Chapter 224 - It’s My Turn To Pursue You (1)

This is really strange, no, that’s not it…the Heavens surely loved her to death, right?!

She couldn’t believe that she was still alive!

When Lan Jinyao sat up from bed, she wept with joy, and like a madwoman, she squeezed her arm to see if she could feel any pain.

It turned out it hurt a lot. The pain made Lan Jinyao draw a breath; she’d used too much force.

Lan Jinyao stared at the purple patch on her fair skin for a long while before laying down again. She glanced at her surroundings and examined everything in the room.

If she wasn’t mistaken, this was her former home. This was the house that she’d bought together with Shen Wei’an. At that time, she was already very famous in the film and television industry, and she’d just been conferred as the Movie Goddess. It was just that it had been so long ago that she couldn’t remember the specific time anymore.

Had she returned to the past?

As she thought of this, Lan Jinyao’s temple twitched. If she’d gone back to the past, and this body was hers, then Shen Wei’an must still be around at this time.

Right then, someone suddenly pushed the door open and entered her room.

“Are you a pig? Why are you still laying in bed? Don’t forget, we still have a party to attend tonight!”

There was impatience clearly written all over Shen Wei’an’s face.

If it had been in the past, Lan Jinyao would have smiled and said to her, “Of course, I remember. I’ll get up right away.” However, she already knew everything. For example, she knew that Shen Wei’an was truly impatient and not merely joking around with her.

Shen Wei’an merely hid all her disdain and jealousy towards her deeply in her heart.

“What are you dilly-dallying for? Forget it, I won’t nag you anymore. You must show up tonight, and you can’t dress prettier than me.”

After saying that, Shen Wei’an turned and walked out. Donning a blue cheongsam, Shen Wei’an gave off an ethereal temperament, looking elegant and refined. However, this was only when she kept her mouth shut.

Lan Jinyao sneered inwardly and murmured under her breath, “I can’t dress prettier than you? Well, I have to look more beautiful than you tonight.”

Afterwards, she got off the bed and ran to the fitting room. This room was originally a guest room, but Shen Wei’an had found her wardrobe too small to accommodate all her clothes, so she’d renovated the guest room. At that time, Lan Jinyao had thought that no guests would stay over anyway, so she’d had no objections.

Of course, most of the clothes in the fitting room were Shen Wei’an’s; only a small section was hers.

When she went into the fitting room, she picked up a black evening dress. She remembered that in her previous life, she wore a relatively plain evening dress, which wasn’t very eye-catching. When she’d stood in the corner, it was like she didn’t exist.

This time, she must outshine Shen Wei’an.

When Lan Jinyao was putting on her evening dress in front of the mirror, she suddenly remembered something and froze on the spot.

Shen Wei’an had said exactly these words to her in her previous life, and that horrific night was still deeply engraved in her heart.

That very same night, she was pushed off the building by Shen Wei’an and had died.

If she’d truly returned to the past, then the same incident would definitely happen again.

At this moment, Lan Jinyao felt her heart skip a beat.

She suddenly thought: Could all of this be a dream? Was this a warning given to her by the Heavens to save her?

No matter what, she wouldn't let Shen Wei’an kill her this time.

In the evening, Shen Wei’an was already waiting for her outside. Like that night, Shen Wei’an wore a sexy evening dress. Like a rose in full bloom, her appearance was gorgeous and resplendent.

Shen Wei’an waited for her at the door with an impatient expression. “Hurry up! Don’t make me run late as tonight is a very important night for me. Later, there will be a lot of opportunities for me to choose from…”

Lan Jinyao unhurriedly walked over. Due to her height, it had been a long time since she’d worn high heels, so she walked slowly.

Upon seeing her, Shen Wei’an’s nagging words came to an abrupt end. She was stunned at Lan Jinyao’s appearance. She recovered after some time and frowned as she said, “Why are you dressed like that? This isn’t in line with your aesthetics. Lan Jinyao, are you feeling okay?”

Lan Jinyao remained silent for a moment before flashing her a sweet smile. “Didn’t you ask me not to wear something prettier than you? If I were to wear those other evening dresses, I’ll certainly steal all your limelight. So, after tossing back and forth between a few options, I finally decided on this one. Could it be that you find my current outfit very beautiful?”

Shen Wei’an’s expression was a tad ugly. She furrowed her brows before saying, “Let’s go. We’ll be late if we don’t depart now.”

In this time period, Lan Jinyao hadn’t bought a car yet. Shen Wei’an, on the other hand, couldn’t afford to buy a car. Therefore, they hailed a taxi.

At the dinner party, everyone appeared noble and stunning.

Shen Wei’an was like a butterfly, shuttling back and forth in the crowd. When she got tired, she would return to Lan Jinyao’s side.

Only, this time, Lan Jinyao would no longer persuade her not to do so. Shen Wei’an was someone who put fame and wealth first, and even death couldn’t change anything. So, how could mere persuasive words work?

“Jinyao, what you’re wearing today is really unsightly. Didn’t you notice the gazes from those people?”

Lan Jinyao then pondered: How would the previous Lan Jinyao reply? She’d smile faintly and say, “As long as you’re beautiful, I’m happy. I don’t care about these things.” Back then, Shen Wei’an was quite vain, so whenever someone had praised her, she’d reveal an abashed smile.

But, at this very moment, she wouldn’t answer like that.

Lan Jinyao smiled. She casually drank a small sip of red wine and unhurriedly said, “Are they really staring at me because I’m unsightly? But, how come I feel that that isn’t the case?”

Hearing this, Shen Wei’an’s expression turned somewhat unnatural.

Lan Jinyao then continued, “Why do I think that those people’s gazes aren’t on you, but on me, because I look prettier than you?”

This time, Shen Wei’an’s complexion instantly turned pale.

Seeing this, Lan Jinyao’s lips slowly curled upwards, and her gaze landed on a fat man standing not far away.

He was the same guy who’d said something to Shen Wei’an back then, which consequently made Shen Wei’an run out crying.

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