Chapter 218 - Revealing The Truth (1)

Lan Jinyao chanced a suspicious glance at Fu Bainian, who’d been standing beside Lan Xin, trying to obtain some clues within his gaze. At that moment, Fu Bainian just nodded at her, as if he was implying: She’s telling the truth, you’re really biological sisters.

However, Lan Jinyao still had no impression of this matter. From what she could remember, she’d always been alone since her childhood. She still couldn’t believe that she now had a sister who looked exactly like her.

A sister who looked exactly like her?

A glint suddenly flashed in Lan Jinyao’s eyes, and she said, “Lan Xin, you’ve undergone plastic surgery!”

She wasn’t asking a question, but stating a fact.

Tears coursed down Lan Xin’s cheeks, and she choked on her sobs as she said, “That’s right…I underwent plastic surgery, but…did you know? There used to be a large birthmark on my face and I…I later found it irksome, so I asked the surgeon to remove it for me. Other than that, my face looks no different than that of Lan Jinyao’s.”

Lan Jinyao slightly frowned upon hearing this. She seemed to be caught in a hazy maze. She couldn’t see anything around her nor could she see her way forward. She was now very confused.

“But…” Lan Jinyao looked up at Lan Xin and stiffly added, “I don’t have a sister!”

At least, she had no recollection of having one…

Unexpectedly, her words agitated Lan Xin greatly, and the latter nearly threw the receiver in her hand.

Lan Xin’s eyes overflowed with tears, and her voice cracked as she cried, “H-how could that be? Lan Jinyao, you don’t remember me, do you? So, you promised me that you would come to find me, but you forgot all about our promise, right?”

Lan Jinyao wanted to shake her head and tell Lan Xin: I really have no recollection of you. However, when she saw Lan Xin’s current state, she couldn’t bring herself to say that. Lan Xin looked so upset…it broke her heart to see her cry like that.

The look in Lan Xin’s eyes looked very sincere, so she didn’t seem to be lying to her. However, her memories were also not a lie, and she couldn’t remember her no matter how hard she tried; not even a trace of them together.

“You must’ve forgot, but I was still waiting foolishly for your return. I told others that I have a sister, but my sister…she doesn’t remember me anymore. Lan Jinyao, am I not very foolish?”

The development of the matter exceeded Fu Bainian’s expectations. He’d initially thought that after the two sisters acknowledged each other, Lan Xin would help Lan Jinyao clear her name. However, from what he could tell from Lan Xin’s expression, she seemed to be blaming Lan Jinyao. She blamed Lan Jinyao for not remembering her.

If they went on like this, things might get out of hand. At this thought, Fu Bainian quickly blinked at Lan Jinyao meaningfully.

She was an actress, so even if she didn’t remember, she could still put on an act. It wouldn’t be difficult for her to act as a big sister, who was acknowledging her long lost sister. As long as she could make Lan Xin willingly clear her name.

Afterwards, Lan Jinyao’s gaze fell on Lan Xin.

Lan Xin softly called out again, “Sis!”

Hearing this, Lan Jinyao remained silent. She didn’t remember this, but there must be someone who remembers, for instance, her parents.

Lan Jinyao’s parents stayed abroad, and they only returned home once in a decade. In fact, Lan Jinyao didn’t have much to say to them since long ago. Besides, she looked like this now…her parents probably thought that she was already dead.

“Lan Xin, I’m really sorry. I really don’t remember anything from my childhood. Maybe…you’ve got the wrong person,” as she said this, Lan Jinyao found it hard to spit out these words.

Hearing this, Fu Bainian’s expression sank. He took a step forward and snatched the phone from Lan Xin’s hand. “Jinyao, I’ve already investigated this matter, you girls are really biological sisters. Why aren’t you acknowledging Lan Xin? She’s the one behind this incident, so what’s wrong with getting her to plead guilty? Or, are you refusing to acknowledge her because you don’t want her to go to jail, while as her elder sister, you want to suffer on her behalf?”

When Fu Bainian said this, the topic obviously deviated, and Lan Xin was once again emotionally stirred. Although she was still in tears, a shallow smile had appeared on her face.

Then Lan Jinyao heard Lan Xin say, “I knew it…I knew that Sis was lying to me. You were like this in the past, and now you’re doing the same again. You were doing things for my own good, but I still loathe you. At that time, why didn’t you come and look for me? You didn’t even answer any of the letters I sent you.”

Lan Jinyao was rendered speechless. She clearly didn’t remember any of this, but Lan Xin was misled by Fu Bainian into thinking that she was doing this for her own good.

“Sis, I’m going to clear your name and get you out of there!” Lan Xin resolutely said.

Lan Jinyao had wanted to say something else, but upon seeing the warning in Fu Bainian’s eyes, she only moved her lips but didn’t say anything in the end.

On the one hand was her sister, whom she had no recollection of, and on the other hand was her freedom and Fu Bainian, so she didn’t hesitate to choose the latter.

After a while, Lan Xin left with Fu Bainian. Before leaving, Lan Xin turned to have one last look at Lan Jinyao. Her deeply affectionate gaze made Lan Jinyao’s heart skip a beat. Even if they were close sisters who’d grown up together, she couldn’t possibly harbour such deep affection towards her, right?! Lan Xin’s affectionate gaze brought about a strange feeling in her heart.

When Fu Bainian sent Lan Xin home, Lan Xin talked about Lan Jinyao non-stop. She was very enthusiastic as she talked, and Fu Bainian listened carefully. Her enthusiasm had also brought about a strange feeling in Fu Bainian’s heart. He still found this surreal as he was hearing things about Lan Jinyao from another person’s mouth.

Lan Xin then said, “Marrying my Sis is truly your good fortune.”

Fu Bainian nodded. Lan Jinyao’s rebirth was his blessing.

The next day, Lan Jinyao was brought out, and she could see the light of day again. Only after losing her freedom for such a long time could she feel the happiness of seeing the light of day.

She sat together with Lan Xin. It was Officer Lin who questioned them, and even Chief Officer Chen was present. Fu Bainian’s idea was to not go to court yet, and wait for the Regional Crime Unit to investigate the truth first. Afterwards, they could directly sue the murderer. This was his way of covertly erasing the stain on Lan Jinyao’s record.

Lan Xin tearfully admitted to everything. She told Officer Lin that she’d destroyed the video footage, and she’d killed Shen Wei’an because she’d hated that woman to the core.

But, Lan Xin didn’t divulge the real cause behind the murder; she didn’t say a word about it. Lan Xin was undoubtedly smart because her words made others think that she’d only killed out of jealousy, thus saving her the trouble of explaining further.

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