Chapter 28 - Whose Heart Is Crying? (5)

Chapter 28 - Whose Heart Is Crying? (5)

“That’s enough, Chen Meimei! I didn’t call you here today to say that!” Fu Bainian suddenly raised his voice.

Lan Jinyao nodded and unhurriedly said, “I know why you called me here today; wasn’t it to make me give my ring and husband to someone else? I know I promised you before, but now, I’ve changed my mind.”

“Why?” Fu Bainian’s brows furrowed, a look of puzzlement plastered on his face.

Lan Jinyao shrugged. “No reason. If the person you liked was someone else, I could do what you wanted. But, when it comes to this woman, I can't help you.”

Lan Jinyao didn’t know where this woman had come from, or why she looked exactly like her previous self. But, these questions weren’t important. The important part to note was that Fu Bainian had said that the person he likes is Lan Jinyao, and this woman was not Lan Jinyao! In this world, she was the one and only Lan Jinyao; no one could ever replace her!

Originally, Lan Jinyao hadn’t intended to behave like this. If the person that Fu Bainian had liked were someone else, she would’ve been willing to help them because her love couldn’t amount to even a fraction of this man’s affections that had spanned several years. However, now, it was different. The person that he’d loved for so long had turned out to be her, and she was now being substituted with someone else!

At this moment, Lan Jinyao was extremely unwilling to help him.

“Chen Meimei, how can you go back on your words?”

Fu Bainian stood up, propped his hands on the table, and towered over Lan Jinyao with a dangerous look in his eyes.

“Haizz, nowadays, men are daring to bring their mistresses to provoke the wives openly. Public morals are degenerating with each passing day!”

“Men are like that, but the women who are mistresses are also too ignorant; without honour or shame. They destroy a person’s family, and yet they still dare to act confidently.”

All could hear the incessant chattering of the people in the cafe. No one was even attempting to be quiet as they were purposely trying to be heard. Seeing that the woman’s expression was changing, Lan Jinyao laughed in her heart.

The woman’s complexion was pale; she looked utterly pitiful. Tightly clenching Fu Bainian’s hand, she asked in a grief-filled voice, “Fu Bainian, didn’t you say that you don’t like her?”

“Well, the reason we got married was my Mother. If possible, I would’ve chosen never to get married at all, but I unexpectedly managed to meet you again.”

Lan Jinyao played with the diamond ring on her finger as she watched this pathetic drama play out in front of her.

“Fu Bainian, as a man, you don’t even have the most basic sense of responsibility. How do you plan on giving happiness to someone you like?” She continued to question him aggressively, “And, since you said that you'd liked Lan Jinyao for years, do you think that, according to Lan Jinyao’s personality, that she would destroy someone’s family?”

Although her words were directed towards Fu Bainian, she was staring at Lan Xin. No matter what this woman was scheming, Lan Jinyao wouldn’t let her succeed.

What’s more, before she’d died, Lan Jinyao had despised those unspoken rules in the entertainment circle, and had loathed those who would use money to benefit themselves; regardless of the hurt that it would bring to someone’s family.

A woman would love someone with her entire heart. If she were to lose her loved one, it would be like they’d lost their whole world. The downside though, was a woman’s morality when compared to love was almost nonexistent.

Her words silenced Fu Bainian.

Perhaps he never thought that Chen Meimei could say such a sentence, or he found it hard to believe. Or, maybe, he was shocked by the meaning of her words.

What was Chen Meimei had said was right. Lan Jinyao was a woman with high morals, and she normally would’ve disdained to be the reason that someone was hurt.

Lan Xin’s expression seemed a little anxious. Picking up a spoon, she poked at the foam on top of her coffee and started messing up the latte flower art. When Fu Bainian looked at her, she was pitifully piling the cream into the centre of her cup.

“Chen Meimei, just give me the ring! We’ll go to the Bureau of Civil Affairs tomorrow; let’s end this mistake of a marriage as soon as possible! Delaying the inevitable will only further hurt you, me, and her. It’ll also damage the relationship between our families.”

“Why do you think this marriage was a mistake? Why don’t you think of it as a gift from the heavens?”

“Chen Meimei...”

Lan Xin suddenly got up and stood next to Fu Bainian. “What do you really want?! Bainian has already said he doesn’t like you. You were the one that took advantage of the fact that Auntie liked you to pester Bainian continuously.”

It seemed that this woman was in a hurry to marry Fu Bainian. The more she spoke, the more Lan Jinyao was confident that she was plotting something. As for who she was, it was a mystery because she didn’t think that the woman was real the Chen Meimei, as Lan Jinyao had seen her body be buried under 10 feet of thick soil.

“Woman, who is it that really has no sense of shame?”

Lan Jinyao was already tired of this and didn’t want to be entangled with them any longer. Following the broadcast of her first drama and her previous battle with Xu Jin’ge on Weibo, she’d won over quite a lot of fans. She could almost be considered a public figure now. Besides, to her surprise, there was already someone taking pictures in the restaurant.

She said to Fu Bainian, “You should think over it carefully; don’t be blinded by the illusion before your eyes.”

“What do you mean?” Fu Bainian asked.

By the time he asked this, Lan Jinyao was already leaving the cafe. When she heard Fu Bainian’s question, a corner of her mouth slightly raised. She whispered under her breath, “Fu Bainian, one day, you will understand what I mean. I hope we can have a happy ending, so I wish you don’t make the wrong decision.”

I’d been wondering why the heavens gave me such a fate and let me meet a man I’d never known before, but now, I understand. I’ll regard this trial as a deliberate arrangement by the heavens. We’re destined to be together.


That afternoon, Lan Jinyao knew that things had now become serious. First, a not-so-famous website posted a video of the three of them in the cafe. Then, a few netizens pointed out that Chen Meimei and Fu Bainian were actually married; someone saw them go to the Maldives for their honeymoon.

The development of the situation was garnering too much attention. Mother Fu had already invited a lot of reporters to the wedding that they were holding for them, and Lan Jinyao had received a message informing her of the details. In fact, everything about the wedding had been suitably arranged. The only missing was a bride and groom.

By now, the whole world knew that Chen Meimei was going to marry Fu Bainian.

Those with malicious intentions who mocked her would forever exist, and the number of people who offered false blessings was endless.

Lan Jinyao decided to call Fu Bainian. “Fu Bainian, when it’s time for the wedding ceremony, you’ll be there, right? At that time, I’ll tell you a secret; a secret that, as far as I'm concerned, is extremely important to you.”

By then, no matter what kind of future she’d face, she’d accept it. At least she would’ve told Fu Bainian the truth.

Fu Bainian remained silent throughout the phone call. By the time Lan Jinyao hung up the phone; he still hadn’t uttered a single word.

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