Chapter 211 - Let’s Perish Together (2)

Lan Jinyao proceeded with caution all the way to the company. She was, after all, a famous actress under the banner of Blue Hall Entertainment, and there were no employees who didn’t know her.

After entering the building, Lan Jinyao deliberately wore a pair of sunglasses to conceal her appearance for fear of being recognised, which might consequently bring about unnecessary trouble.

However, despite her caution, she was still recognised by someone in the elevator.

When the elevator doors opened, there was no one in there, so Lan Jinyao scurried in and she pressed the ‘rooftop’ button before immediately jabbing the 'close door' button. Unfortunately, the closing speed of the elevator doors in this kind of office building was quite slow, so as Lan Jinyao stared at the elevator doors inching together, she turned somewhat impatient and had the urge to give it a push to speed up the process.

Then, right when the elevator doors were about to close, a pair of hands swiftly reached in and it swooshed open again all thanks to its super sensors.

Lan Jinyao acted sneaky, like a thief with a guilty conscience, as she turned sideways with her sunglasses on. But, even so, she was still recognised.

“Meimei?” Lan Xin called out while casting her a questioning look.

Lan Jinyao then took off her sunglasses and smiled awkwardly at her.

“How come you’re here at the company? Acting so secretive to boot! Were you afraid that others would recognise you?”

Lan Xin’s words hit the mark right off the bat. Lan Jinyao thought about it for a moment before saying, “I’m looking for Fu Bainian, but please don’t tell anyone about my visit. I don’t want to cause a stir here as I’m planning to slowly retreat from the industry.”

“I see, no wonder you haven’t accepted any new work lately.”

“Yeah, but hey…why are you here today? Is there something the matter?”

Logically speaking, Lan Xin’s career was also slowly getting back on track, so she should’ve received a lot of offers and she ought to be super busy now. How come she had the time to make a trip to the company?

Upon asking that question, Lan Jinyao keenly noticed that Lan Xin’s expression had changed ever so slightly.

“It’s nothing, I’m just here for my Manager. I changed to another Manager a while ago, so I’m here to discuss my future projects with him.”

“That’s great to hear!”

The elevator soon stopped on the floor where Fu Bainian’s office was located. Lan Xin stared at her and smilingly said, “You’ve arrived, hurry up and go find your Bainian!”

Lan Jinyao braced herself and walked out while constantly praying in her heart: Please don’t let me run into Fu Bainian or Qian Ran. Otherwise, I need to keep Shen Wei’an waiting for a little longer. What if Shen Wei’an changes her mind in the meantime?

And thus, Lan Jinyao, whose mind was occupied, overlooked what Lan Xin had just said. If the latter was truly looking for her Manager, then there was no reason for her to go all the way to the top floor; she should’ve gotten off one floor below…

Fortunately, Lan Jinyao didn’t see anyone in the corridor after she’d gotten out of the elevator. The previous elevator had already gone up, and the other one was currently ascending from the ground floor. Someone must be on this one… At this thought, Lan Jinyao clenched her teeth before turning around and walking towards the staircase, ready to take the stairs all the way to the rooftop.

A few minutes later, Lan Jinyao finally reached the rooftop. However, as she glanced around the empty, spacious area, there was no sight of Qingqing anywhere.

Qingqing didn’t leave, did she?

Or did she jump off the building already?

When her thoughts got to here, she immediately ran to the parapet. As she neared the edge, she hesitated and halted her steps. She was still too afraid to look down, but if she didn’t, she wouldn’t feel at ease.

Her legs were currently shaking as she stood near the edge of the wall.

In the end, she didn’t dare to look down and slumped to the ground, gasping for air.

A minute later, when Lan Jinyao was about to stand up, a group of people armed with guns suddenly rushed out of the corridor, their muzzles aimed at her head.

This scene stunned Lan Jinyao. She didn’t react for a long time, and stood rooted to the spot, not comprehending what was happening at this moment.

“Miss Chen, you’re suspected of killing Shen Wei’an, an escaped criminal. Please come with us!”

Lan Jinyao blankly watched the people approach her and handcuff her hands. The cold touch of the metal handcuffs sent a chill to the bottom of her heart, and under the bright sun, the handcuffs seemed to emit a cold light, piercing Lan Jinyao’s eyes painfully.

After a while, Lan Jinyao finally regained her senses and her legs stopped shaking as she asked the police officer who was currently detaining her, “Police Officer, what on earth is going on?”

“You’re asking what’s going on? Don’t you know that clearly in your heart? Shen Wei’an’s dead body is now downstairs, and you’re currently the only one at the crime scene.”

Lan Jinyao was stunned. Shen Wei’an really jumped off the building?! Did she really come here today just to drag her down with her?

“It wasn’t me!” Lan Jinyao started to struggle and added, “When I got up here, there was already no sight of Shen Wei’an. I didn’t do anything, you can check the surveillance video…”

However, as she spoke to this point, her voice suddenly trailed off.

That was right, the surveillance video was of no use… She took the stairs from the last few floors to the rooftop, so even if there was a surveillance video, it wouldn’t mean anything. Besides, if Shen Wei’an really wanted to drag her down with her, then she would most likely hold onto something against her when she jumped off the building.

Shen Wei’an actually wanted them to perish together!

Lan Jinyao suddenly felt some regret. She didn’t do anything, so Shen Wei’an couldn’t possibly frame her with this incident. Now, it was basically impossible for her to seek out Shen Wei’an for any more repayment to avenge herself…

Thinking up to this point, Lan Jinyao suddenly asked, “If I didn’t do this, you would help me seek out the truth and prove that I’m innocent, right?”

“Of course, we’ve accepted this case, so we’ll naturally ensure that the truth comes to light. If you’re truly innocent, then we wouldn’t treat you unjustly either.”

Shen Wei’an sure was well-prepared; she had even called the police in advance… Lan Jinyao was afraid that this matter wouldn’t be resolved so easily this time. Not to mention, the police had investigated that last murder case for more than a month already, yet there was still no progress.

At this moment, a flush of anxiety rushed through her body. She started to feel a bit unsure about her future now.

As she proceeded downstairs, she covered her head with a cap, and her cuffed hands were also hidden underneath her clothes. But even so, this scene had created quite a stir in the company.

While she was boarding the police car, she saw Fu Bainian looking around frantically

Fu Bainian had seemingly just got wind of the news, and he was anxiously looking left and right until his gaze met hers.

In the next second, Lan Jinyao saw him striding towards her, but she shook her head and said, “Fu Bainian, don’t come over; you have to help me find out the truth and quickly save me!”

Lan Jinyao seemingly didn’t feel an ounce of fear at this moment; she even smiled at Fu Bainian before boarding the car.

As the police car passed by the side of the building, she saw a pool of blood on the ground and Qingqing’s corpse, which was being lifted by the forensic cleanup crew. This time, she’d really died…!

Lan Jinyao sighed. This time, the feud between the two of them ultimately came to an end.

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