Chapter 214 - Sibling Identification (3)

The next morning, Shen Yu rushed to the company. He looked quite exhausted as he stopped in front of Fu Bainian’s office, but as soon as he entered, he smiled as he said reproachfully, “My vacation got ruined because of you, so as compensation you have to give me a bonus dividend at the end of the year.”

However, as soon as he saw Fu Bainian’s expression, he instantly noticed that something was off, and consequently, he retracted the smile plastered on his face.

“Something serious has happened?” Shen Yu no longer jested and asked with a serious tone.

“Mhmm! It’s very critical!” Fu Bainian responded in a low voice. His side profile, which was masked by the darkness in the room, looked full of sorrow.

This was the first time that Shen Yu had seen him like this, so he was at a loss for words. Initially, to lighten the atmosphere, he’d wanted to say, “You’re an adult man, so you shouldn’t cry.” However, on second thoughts, he decided not to, because it wasn’t very suitable to joke around at this moment.

“What exactly happened?!”

Fu Bainian took a deep breath before unhurriedly replying, “I’ll leave everything in the company for you to handle for the time being. Something has happened to Meimei; she’s been taken away by the police. I must get to the bottom of this matter to save her.”

“What did you just say?!” Shen Yu exclaimed. “She was taken away by the police? What did she do this time? Back then, I knew that sooner or later she would get into trouble due to her wild character, but then she’d quieted down quite a bit, so I didn’t give it much thought after that. Changing one’s nature is very difficult indeed; this girl…sigh!”

Fu Bainian indifferently glanced at him and muttered, “It’s a murder case!”

Upon hearing this, Shen Yu rubbed his ears with his eyes widened in shock. “A murder case? Haha, are you kidding me? How could Chen Meimei possibly kill someone? That’s absolutely impossible, I don’t believe that!”

“Neither do I! Therefore, I have to get to the bottom of this matter.”

Although Lan Jinyao harboured deep hatred towards Shen Wei’an, she was different from him. He couldn’t stand Jiang Cheng’s presence in this world, as he’d kept thinking about his wife all the time. However, Lan Jinyao was different. She’d only wanted to make Shen Wei’an lose her standing and let her fall from grace, or send her to prison. He believed that she wouldn’t do such an irrational thing as murdering Shen Wei’an. He believed that she has a kind heart, so even though she’d said that she really wanted to murder Shen Wei’an, he knew that, in the end, she wouldn't have the heart to do so.

“Don’t worry, leave everything here to me. Have you found any clues yet?”

Shen Yu wasn’t aware of the state of affairs, so all he could do at this moment was to help Fu Bainian manage the company.

The look in Fu Bainian’s eyes deepened as he replied, “I’ve found a clue, and I’m pretty sure that that person is the real culprit!”

Amidst their discussion, someone suddenly knocked on the door.

It was the police who came in. The two men looked at each other and said no more.

Fu Bainian stepped forward and asked, “Officer Lin, you’re here. Could it be that there are some new findings in Meimei’s case?”

Officer Lin solemnly said, “There’s indeed some new progress with this case, but first, we need one of your artists to make a statement!”

“Lan Xin?” Fu Bainian immediately asked.

As soon as Officer Lin had finished speaking, the first person that came to his mind was Lan Xin.

Officer Lin nodded. “That’s right!”

Fu Bainian clenched his hands into fists. It seemed that it was really Lan Xin. Even the police’s findings were pointing towards her. However, he couldn’t understand…Lan Jinyao and Lan Xin were good friends, so why would the latter frame her?

“How did President Fu know that the person we were looking for was Miss Lan Xin? Does President Fu know some inside story that we don’t?”

Officer Lin sharply observed Fu Bainian as he asked that question.

Fu Bainian nodded. “I don’t believe that my wife would kill someone, so immediately after the incident happened, I asked some people to investigate the matter and found out that the surveillance video in our building was tampered with. At that time, someone else took the same elevator as my wife, and…that person was Lan Xin.”

Officer Lin then said, “According to Miss Chen’s statement, Miss Lan Xin was indeed in the same elevator as her, and from that, we’ve inferred that Ms Lan Xin must’ve gone up to the top floor at that time. We couldn’t reach Miss Lan Xin, so we came to the company to find her.”

“I also couldn’t reach her when I tried. Lan Xin hasn’t appeared at the company since the incident, and not even her Manager, nor her Assistant, could reach her. I’ve even gone all the way to her home but to no avail.”

Lan Xin couldn’t disappear without rhyme or reason. Now, the best option would be to let the police utilise their manpower to find her.

Officer Lin asked in surprise, “She’s missing?”

Fu Bainian nodded. “You can say that!”

Officer Lin thought for a moment before asking, “President Fu, do you have time now to accompany us to Miss Lan Xin’s home? We want to take another look at her place.”

“Of course! I was just about to go there again when you came over. Let’s go together this time.”

This time, however, they may be shut out again, or by the time they got there, Lan Xin might’ve already erased all the evidence.

A minute later, Fu Bainian and the police set off to Lan Xin’s place.

In fact, Fu Bainian had already mentally prepared himself, but when he saw the large scar on Lan Xin’s face, he was stunned. How important was it for a female artist to have a beautiful face?! To think that Lan Xin would be so hard on herself just to rid herself of the charges…

“What happened to your face?” asked Fu Bainian through gritted teeth.

His anger was so obvious that Officer Lin walked ahead and stood in front of him. “President Fu, please control your anger.”

Fu Bainian balled his hands into fists and tried to quell his anger. He’d long guessed that Lan Xin would do something. Even though everyone thought that Lan Jinyao and she were best friends, he knew, at this instant, that it was just a superficial act. Lan Xin was, in fact, the same as Shen Wei’an; a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a vicious and greedy fiend.

However, he didn’t understand why Lan Xin would kill Shen Wei’an, and why, at that time, would Lan Jinyao be at the rooftop.

Lan Xin gently touched her cheek, and smilingly said, “This…a few days ago I was robbed on the streets, and I was hurt in the process. I’ve been hospitalised these past few days.”

“You were at the hospital?” Officer Lin was the first to ask.

“Yes, she’s been in the hospital!” The person who answered the question was a man standing behind Lan Xin. He was wearing a white coat and smelled of medicine. At a glance, one could tell that he was a doctor.

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