Chapter 24 - Whose Heart Is Crying? (1)

Chapter 24 - Whose Heart Is Crying? (1)

Since Fu Bainian had left the beach, Lan Jinyao found that the indistinct gaze she’d felt following her all day had suddenly disappeared too.

Enjoying the sunny and beautiful beach scenery were plenty of blonde-haired people. From where she was sitting, Lan Jinyao searched everywhere, but she couldn’t see any sign of Fu Bainian. Becoming worried, she stood up and decided to look for him.

At the moment, Fu Bainian was following a woman.

His face was taut with anxiousness, and his steps were steadily picking up speed. Not far in front of him, a woman in a white muslin dress had walked into a drink store.

The figure before him was almost the same as the one engraved in his mind. However, he couldn’t see her face; the one thing he was desperate to see. Perhaps, things were like he was hoping...

Two minutes later, Fu Bainian was standing at the entrance of the drink shack. Only that white-clad figure was occupying his mind. While Chen Meimei, who was back at the beach, was tossed to the back of his mind.

He didn’t enter the store and choose instead to stand in the doorway and peek inside.

At first, he’d thought that Chen Meimei was that woman. Her every move; every little movement, was so similar to the figure in his dreams. But, how could she have become someone else out of thin air?! He was just imagining things.

There were only a few people in the store. The woman in the white dress was preoccupied with chatting away with the Manager; they looked like they’d known each other for quite a long time.

It seemed like a century passed before the woman finally turned around and revealed her youthfulness and her beautiful face. Fu Bainian felt like he was struck by lightning and froze on the spot. That face was a carbon copy of popular actress, Lan Jinyao’s! Those eyebrows, eyes, nose, and mouth matched the face in his dreams.

“I thought you’d died! I never would’ve expected that you were living well in the corner of the world far away from me. The smile on your face is so real; so happy.”

Fu Bainian whispered to himself before he tightly clenched his hand in a fist and punched the wall by the door.

Who was it that had stood on their school stage and declared that what she loved most in this world was performing in front of their junior schoolmates?! It turned out he was a fool. Everything she’d said was just bluff; he was the only one who’d taken it seriously!

Hahaha, previously, she’d strived hard to become a professional actor, but now, what was this? She’d casually created an accident for herself to disappear, and then ran here to live in seclusion; leaving behind the people who’d cared about her and cried for her?

“Lan Jinyao, no matter what, I swear I won’t let you go this time.”

He would cling to her tightly, so tightly that he would never let her go again; no matter how much she struggled. He wanted to be with her for a lifetime.

“Sir, doesn’t your hand hurt? It’s bleeding!”

The woman in the white dress was standing in front of him and asking him a question with concern.

Fu Bainian stared at the woman looking at him with the eyes of a stranger and felt his heart clench. So, it could still be hurt! He was nothing but a stranger to her. He’d done so much for her, but she didn’t know about any of it. They weren’t even friends.

At this moment, Fu Bainian felt nothing but deep sorrow.

A pair of soft hands wrapped a white scarf around his bleeding hand; the blood dying the silk a dark red. The warmth of that soft touch slowly spread throughout his chest, resulting in his heart softening. Additionally, the grievances and anger that had been polluting his heart were nearly completely cleansed.

“Lan Jinyao, you secretly ran away and hid, but do you know that this is a breach of contract?” his voice was slightly frosty as he spoke. In reality, though, he was using such a cold voice to cover up the tumultuous emotions raging within him.

The woman raised her hand before her mouth and made a silencing gesture. She leaned closer as she whispered, “Hush! I’m now called Lan Xin!”

She’d admitted it!

At this moment, Fu Bainian’s heart was thumping harder than it ever had before. He’d heard her admit that she was Lan Jinyao; the person who’d been occupying his heart for years.

Fu Bainian stared at the face in front of him for a long time before suddenly, he reached out and tightly pulled the woman into his embrace. His nose filled with a familiar fragrance; the perfume she’d once loved.

The woman’s heart was pounding in her chest, while his heart wasn’t beating any slower. At this moment, weren’t they both equally nervous?

“Mr Fu...President Fu, don’t tell me you normally chase after girls like this? I have to say; these actions are entirely unbecoming!”

The woman pushed him away, but her face wasn’t showing the slightest trace of displeasure. On the contrary, she had a faint smile visible around the edges of her mouth.

Fu Bainian immediately asked, “Then, how would you like me to chase after you? Tell me so that I can act in a way you approve!”

The woman smiled at him, abruptly out of character. Then, she hugged him tightly and whispered in his ear, “Are you prepared to treat me the way I like? President Fu, I heard that you’re currently here because you’re on your honeymoon?”

The woman was as pretty and as flirtatious as a rose, her red lips captivating his eyes. Her voice was seductive and as soft as silk. He couldn’t stop himself as he involuntarily nodded. “I’ll give you whatever you ask for.”

After hearing this, the woman abruptly released him. The delicate smile on her face resembled the expressions she would have when she was acting.

“President Fu, remember what you just said. If you can catch me, I may consider...”

“Consider what?” he asked.

The woman covered her mouth as she giggled before softly saying, “I wish you a pleasant holiday.”

Then, she turned around and walked away. For a long time, Fu Bainian stared at the scarf in his hand; a corner of his mouth lifting slightly. He didn’t notice that, in the edge of the room, a woman watched him with a sneer on her face.

A few minutes ago, Lan Jinyao, who’d been looking for Fu Bainian everywhere, stumbled across this drink shop. She saw a different side of Fu Bainian’s personality, and, she saw a woman. To be precise, it was a woman’s back as she tightly hugged Lan Jinyao’s husband. Then, Lan Jinyao saw her husband smile; a smile that she’d never seen before.

Ignoring whatever she was currently feeling, she decided to act like an ordinary wife and call him to ask where he was.

On the phone, Fu Bainian was unable to conceal his excitement. “Chen Meimei, thank you! Thank you for choosing the Maldives. I found her; she’s alive!”

The phone in Lan Jinyao’s hand fell to the ground with a clatter.

Fu Bainian was ecstatic, so why was she so depressed? She’d thought that this marriage was a fair deal, but at this moment, she realised that it was unfair as she’d invested her heart in it.

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