Chapter 226 - It’s My Turn To Pursue You (3)

That night, Lan Jinyao didn’t go home and stayed at a hotel instead. She truly didn’t want to go back to that place. Perhaps, Shen Wei’an’s soul was still lingering there. Since she’d already experienced death a few times, she was very convinced that there were deities and ghosts in this world.

In the hotel, the images of everything that she’d gone through in her previous lives kept replaying in her mind. Some of the things that she’d experienced were truly unimaginable. Even she was puzzled and found it all hard to believe. Maybe all of this was just a long dream; a long dream that she couldn’t wake up from. Since she fell from such a high building, she must’ve fallen into an endless dream and couldn’t wake up again.

The sky gradually darkened, and Lan Jinyao slowly closed her eyes.

The next morning, Lan Jinyao was still sleeping when someone abruptly rang the doorbell. She furrowed her brows and opened her eyes, feeling somewhat irritated. Was this hotel’s soundproofing equipment really so bad that she could hear the noise when someone rang the bell next door?!

She didn’t get up and merely lay in bed with her eyes open. Two minutes later, she realised that someone was ringing her doorbell.

“Who is it so early in the morning?!”

She angrily strutted towards the doorway. Upon opening the door, she saw Li Qi standing outside with a worried look on his face. “Jinyao, what are you doing here? I was looking for you everywhere! Something like that happened to Shen Weian last night, and you came to a hotel alone? Don’t you know that the media has their eyes on you and that you might run into a reporter any minute?”

Lan Jinyao heaved a long sigh. “I know, but Shen Wei’an died, and I’m afraid to stay at home alone, so I checked in to a hotel. You came just in time. I want you to help me buy a new house. I don’t want to live in my old place anymore as I don’t feel comfortable living there alone.”

Li Qi cast a suspicious glance at her, and asked, “Are you sure you want to move? Shen Wei’an just died, so if you move now, this might impact your future development negatively. Besides, weren’t you on very good terms with Shen Wei’an? Now that she’s dead, how come you don’t seem even a tad bit sad, and you’re even afraid of living in your old place? Could it be that you’ve done something wrong and you’re feeling guilty now?”

Lan Jinyao lowered her eyelashes and said, “It’s suffocating, and this feeling is hard to bear, so I really don’t want to live there anymore. In fact, aside from being afraid, I also feel very sad. When I think of the scene where Shen Wei’an fell off the building and died, I hate myself for not being able to catch her! I’m really useless!”

Li Qi extended his hand and patted her on the shoulder. “Don’t be sad. Well, moving out is also a good option as it’s not desirable for artists to live together to begin with. If the public makes any comments about this, I will take care of it. Don’t worry, I won’t allow those reporters to write nonsense.”

Lan Jinyao nodded. Speaking of buying a house, she suddenly remembered that Fu Bainian lived in an apartment opposite Chen Meimei’s. Luckily, she could still afford the price of those apartments.

“Li Qi, when you look for apartments later, pay attention to the apartment building next to President Fu’s, preferably the one next door, or one that is very close to his.”

Li Qi was stunned. He quickly extended his hand and touched her forehead.

“Jinyao, are you alright? You want to live next to President Fu? Don’t tell me that you took a fancy to President Fu like the rest of those ignorant women? Listen, you must give up on this thought as soon as possible. Do you know Xu Jinge? She’s just a third-rate actress, but do you know why she was cast in so many TV series? That is because she had President Fu protecting her behind the scenes. Moreover, there are rumours going around that President Fu and Xu Jinge are in a relationship!”

Xu Jinge? Who cares about her?!

Lan Jinyao shrugged. “Just go ahead and do it. I’ll definitely not harbour any feelings for President Fu that I shouldn’t have. I just like the fact that the community he lives in is very quiet and peaceful, and there aren’t any paparazzi allowed there.”

Li Qi was persuaded by her, and said, “Alright, what you’ve said makes sense too. But, let me warn you again, you mustn’t fall for President Fu.”

Lan Jinyao nodded. “I promise you that I absolutely won’t.”

However, if it was meant to be, then there was nothing she could do about it either.

“Alright, I’ll trust you for once. You’re indeed different from those women who do whatever it takes to climb up the social ladder. Go and change your clothes; we’ve got to attend Shen Wei’an’s funeral.”

Hearing this, Lan Jinyao felt her head ache. “I don’t have anything with me, my clothes are at home.”

Li Qi snapped his fingers and said, “It doesn’t matter, I’ll take you to the mall to buy something.”

After Lan Jinyao changed into her evening dress, Li Qi put his sunglasses on the bridge of Lan Jinyao’s nose. When they got into the elevator, Lan Jinyao almost laughed. This pair of sunglasses didn’t match her current outfit at all. How funny-looking!

However, not long after, she realised that she wasn’t the only one dressed up like that. There were many people who wore bizarre outfits out there.

On the way, Lan Jinyao suddenly took note of a woman on the road.

It was a fat woman walking in flip-flops. Her hair was wrapped with a khaki headscarf, and she wore an extremely wide T-shirt and a pair of trendy ripped jeans.

However, even the jeans couldn’t bear the woman’s fat as her flesh was squeezed out of the holes like balls, looking very uncomfortable.

“Isn’t that…Chen Meimei?” Lan Jinyao looked at the fat woman and exclaimed.

Li Qi was surprised. He looked to the side, and then replied, “Yes, that’s Chen Meimei. I’m telling you, she also likes Fu Bainian. She’s like a toad that wants to eat swan meat.”

A toad that wants to eat swan meat? Don’t tell her that Fu Bainian also thought like this back then? No wonder, his attitude towards her was extremely bad at the beginning.

However, as soon as she saw all that fat on Chen Meimei’s body, a strange feeling crawled to her heart. It felt like she’d worked so hard for such a long time to finally reduce all that meat on her body, yet in the blink of an eye, all that fat had returned to her body.

Soon after, they arrived at the mall and she bought a set of clothes. Afterwards, they hurried to the funeral.

At the cemetery, Lan Jinyao stared at the photo of Shen Wei’an. Shen Wei’an was smiling in the black and white photo; she looked peaceful and sweet, not at all like the jealous and vicious woman she used to be.

This was all a facade!

Fu Bainian also came to the funeral. He’d donned a black suit and was standing amongst the crowd. Lan Jinyao recognised him at a glance.

She tugged at Li Qi’s sleeve and whispered, “How come President Fu is also here? Was he that close with Shen Wei’an?”

Li Qi was also baffled. “Logically speaking, he was her superior, so he should naturally come to the funeral. But, he’s never attended another artist’s funeral before, so I also find this very strange.”

Then, Li Qi added, “Maybe Shen Wei’an was his cup of tea, who knows?!”

Hearing this, Lan Jinyao secretly rolled her eyes. Impossible!

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