Chapter 212 - Sibling Identification (1)

Under the scorching sun, Fu Bainian stood in front of the office building, staring at the people passing to and fro. As he watched the reporters constantly snapping their photos, his eyes narrowed as his stare grew more intense.

There were often a few reporters camping outside of Blue Hall Entertainment in the hopes of getting a scoop on the company’s artists’ movements. But, surprisingly, there were many more reporters present today.

Qian Ran hurriedly rushed out, and he was gasping for breath as he halted in front of Fu Bainian. “What’s going on? Meimei was perfectly fine earlier, so how could she possibly kill someone without rhyme or reason? She was still all smiles when she came here with me.”

Upon hearing this, Fu Bainian abruptly turned around, and he stared straight into Qian Ran’s eyes with a gloomy and cold gaze, sending shivers down Qian Ran’s spine.

“Pre-President Fu, please don’t stare at me like this. You’ll scare me to death!” Qian Ran’s voice trembled as he said this. A manly man like him acting timid like this was truly a funny sight to behold.

On the other hand, Fu Bainian’s gaze darkened a few shades as he asked, “You’re saying that Meimei came with you earlier? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Fu Bainian’s tone was gloomy, like a storm brewing on the horizon.

Qian Ran shivered and quickly explained, “Meimei didn’t come with me to the office. She got off at the bus stop a few meters away. I saw a shopping mall right there, and I thought that she was going to the mall, so I didn’t mention it to you. If I’d known that she was coming to the company to do that, I would’ve stopped her.”

He only cared to explain and didn’t notice that after he’d said those words, Fu Bainian’s expression had, unexpectedly, turned even more unsightly.

“She certainly isn’t the one behind this incident!” Fu Bainian roared.

Qian Ran was stunned. After a second, he immediately said, “President Fu is right, now the truth hasn’t been clarified yet. I’ll first go to the Property Manager’s office and get the surveillance footage to check on the situation.”

It was the first time that he’d seen Fu Bainian get this angry, so he must find an excuse to leave. Otherwise, he would be burned alive by his fiery anger, and he would be the one to suffer in the end.

Fu Bainian gave a slight nod before calling Shen Yu.

Afterwards, Qian Ran hurried to the Property Manager’s office. There were a total of five commercial buildings under the same property management, and the Property Manager’s office was on the other side at the first building. Luckily, all five buildings were very close to one another, so it didn’t take long before he reached there.

Shen Yu’s phone rang for a while before it was picked up. After Jiang Cheng had died, Shen Yu asked for leave on the pretext that he was too tired. He was currently enjoying his days off somewhere in Europe.

“What’s up? Don’t tell me that this time it’s Jiang Cheng who’s faking his death…?” Shen Yu lazily asked.

Fu Bainian took a deep breath and wearily said, “Hurry back! Something more serious than that has happened.”

“What exactly happened?” Shen Yu calmly asked before adding, “I’ve already told you before that no matter how big an issue, you have to take care of it yourself during my holiday. Almost all of my brain cells were fried while handling Jiang Cheng’s case, so what I need the most right now is a good rest, so no matter what…”

Fu Bainian coldly interrupted Shen Yu’s chatter and said, “I’ll give you a day, hurry back!”

In the next second, Fu Bainian hung up, and then he calmly walked into the elevator. Following this, wherever he went, everyone would give way and retreat out of his sight.

On the other side, Shen Yu, who was sunbathing on the beach, stared at his mobile and shivered from head to toe. He then pushed the woman at his side away and hastily left with his shirt in hand.

Half an hour later.

At Blue Hall Entertainment’s President’s Office.

Qian Ran stood in the doorway. He wanted to knock on the door, but just as his hand was about to touch the door, he withdrew his hand again.

President Fu couldn’t possibly still be mad at me, right?

Forget it, whatever comes next couldn’t possibly be worse than death! But, if I continue to dilly-dally, then I surely wouldn’t be able to escape punishment.

Qian Ran clutched the copy of the records and knocked on the door. Fu Bainian’s voice then thundered out. “Come in!”

“President Fu, these are all of the surveillance records of our office building from today. I checked them at the Property Manager’s office, and I noticed that someone deliberately hacked into the security system as some of the more important instances were made blurry, so it’s practically impossible to see the details clearly.”

“Let’s have a look!” Fu Bainian gloomily said.

If the security footage was deliberately altered, then this meant that this was a murder case, but he didn’t believe that Lan Jinyao would do something like this. He had faith in her.

Qian Ran quickly plugged the USB disk into Fu Bainian’s laptop.

As soon as the surveillance footage popped up, Fu Bainian immediately clicked on it to play it.

Qian Ran also boldly moved next to Fu Bainian and watched the footage playing on the laptop screen. As the ten minute long reel of footage was played back and forth several times by Fu Bainian, Qian Ran started to feel dizzy from watching. Yet, they still couldn’t find any clues.

“President Fu, how about we try to find clues elsewhere? We can ask the staff in the lobby to find out how many people came and went out of the office today.”

Right after he’d finished speaking, another colleague came in.

“President Fu, I’ve just asked the security guard in the lobby. Various people came in and out of the office today. There was a woman wearing sunglasses sneaking around, who unmistakably looks like Madam. At that time, Madam had already entered the elevator, but then Lan Xin suddenly squeezed in as well. So, at that time, there were two people in the elevator; Madam and Lan Xin.”

Fu Bainian pondered for a moment and then said to Qian Ran, “Quickly go…forget it. Help me find Lan Xin’s address; I’ll personally pay her a visit!”

As soon as he’d said this, Qian Ran, who was still in a daze a second ago, instantly regained his senses and nodded. “All right, I’ll be on my way.”

As expected of President Fu! Big Boss had long ago thought of everything!

Qian Ran greatly admired Fu Bainian in his heart, but he didn’t let it show on his face. He then turned and strode out of the office.

Following this, Fu Bainian then told the other person, “Go check on Meimei for me. I’ll leave in a bit.”

Usually, when facing these kinds of issues, Fu Bainian had always remained calm and collected. This time, however, his mind was a mess; he didn’t have a clue on what to do next.

He kept reassuring himself that his wife wasn’t that kind of person, but all the clues he’d found so far indicated that Shen Wei’an’s death was premeditated. It wasn’t just the surveillance footage, as maybe other things that he hadn’t thought of for the time being had already been laid out by that person.

As Fu Bainian stood in the elevator, his heart sank.

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