Chapter 225 - It’s My Turn To Pursue You (2)

Shen Wei’an, from the beginning, the person who ought to have died should’ve been you, not me…

Lan Jinyao looked Shen Wei’an in the eyes, and she noticed the latter’s gaze gradually becoming gloomier by the second.

“Wei’an, look! That person over there, isn’t he the Director you’ve always told me about? I heard that he has a new movie production, and they’re currently holding auditions to cast the female lead. Moreover, he specifically mentioned that he didn’t want any famous actresses for this role; he’ll only cast unfamiliar faces.”

Of course, Shen Wei’an’s current status in the entertainment industry wasn’t very high nor very low, so wasn’t she also considered as an unfamiliar face?

However, upon hearing Lan Jinyao’s words, Shen Wei’an didn’t seem very happy as she questioned, “What do you mean by not casting famous actresses, but only unfamiliar faces? Are you implying that my current standing in the entertainment industry is very low?”

Lan Jinyao inwardly retorted: Yup, you’re standing is indeed low…

However, she smiled and said, “Wei’an, you clearly know that I didn’t mean it like that. That Director is very famous, and the quality of his productions are also quite good. Due to this, I thought that you could give it a try. If the Director picks you as the female lead, then who knows? Maybe when the movie is out, you’ll be the next Movie Goddess!”

Shen Wei’an’s eyes instantly lit up; they were glistening with insatiable greed.

At this moment, Lan Jinyao knew that Shen Wei’an had taken the bait. In her previous life, she’d obstructed her friend in every way, but Shen Wei’an still stubbornly went ahead to seduce that man. This time, however, she deliberately let Shen Wei’an notice the man and encouraged her to go ahead. As she thought of this, a tinge of sorrow suddenly poured in Lan Jinyao’s heart.

“Say, do you really think that he’ll take a fancy to me?”

Shen Wei’an stared down at her clothes and fiddled with her hair, seemingly hesitant.

Lan Jinyao sneered. The current Shen Wei’an looked extremely unsophisticated, unlike the domineering attitude she normally pulled off in public. However, Lan Jinyao knew deep down that this was all just a facade; Shen Wei’an was merely finding an excuse for her actions.

“Of course! Compared to the other women here, you’re the most attractive one tonight. Even those famous actresses pale in comparison.”

These words made Shen Wei’an particularly happy. She tugged at her dress and slowly walked towards the Director with a glass of red wine in hand.

While Lan Jinyao was drinking in a corner, she suddenly heard movement coming from the entrance and looked over. As soon as her gaze landed on the man at the door, she instantly froze.

At this moment, Lan Jinyao’s cheeks were slightly flushed as she’d drunk quite a few cups of red wine. It seemed as if she’d applied some rouge on her cheeks.

It’s Fu Bainian. Her eyes instantly lit up as she fixed her gaze on him.

From a distance, Fu Bainian gave off a cold and detached aura. It was just like how the artists under Blue Hall Entertainment had described him. When he wasn’t talking, he was as cold as an iceberg. However, Lan Jinyao preferred to call him a ‘walking spotlight’.

That’s just the way it is, right? After all, he’s such a dazzling man.

Lan Jinyao stared at the wine glass with only a mouthful of red wine left before raising her head and downing it. She then grabbed another glass of red wine and leisurely walked in Fu Bainian’s direction. She’d been walking in the limelight for too long, so she already knew how she should walk to appear more elegant and attract attention.

Fu Bainian didn’t look at her. Seeing this, Lan Jinyao couldn’t help but giggle in her heart. Actually, she knew that Fu Bainian was watching her way from the corner of his eyes. It was just that he was very good at camouflaging his actions. He’d done so much for her behind the scenes, yet she wasn’t aware of any of that. And, the worst part was, she’d died back then without knowing that Fu Bainian had feelings for her.

The distance between the two was only ten steps away, yet Lan Jinyao felt like the distance between them was endless; it was if they had to cross another dimension.

Just as Lan Jinyao was about to reach Fu Bainian, Shen Wei’an suddenly started weeping. Like before, Lan Jinyao didn’t hear what the Director had said to Shen Wei’an, but she saw Shen Wei’an ran out of the hall in tears.

Lan Jinyao subconsciously chased after her. She also knew that Fu Bainian would definitely follow her.

Lan Jinyao already knew where Shen Wei’an was going, but she wouldn’t rush there in advance. She’d let Shen Wei’an mull over this first. Besides, Fu Bainian was also following behind her, so she couldn’t let Fu Bainian notice anything out of the ordinary.

Later, Lan Jinyao hurried to Blue Hall Entertainment’s headquarters. She stood in the elevator and stared at the face in the mirror, somewhat distracted and nervous. Shen Wei’an would cease to exist soon. She would put an end to the losses she’d suffered in her previous life today. Now that she was granted a chance to start anew, she must eliminate the dangers that could possibly harm her.

At last, the elevator reached the top floor, and she rushed to the rooftop. The police and reporters were already there.

Shen Wei’an wept, and she looked very miserable from behind.

Lan Jinyao clenched her hands into fists. Even now, her heart would still accelerate and her body continued to tremble as she approached that spot. However, she must act well this time.

“Wei’an, what are you doing? Quickly come over here, don’t scare me!”

As expected, Shen Wei’an turned around. Lan Jinyao noticed that Shen Wei’an’s gaze was still the same as before. It was brimming with resentment; as if she couldn’t wait to tear her apart.

“Lan Jinyao, I’m warning you, don’t you come over! I really don’t want to live anymore. It’s painful to live on. Some people can always get everything they want without any effort. Some people, however, even if they try their best and double their efforts, they still won’t be able to get what they want. How unfair is this world?”

Lan Jinyao’s expression darkened. If you want to die, then just jump already and stop howling. The world was unfair to begin with. Those who put in effort would always be more fortunate. Yet, Shen Wei’an was one of those who was always full of tricks.

“Don’t do anything stupid, Wei’an. Please, come over here, you’ve got to live on and I’m sure that you’ll get what you want eventually.”

Lan Jinyao extended her hand and slowly approached Shen Wei’an.

At this time, Fu Bainian shouldn’t have arrived yet. She was certain that he would’ve held her back if he were here, and she wouldn’t have been able to put on a good act.

When Lan Jinyao stopped in front of Shen Wei’an, she saw a hint of malice flash in the latter’s eyes, and at the same time, Shen Wei’an suddenly grabbed her hand.

“Shen Wei’an, you actually want me to die, right?”

She asked in a soft voice that only the two of them could hear. Afterwards, she exerted some force and pushed Shen Wei’an off the building.

At this moment, a woman’s scream echoed in the night sky.

Lan Jinyao held out her hand, but she didn’t manage to catch Shen Wei’an. She then collapsed to the ground and burst into tears.

A group of policemen immediately stepped forward and took her to safety.

Shen Wei’an died at last…

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