Chapter 26 - Whose Heart Is Crying? (3)

Chapter 26 - Whose Heart Is Crying? (3)

“Fu Bainian, why did we have to come all this way to eat coconuts?”

“Because they’re sweet!”

“But, you still haven’t managed to open it. Why did you refuse that person’s help just now?”

Fu Bainian placed the coconut down on the table and put his hands on his hips, his tone cold as he said, “Who was it that said she wanted to eat coconuts, and who was it that just said she could handle it on her own?”

Lan Jinyao lowered her head and said weakly, “Who said it? Why don’t I know?”

The number of people watching them steadily grew and caused Fu Bainian’s face to turn darker than charcoal. Ultimately, he grabbed her hand, walked through the thick crowd, and went outside; abandoning the coconut.

“Hey! You don’t want this coconut anymore?” someone shouted at them.

Fu Bainian’s expression was calm, but he refused to say anything. Lan Jinyao quickly replied to the woman who’d asked, “That one is bad, and it can’t be opened. We don’t want it.”

The people observing smiled at Lan Jinyao’s kindness. Then, in the next second, the coconut opened. Inserting a straw into it, the woman sucked in two gulps before she said to them with a pleased expression, “This one isn’t bad; it’s very sweet!”

Seeing that the woman had managed to open a small hole in the coconut so easily, Fu Bainian’s expression worsened. He quickly tugged Lan Jinyao away; his pace so fast that Lan Jinyao needed to run a little to match him. As she ran, she smiled and asked, “Hey, is someone mad?”

Lan Jinyao beamed at him, and seeing his irritated expression, she patted his chest and comforted him. “Don’t worry about such small details. You’re the President of Blue Hall Entertainment and deal with hundreds of affairs already. Why let a small coconut bother you?”

Fu Bainian’s expression gradually lightened.

She continued, “Maybe that person was a coconut seller, so managing to open a coconut wasn’t something special. Don’t you agree?”

The stormy expression covering Fu Bainian’s face had now completely cleared.

Lan Jinyao snickered. She never would’ve expected this man to have such a side to him.

“Hey, let’s go to a bar! I haven’t been to a bar while here yet. We can treat it as our last farewell!”

She forced a bright smile and pretended that this was the last illusion of sweetness. When, in her heart, she knew clearly that after they returned they would go their separate ways. She wanted to have a sweet memory of their time together; after all, he was the first man she’d ever liked.

Lan Jinyao was trying hard to leave a good impression on Fu Bainian, but not even a half hour had passed once they’d arrived at a bar before she was drunk. She was so dizzy that she saw double.

She raised her hand and pointed at Fu Bainian. “Why are there two Fu Bainian’s? One for the woman in your heart, and one for me? Haha, there are two of you!”

The bartender slid another colourful cocktail towards her as he regaled her with the romantic story behind the drink. When the bartender passed the cocktail to her, Fu Bainian reached out to pick it up. But, Lan Jinyao quickly snatched it, threw her head back, and poured the entire glass filled with liquid into her mouth. After she swallowed it all, she giggled at Fu Bainian as she lifted the empty glass. “You wanted to drink it? Unfortunately, there’s nothing left!”

“You’re drunk!”

“But, I’m sad, you know? My heart is sad! Drinking can make people happy!”

She added, “Fu Bainian, you can’t take advantage of my inebriated state and leave me alone. We’ll be leaving together tomorrow. When we get off the plane, I’ll return your diamond ring to you and we’ll part without hard feelings.”

Fu Bainian quietly hummed and took the glass from her hand before he said to her, “We still have to catch the plane tomorrow, so you really can’t drink any more.”

“Fu Bainian, promise me: even if we part, you’ll still help me in the entertainment circle. I will prove to everyone that I can stand on the peak!” At that moment, she lowered her gaze with a resolute expression on her face.

However, in the near future, Lan Jinyao would forget ever saying this. She’d said that Fu Bainian must help her, but when he offered, she pushed his hands away with a cold face as she firmly told him, “I don’t need your help! I can get what I want with my own strength!” But at that time, her self-esteem had been trampled by him.

The sky was gradually darkening, so Fu Bainian dragged Lan Jinyao back to the hotel. These past few days, they’d been eating delicious food and happily drinking, and she hadn’t made any efforts to get up in the morning to exercise. Because of this, her body had regained all the weight that she’d worked hard to lose.

When Fu Bainian tugged at her arm, he instantly found himself exhausted. However, Chen Meimei didn’t even make the tiniest bit of effort to help and just lay on his body.

The hotel was before them when she suddenly covered her mouth and started gagging.

“Chen Meimei!” Fu Bainian roared. “Don’t tell me that you want to vomit?! Just wait a moment, and I’ll find you a trash can!”

But, in the next second, Lan Jinyao poured out the contents of her stomach. Seeing the vomit staining his glossy leather shoes, the veins on Fu Bainian’s forehead started throbbing. “Chen Meimei, do you want to die?!”

The unconscious Lan Jinyao never would’ve thought that the good impression she’d been trying to make was, in Fu Bainian’s opinion, one of his worst memories.

“Chen Meimei, are you able to shower yourself?”

Lan Jinyao groaned, but her eyelids didn’t move at all.

Fu Bainian rubbed his forehead in frustration as he looked at a mountain-like woman in the bathtub. Then, leaving the bathroom, he quickly called room service.

“Do you need something, Sir?” The blond woman who came to the room hooked his chin with her finger as she stared at him coquettishly.

Fu Bainian pushed the woman’s hand away and pointed to the bathroom. “Just go and help the woman inside wash up!”

“Woman? Ok!”

The woman entered the bathroom just as Fu Bainian added another sentence, “Just giving her a shower is enough!”

The woman gave him an ok gesture.

In the quiet room, there were only the sounds of water coming from the bathroom.

Abruptly, Fu Bainian’s phone rang. Picking it up, he looked at it and noticed that he’d received a text message. The contents were simple, just a few lines that read: If you really want to chase me, my plane leaves at 1 AM. If we can be reunited on the flight, I’ll seriously consider your pursuit!

The sender was Lan Xin.

Lan Xin?

“Remember, my current name is Lan Xin!”

Lan Xin - Lan Jinyao!

At that moment, the man who was struck by happiness didn’t think things through carefully. How did Lan Jinyao get his temporary phone number, and why would she even request such things from him when she’d only just met him?

Half an hour later, he patted Chen Meimei’s cheek as she slept, but there was no reaction.

“Chen Meimei! Wake up!”

Lan Jinyao rolled over and continued sleeping!

Fu Bainian felt helpless as he said, “I’m sorry, Chen Meimei, I can’t go home with you. I have something important to do, so I'll leave first.”

As he headed out, he glanced at the woman on the bed. In the end, he still didn’t stay.

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