Chapter 230 - His City (3)

The twenty-one year old Lan Jinyao skyrocketed to fame, and she now had a lot of good friends in the entertainment circle. What’s more, many directors and producers appreciated her for her talent. She always faced others with a heart-rendering smile.

She was a classic beauty, like she came straight out of a painting.

Why was a beautiful, elegant-looking woman like her, not involved in any sorts of scandals? Even her love life was like a blank piece of paper.

However, every employee of Blue Hall Entertainment knew the secret answer to this question; it was because Director Shen had taken a fancy to her. He’d always face her with a gentle smile and reserve the best scripts for her. Even all her endorsements were hand-picked by him, and those were highly paid ones to boot! Generally speaking, these kinds of tasks ought to be done by her Manager, but Director Shen did all of that for her.

Everyone found it unbelievable that a busy man like Director Shen would love a person like her so dearly, and that he would go to such lengths for her. As a result, many young girls in the company envied Lan Jinyao. An amazing man like Director Shen actually took a fancy to a woman like Lan Jinyao. How fortunate for her! This was a blessing of a lifetime.

When the rumours were spreading like fire, Shen Yu surprisingly smiled and admitted to it.

Standing at the door, Fu Bainian watched Lan Jinyao smile gently at Shen Yu, and heard her say, “Thank you, Director Shen, for being so kind to me. And, thank you for giving me a chance to be a part of the entertainment industry, resulting in so many people liking me.”

As he stared at the girl, who was holding Shen Yu’s arm, he held the ring tightly in his hand, his gaze gloomy.

Fu Bainian, who was about to turn twenty-five years old, told himself, “You can’t continue waiting like this. Although she doesn’t feel anything towards you, if you don’t pursue her now, she might fall in love with someone else sooner or later. Do you want to witness her become someone else’s girlfriend?”

Of course not!

As such, he planned a grand confession.

Inside a room, there was a ring placed amidst ice cubes, which glistened brilliantly under the lights. On the floor was a white Italian handcrafted carpet adorned with delicate red roses, and the words ‘I love you, Lan Jinyao’ were displayed on an LED screen hung high on the wall.

This was his house, but it would become their home in the future.

Fu Bainian looked at the setup satisfactorily, and smiled. She would surely like this. After all, she’d told Shen Yu before that she liked romantic guys.

So, would she agree to be his girlfriend?

She’d once said that she didn’t like men older than her, and men with cold personalities. On the other hand, she liked men who laughed often and smiled warmly like sunshine, and, he must also be nice to her.

Fu Bainian thought: He didn’t meet all of her conditions, but…

He still wanted to give it a try!

At the dinner party, he slowly walked forward under the watchful gazes of everyone present. He was already used to walking in the spotlight, so he remained indifferent. But, as soon as he entered the hall, he caught sight of a figure in a light pink dress at a glance. The woman stood quietly in a corner with a glass of red wine in hand.

She didn’t seem to be in high spirits, and there was no sight of her usual bright smile. Rather, her expression looked somewhat unenthusiastic.

She was talking to Shen Wei’an, but he couldn’t hear them clearly.

After the party, he would ask Shen Yu to invite her to his place. He would then tell her all the words contained in his heart. Then, he would tell her with determination that he would only like her in this lifetime, and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

But, how did things suddenly turn out like this?

Shen Wei’an sat on the edge of the balcony on the rooftop, and if she jumped forward, she would turn into a pile of crushed meat.

The smile on the woman’s face was very bleak, and her expression looked miserable. However, he instantly saw through her façade. He bypassed the police and slowly approached the figure in a light pink dress.

However, the figure in front of him also slowly moved forward, and as she approached Shen Wei’an, she sincerely said many touching words to persuade her friend to come back to her side.

At this moment, a strong wind blew over. There were no stars visible in the dark sky; only that pair of clear eyes glistened under the moonlight.

With tears in her eyes, she finally got ahold of Shen Weian’s hand.

Then, she fell off the building right in front of him; it was a horrifying sight. He extended his hand, but there was still a small distance between them, and he wasn’t able to catch her hand. Shen Wei’an’s arm hung on the fence, and it seemed to have been scratched while trying to save her friend. The touch of pink on her fingertips was a ghastly sight.

He closed his eyes.

No one seemed to notice the tears in his eyes.

The love of his life died right then and there that night.

When he returned home, three days had already passed, and the corpse in the morgue had already turned cold. He stood alone in the hallway, staring at all the things he’d carefully prepared for his grand confession. Under Chen Meimei’s destructive hands, the hall now looked a complete mess. At this moment, her loud voice incessantly reverberated in his eardrums.

“That Shrewd Fox only knew how to seduce people with that face of hers, so on what basis could she get all of your affection?!”

“Why have you never taken a second look at me even though I like you so much?”

“Fu Bainian, you deserve not getting the love of your life!”

He sat decadently on the ground, staring at the trampled flowers and the white carpet stained with red wine, while Chen Meimei crazily growled at him.

His world had fallen apart ever since.

“Fu Bainian, please wake up! Why are you doing this to yourself? Who are you showing all this to? She’s already dead! She’s already left this world, so she’ll never appear ever again.”

While she spoke, Chen Meimei’s fat figure slowly drifted away.

Her distant voice slowly resounded in his ears.

“Fu Bainian, why do you love her so much? If the person who’d died was me, would you feel a tinge of sadness?”

“If only the one who’d died was me…I truly hope that you can be happy.”

At last, Chen Meimei’s figure disappeared from sight, and her gentle voice could no longer be heard.

Inside the quiet room, Fu Bainian sat in silence. Stubble was visible on his chin, and his face was morbidly pale. Adding on his dark circles, his appearance was a terrible sight.

Several days had passed, but he simply sat there, not moving a single step. He drank a lot of wine, and slept for a long time these days.

“Now, it’s time to say goodbye to the past and move on…” he said to his reflection in the mirror.

If I were given a second chance, I’d hold your hand tightly and never let go again. But, I no longer have a chance to do so…

He washed up and shaved the stubble. He then smiled at the clean image of his reflection in the mirror.

The sun illuminated every corner of the room, and he walked out with his briefcase in hand. He bathed in the sun, and smiled at every passer-by, pretending to be happy.

Only he knew that his heart had died along with his secret love; he was just a walking corpse at this moment.

He wandered alone in the world, waiting for his encounter with her in their next lifetime.

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