Chapter 25 - Whose Heart Is Crying? (2)

Chapter 25 - Whose Heart Is Crying? (2)

When Fu Bainian returned to the hotel, he felt that something was off with Chen Meimei. This woman was usually noisy, but the moment he stepped into the room, it was to see her blankly staring out the window with her back facing the door.

He walked over to her and poked her on the shoulder. “What happened to you?”

Lan Jinyao turned her head to look at him and swept a glance over his face. When she saw that he was smiling like spring was in bloom, she sadly turned away and propped her chin up with her hand. After a long while, Fu Bainian heard her faintly ask, “Fu Bainian, if you made an error, would you choose to accept that you’d made a mistake, and then deal with the consequences of that choice?”

Fu Bainian seriously considered his answer before saying,“As a businessman, I would choose the possibility with the most returns. If I could manage to benefit, even if it was wrong, why not?”

Lan Jinyao sneered. “As expected of you, such a cool-headed judgement! But, I can’t make a choice!”

The odd tone in her voice confused Fu Bainian. Then, before he thought better of it, he blurted, “Are you on your period?”

The next second, a lethally aimed pillow flew towards him before landing on the floor.

Fu Bainian picked up the pillow, patted it clean, and then placed it back on the bed. Sitting near her, and he asked in puzzlement, “What’s wrong with you, Chen Meimei? Are you feeling unwell?”

Lan Jinyao tilted a glance in his direction and heavily said, “Nothing!”

“Fu Bainian, on the phone you told me that you’d found the woman you love. What do you mean? Is she still alive?” she asked.

In addition to herself, had another person died and been reborn too?

As soon as she asked about the unknown woman, Fu Bainian seemed particularly happy as a broad smile spread across his face. Seeing such a charming smile, Lan Jinyao once again looked away with a sad expression. Whether it was true love or not was evident at a glance.

“She didn’t die; it was just a plan to disappear. She’s living happily here, in the Maldives. I saw her today.”

“Fu Bainian, when we go back, do you want a divorce?”

Fu Bainian was stunned. The smile on his face disappeared.

“You love her so much, but you thought that she’d died; so, you were desperate. Now, you’ve suddenly learnt that she’s still alive. I know that you must want to be with her, but we’ve already registered our marriage. You’re currently my husband now, and you said that you would treat me with respect,” Lan Jinyao blurted without pausing.

The room was silent, and only the sound of two people breathing could be heard. Fu Bainian finally understood why she’d been behaving so peculiarly; she’d been thinking about the future.

Truthfully, he’d never even considered the implications regarding this situation. The one he’d loved had died; he saw it with his own eyes. So, giving up all hope on love, he’d found a random woman he could use to deal with his parents. But, what he’d fail to consider was that this woman had a fragile heart. She was capable of being sad and hurt too.

What should he do now? He liked that person for so long; would he just give up on her because of this?

Time seemed to slowly pass for a long time before Lan Jinyao heard him say with a hoarse voice, “Chen Meimei, I’m sorry. From the beginning, you knew that I had someone who I liked, and you promised to marry me to help me with my parents. So, I hope you can understand.”

Lan Jinyao tried to suppress her emotions. Don’t get angry, don’t get angry! Unfortunately, she was unable to contain her rage as it rose within her, causing her to have persistent pain in her heart. She then asked him, “I don’t want to understand! If you had a person in your heart, you shouldn’t have compromised. You shouldn’t pull me, Lan...Chen Meimei, down with you! You essentially used my love for you as a shield.”

Fu Bainian clasped his hands on his head; he looked like a trapped beast as he fidgeted. Unfortunately, he was unable to find a solution to their current dilemma. Who would’ve thought that he’d encounter the one he loved alive and well in the Maldives? This was totally unexpected!

His hands were suddenly grasped by a soft, chubby hand.

Lan Jinyao’s eyes glistened with unshed tears as she stared at him. She was choking on her emotions as she said, “Fu Bainian, what do I do? I fell in love with you!” This time, she was speaking from the heart as Lan Jinyao; not as Chen Meimei.

Fu Bainian momentarily froze in shock. In the past, Chen Meimei wouldn’t have used such a serious expression to look at him as she said ‘I love you’. Normally, she would’ve screamed it at the top of her lungs, as if she was afraid that no one could hear her. However, this time, her expression made him subconsciously look away.

After that, he replied, “I know! You made me aware of this long ago!"

Just as Lan Jinyao wanted to explain, Fu Bainian’s phone abruptly rang; the ringtone returning the awkward silence to the room. It was Mother Fu.

Lan Jinyao glanced at the name flashing across the screen but chose to remain silent. Fu Bainian sighed before answering his phone.


“Mhh, I know. I’ve decided to stay here a little longer.”

After hanging up the phone, he said to Lan Jinyao, “Mum is letting us stay here for a little longer to have fun. There’ll be a surprise for us when we go back.”

Lan Jinyao responded with a sigh. “Ok!”

Fu Bainian, of course, wanted to stay here longer. However, it wasn’t for her; it was for the unknown woman in his heart instead.

“For now, don’t overthink things. For the next few days, I’ll accompany you, and we can do something fun together. When we return, we can talk about this again.”

Lan Jinyao glanced at him. “Really?”

Fu Bainian nodded earnestly. “Of course! I never lie.” He would just think of it as...a way to compensate her.

At that moment, both of them knew the truth. Now that Fu Bainian had found out that the one he’d loved was alive, as soon as they returned to China, the two of them would have to go back to the Bureau of Civil Affairs and register their divorce.

After a moment of silence, Lan Jinyao smiled. Although her smile was slightly depressed, she was trying hard to become an open-minded woman. She wouldn’t pursue him, and she wouldn’t force him. Sadly, she found that she couldn’t do it; the feelings she’d invested into this marriage were far too strong.

“Fu Bainian, I don’t know why things have now become like this. Actually, it’s only recently that I realised how I felt. Those actions of the past weren’t...”

“Fu Bainian, if the one in your heart were to really die, would you fall in love with me?”

“No!” He answered. It was a firm response, but it was also very hurtful. “You’re too fat!”

When Lan Jinyao heard this, it seemed to instantly rejuvenate her spirit. “If I wasn't fat, would you like me then?” she asked.

She immediately realised that was a stupid question to ask and became dejected.

“Fu Bainian, let’s go have fun! You said that you'd accompany me while we’re here! However, I won’t allow you to find that woman; for the next few days, while we’re here, you’ll act like a good husband.”

Fu Bainian momentarily pondered before nodding.

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