Chapter 217 - Sibling Identification (6)

Shen Yu was very efficient when it came to work, so it only took him a day to investigate Lan Xin’s identity. All the information was now placed on Fu Bainian’s desk.

Fu Bainian opened the folder and placed all the documents on his desk, scanning through them one by one.

He’d read some of the information before, so there was nothing special about it.

Shen Yu then said, “We actually overlooked one thing. Back then, we only investigated whether Lan Xin had undergone plastic surgery. However, this time I found out that she merely did the surgery to remove a large birthmark on her face. That’s to say that her former appearance is more or less the same as the current one, only without the birthmark.”

She’d had a birthmark on her face? So, without the birthmark…Lan Xin and Lan Jinyao had identical faces?

There were some supplementary photos of Lan Xin before her surgery as well. Upon seeing them, Fu Bainian was stunned. Sure enough, there was a large birthmark on her face, but if he were to ignore that birthmark, then Lan Xin and Lan Jinyao truly looked alike.

Shen Yu later asked, “Could it be that…this is Lan Jinyao?”

Shen Yu knew how much Lan Jinyao meant in Fu Bainian’s heart, so he proceeded carefully when asking this question. However, his friend’s expression remained indifferent.

“That’s impossible! However, Lan Xin might’ve done this purely because of Lan Jinyao. The both of them have the same surname and they look identical, even their date of birth…”

Fu Bainian’s eyes fell on Lan Xin’s date of birth and added, “…is the same!”

They must be twins…he couldn’t think of anything else.

If Lan Xin and Lan Jinyao were really twins, then Lan Xin must’ve known that Lan Jinyao was murdered by Shen Wei’an, thus she wanted to avenge her sister. This inference was entirely a possibility.

As his thoughts got to here, Fu Bainian quickly stood up. “I understand now.”

He then strode out of the office, leaving a puzzled Shen Yu behind.

“What do you understand now?”

Fu Bainian went straight to Lan Xin’s place, but this time it was exactly the same as the first time; the door was closed. He knocked on the door twice, but no one came to open the door.

This time, Fu Bainian didn’t turn around and leave. Instead, he kicked at the door.

A minute later, the door was kicked open by Fu Bainian, and a strong smell of gas assaulted his senses. He subconsciously covered his mouth and nose, and rushed inside. He then quickly opened all the windows.

Lan Xin quietly lay on the sofa with her eyes closed, as if she’d passed out.

Fu Bainian quickly extended his hand to her nose and checked for signs of life. She was still breathing, but her breath was very weak. He hurriedly picked Lan Xin up and carried her outside to his car. After boarding his car, he immediately made a call to Officer Lin.

“Officer Lin, Lan Xin has passed out due to gas poisoning. I’m taking her to the hospital, you must hurry there as well.”

Fortunately, the hospital wasn’t very far away. He was afraid that Lan Xin would suddenly die like this. If so, then Lan Jinyao would have to stay in prison for the rest of her life…

Officer Lin set off from the police station as soon as he got the call.

After going through emergency treatment, Lan Xin slowly opened her eyes. Upon seeing Fu Bainian, she asked, “Why did you save me?” Her voice was weak and it didn’t sound like she was rebuking him.

Regardless of the fact that there was another policeman in the ward, Fu Bainian angrily reprimanded, “Do you really think that I want to save you? Whether you live or die has nothing to do with me, but you have to know that if you’d really died, then Meimei will have to stay in prison for the rest of her life. You can’t be so selfish…you can’t take an innocent person’s freedom along with you just like this.”

Officer Lin hurriedly stopped him from saying more. “What the patient needs the most right now is a good rest, so please don’t stimulate her.”

On the other hand, Lan Xin didn’t seem to care as she weakly smiled. “It’s fine, let him continue.”

She then said to Fu Bainian, “President Fu sure is affectionate. Back then, didn’t you say that you’re going to spend the rest of your life with me?”

Fu Bainian retorted, “At that time, I thought you were Jinyao.”

“How can you tell that I’m not her? If you look into my background carefully, you’ll certainly know that I only did a small-scale surgery to remove the birthmark on my face. After knowing this, do you still think that I’m not Lan Jinyao?”

Fu Bainian took a deep breath before heavily responding, “I’m absolutely sure that you’re not Jinyao because I know where Jinyao is at this moment. She didn’t leave me behind!”

Upon hearing this, Lan Xin’s eyes widened in shock and she struggled to sit up from the hospital bed. She then grabbed Fu Bainian’s sleeve, and anxiously asked, “What did you just say? She’s still alive?”

Fu Bainian didn’t answer her right away. Instead, he turned to Officer Lin and said, “Officer Lin, could you step outside for a moment?”

Officer Lin nodded and left the room, closing the door for them on his way out.

“Fu Bainian, there are no more outsiders here, so quickly tell me; what’s going on?”

“I’ll tell you, but you have to believe me; what I’m about to say next is the truth. Jinyao is actually Meimei. After she was pushed off the building by Shen Wei’an, she died on the spot. However, for some unknown reason, her soul transferred to Meimei’s body. She reincarnated as Chen Meimei!”

Lan Xin stared blankly at him, finding his words hard to believe.

“You aren’t lying to me? This is ridiculous, yet I can’t help but believe your absurd lie.”

Fu Bainian shook his head and solemnly said, “I’m not lying to you!”

“No wonder…how can two people be so alike in this world?!” Lan Xin muttered under her breath as she lowered her head.

After a long moment of silence, she suddenly raised her hand, and pulled the needle out from her other hand.

She then got off the bed, and said, “Fu Bainian, take me to see her, alright? If you’re telling the truth, then I’ll get her out of there!”

Fu Bainian pondered it for a moment before nodding.

Following this, the two of them evaded Officer Lin, and went straight to the detention centre.

When Lan Xin stood in front of Lan Jinyao, Lan Jinyao felt that there was something off about Lan Xin, but this didn’t affect the anger boiling in her heart.

“Lan Xin, I treated you so well, so why did you set me up?”

Lan Xin smiled, but her eyes glistened with tears as she held onto the receiver.

“You’re…Lan Jinyao?”

Lan Jinyao was stunned. She subconsciously cast a sidelong glance at Fu Bainian.

“Sis, I’m sorry, I merely wanted to avenge you, but I didn’t think that I’d hurt you in the process. I’ll explain everything to the police right away and get you out of there.”

Lan Jinyao was confused. How come she didn’t know that she had another sister?

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