Chapter 215 - Sibling Identification (4)

“You’re a doctor?”

“Yes, I work in a private hospital. Lan Xin was injured a few days ago, and she’s been recovering at our hospital; that’s how we met.”

Upon hearing this, Officer Lin deeply furrowed his brows, even his astute eyes were filled with confusion. It seemed that their investigation had reached a dead-end.

“A few days ago?” he muttered under his breath.

If Lan Xin’s face was injured a few days ago, then the person seen at the company was definitely not Lan Xin. If so, then someone must be lying between Lan Jinyao and her. But then, who was the one telling the truth?

Officer Lin’s gaze moved back and forth between Fu Bainian and Lan Xin. After a long moment of silence, he said, “Well, since we’re already here today, I would like to ask you some questions, so I hope that you can cooperate.”

Lan Xin nodded with a docile expression; there were no traces of displeasure. “Alright, but could you please wait a bit? My doctor needs to dress the wound on my face first.”

They were here to investigate the murder case, but ended up looking at Lan Xin dressing her wound.

The wound was very deep. When medicine was applied on it, Lan Xin tightly bit her lower lip, and in the end, she still let out a soft cry.

It must be very painful. After all, her face contorted in a grimace of pain.

Fu Bainian clenched his hands into fists. If Officer Lin wasn’t here, he would’ve rushed up to question Lan Xin. To think that you’d hurt yourself like this…you might as well plead guilty and go to prison. What deep hatred do you bore towards Lan Jinyao? You not only killed Shen Wei’an, but you also ruined Lan Jinyao in the process!

“Doctor, what caused the wound on Lan Xin’s face? For artists, their face is of the utmost importance. If their appearance is destroyed, then there isn’t much room for future development…”

As Fu Bainian asked this, he stared intently at the doctor. His eyes had undoubtedly always been sharp, so he instantly noticed the unnatural look in the doctor’s eyes that disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.

“This is a knife wound; it’s very deep and serious, but I believe in my medical skills.”

Fu Bainian’s lips slightly curled, and he said, “You said that you became acquainted with Lan Xin at your hospital, but why do I feel that you’ve known each other longer than that? For instance, when you were abroad?”

Back then, he’d met Lan Xin abroad. If Lan Xin and this doctor really knew each other, then they must’ve met abroad.

Fu Bainian was only testing the waters, but he was very satisfied with the outcome of his probing.

He then cast a glance at Officer Lin.

He was convinced that Officer Lin had also noticed the subtle change in the doctor’s expression. Unfortunately, there was no evidence at this moment.

After questioning, Officer Lin was ready to leave. After sending Officer Lin out, Fu Bainian stayed behind. Officer Lin stood at the gate and asked, “President Fu, you’re not leaving?”

Fu Bainian shook his head and replied, “All in all, she’s still an artist signed under the banner of Blue Hall Entertainment. Since she’s so seriously wounded, I naturally have to express my condolences. Officer Lin, I would appreciate it if you could inform me when there’s some new progress with the investigation. I will certainly cooperate when needed.”

“Alright, then I’m going first. If you can find any other clues here, then it’s also worth it.”

Officer Lin then left.

Fu Bainian turned and entered the living room again. The doctor was currently sitting on the sofa, but when he saw Fu Bainian, he promptly stood up and said to Lan Xin, “Miss Lan, I’m leaving first. You should take a good rest and you mustn’t let the wound on your face come in contact with water, so don’t wash your face for the next few days.”

Lan Xin was about to get up and send him out, but the doctor gestured for her to stay seated.

The doctor chanced a glance at Fu Bainian and added, “You still have a guest here, so you don’t need to see me out. I’ll come back to change your dressing in two days.”

He then left with his medicine kit in hand.

Currently, there was only Fu Bainian and Lan Xin left in the living room. The atmosphere had turned somewhat tense due to silence.

A moment later, Fu Bainian extended his hand towards the wound on Lan Xin’s face, and when he was about to touch it, his hand was tightly seized by Lan Xin.

“What are you doing?” Lan Xin asked, somewhat flustered. Upon noticing that she had overreacted, she added, “President Fu, I’ve just changed the dressing. With you acting like this, it’s very easy for me to misunderstand your thoughts.”

“Oh? What thoughts?” asked Fu Bainian with an eyebrow raised as he retracted his hand.

Lan Xin simply smiled at him, but she didn’t answer.

Fu Bainian then said, “In that case, let’s talk about the details of the murder case. For example, what kind of feud is there between Shen Wei’an and you? Or, better yet, when Chen Meimei and you got into the elevator that day, where did you go? Oh, please don’t tell me that you went to fix the water tank.”

Lan Xin smiled. “President Fu, stop joking. How could I possibly repair a water tank? That day I’d initially wanted to go find you, but at that time, I was thinking about something, and before I knew it, the elevator had already ascended. Maybe someone in the upper floors had called the elevator!”

Fu Bainian’s expression sank in an instant. “Do you expect me to believe you?”

The surveillance camera in the elevator was destroyed, so no one could see who had called the elevator. Was it Lan Xin, or someone on the upper floors? Lan Xin had said that she was thinking about things, but he didn’t believe her. At that time, Lan Jinyao had already come out of the elevator, so no matter how deep in thought Lan Xin was, she would’ve snapped out of her stupor when the elevator doors opened.

“It doesn’t matter whether President Fu believes me or not. I’m sure that the police will return me my innocence!” Lan Xin indifferently said, seemingly not afraid of giving the game away.

Fu Bainian frowned and said, “There are no outsiders here. I just hope for you to think things through carefully. If you really did it, then I hope that you can turn yourself in. When that happens, I’ll do my utmost to bail you out.”

Lan Xin shook her head. “President Fu, what you’re saying is very contradictory. Considering that you’re so mighty, then why hadn’t you bailed your wife out?”

“I can’t do that. I want her to neatly come out with her innocence proven. She shouldn’t have any stains on her record.”

“President Fu, you surely love your wife dearly. I wonder if the one you love knows, and…would she feel sad?” Lan Xin bitterly said.

At this moment, Fu Bainian thought that he’d caught onto an important clue. He must let someone investigate this later.

“President Fu, you should leave, I need to rest.”

Fu Bainian then got up and walked out. As soon as he got to the doorway, he suddenly turned around and said, “I’ve already lost her once, so I’ll never allow myself to lose her again, no matter what!”

Afterwards, he strode away.

“He won’t allow himself to lose her again?” Lan Xin stood in the doorway, softly repeating this sentence with a confused look on her face.

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