Lan Jinyao stood in front of a mirror with a pure white wedding dress wrapped around her ginormous form. She looked frustrated as she stared at the large figure being reflected in the mirror, and she’d managed to regain the ten pounds that she’d lost before her honeymoon.

While she was applying her makeup, Mother Fu entered the room in a rush. Her normally smiling face was looking slightly unsettled.

“Meimei, don’t worry. Although we’re unable to reach Fu Bainian’s phone, he promised that he would come. You must trust me, and believe in the son I raised.”

Lan Jinyao lowered her head. So, it was like this even though he’d promised. Additionally, not only did he not bother to appear, but he refused to answer his phone.

It would’ve been better if she’d never come. In this case, even if she gave up on the only chance between them, she wouldn’t have been the one being abandoned.

“Auntie, what should I do now? Should I believe in him?”

She’d decided to change the way she’d been addressing Mother Fu to what she’d used previously. This was what Fu Bainian had chosen.

“If he doesn’t come, I’ll become the biggest joke in the city. Auntie, do you think I should take the risk?”

She’d already begun to give up on him in her heart, but she smartly decided to let this woman help her make a choice. Mother Fu believed in her son, but, was she willing to make Chen Meimei into a joke for him?

Mother Fu started repeatedly calling Fu Bainian’s phone until her phone was almost out of power. In the end, Fu Bainian still didn’t pick up, while outside, reporters had arrived for the wedding.

Lan Jinyao would always remember this day, and it would remain as a scar that cut deeply across her heart and hid in the deepest corners. The fate between her and Fu Bainian was like a complicated puzzle that was impossible to solve.

An hour later, Fu Bainian still hadn’t appeared, and Mother Fu, who’d insisted on calling him, finally gave up. She held Lan Jinyao’s hands and said with an apologetic expression, “Meimei, it might be best if you change clothes and leave through the hotel’s back door, alright? I’ll take care of everything regarding the wedding. As for that stinky son of mine, I’ll sort him out later.”

Once Lan Jinyao had changed, she glanced at her ring finger. After a momentary hesitation, she took off the diamond ring and placed it on the table in the room.

“Fu Bainian, so this is what you’ve chosen?” She chuckled and left the hotel through the back door.

The hotel’s back door led to a small alleyway full of garbage, and as she walked, she pulled a hat down over her head. When she finally left the alley, a few people suddenly rushed out from behind her. Panicking, she turned around to see what was happening. In that split moment, she was thrust back to the past when she was still a famous movie star with paparazzi taking candid pictures of her from behind.

Constant clicks could be heard coming from behind her, and the moment she turned around, it was too late as the reporter had already taken many pictures. Lan Jinyao quickly hid her face and ran away.

For Lan Jinyao, this was a day filled with sorrow. However, it wasn’t until the next day that she understood that the worst had yet to come.

Even though she’d escaped from the back door, she couldn’t escape the headlines. She wanted to cry when she looked at all the photos displayed on major websites.

Chen Meimei, the fatty, had once again become a joke. Unfortunately, this time, it was because of her, Lan Jinyao.

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