Chapter 21 - Easily Obtaining A Certificate (3)

Chapter 21 - Easily Obtaining A Certificate (3)

Mother Fu, who worried incessantly about her son, profoundly displayed her strong sense of proactiveness and enthusiasm. On the first day of Fu Bainian’s discharge from the hospital, she dragged Lan Jinyao to their home by saying that it was already late at night and that it wasn’t safe for a girl to go home alone. Additionally, it wasn’t convenient for Fu Bainian to send her home at the moment, so she was letting Lan Jinyao stay at the Fu residence.

“Who would attack her? Her body is wide as a plate! How come she’s not safe?” Fu Bainian retorted.

He was immediately silenced by the simple clapping from Mother Fu’s hands. Hence, no one opposed Lan Jinyao staying over.

Unexpectedly, the next morning, just as Lan Jinyao woke up and was preparing to go out and run a few laps, she opened the door and was shocked when she saw someone standing by her bedroom door. There, before her, was the smiling figure of Mother Fu wearing a formal dress.

“You’re finally awake, Meimei. Hurry up and have breakfast. We’ll be going out in a moment!”

“We’re going out? Where to?”

Mother Fu just smiled mysteriously and didn’t answer. Then, she turned and made her way to Fu Bainian’s bedroom before fiercely slamming her palm on the door panel. “Get up and have breakfast!”

Lan Jinyao quickly stopped her. “Auntie, don’t be in such a rush. Let’s go and have breakfast, okay? Anyway, Fu Bainian left earlier. I suppose he had to go to the company.”

Unexpectedly, as they were eating breakfast, Fu Bainian returned as it seemed that he’d suddenly received a call to hurry home. As soon as he walked through the entrance, he asked, “Mum, what’s the matter? Earlier on the phone, you shouted at me and told me to come back home quickly. Was that just to make me watch Chen Meimei eating breakfast?!”

Lan Jinyao, who was currently eating breakfast, started choking.

“It’s not because of me! Really!” she explained while coughing.

Fu Bainian glanced at her out of the corners of his eyes. Mother Fu gently patted Lan Jinyao on the back, smiling widely as she said, “There’s an important matter that I need the two of you go and handle today. I’ve already informed Old Chen, so he’ll be meeting us here soon!”

“Notified Uncle Chen? Mum, this thing you’re talking about, it wouldn’t about us getting the marriage certificate, right?”

Lan Jinyao’s eyes widened before she exclaimed, “So soon?! My role in A Thousand Years Of Tears hasn’t even been decided, but I have to get the marriage certificate first? Is this really alright?”

“What’s A Thousand Years Of Tears?” Mother Fu wondered.

“Fine, we’ll go today!” Fu Bainian quickly stated.

Lan Jinyao put down her bowl and chopsticks and rushed over to Fu Bainian to pull at his necktie as she asked with a smile, “President Fu, what about my role? I haven’t received the script yet! How can I get the marriage certificate first?”

She’d asked this softly, but her tone made it evident that she was close to gnashing her teeth.

Fu Bainian straightened his necktie, and sternly said, “We’ll get the marriage certificate first!”

It seemed like Chen Meimei had been planning this for a long time. Getting the marriage certificate was her second plan, but her main purpose was still the role. Moreover, it was a less than important supporting role. He was becoming increasingly confused by this woman.

At that moment, Fu Bainian felt a strange feeling rise in his heart. It was the kind of feeling that he couldn’t describe, but he knew that the main culprit for it was Chen Meimei.

Both of them were deadlocked without an ending in sight until Mother Fu headed over and dragged them back to the dining table. “While the earth is vast, a stomach is bottomless. Drop the matter for now and talk about it later.”

Just after they’d finished breakfast, rich Old Chen rushed over. The man was very thin, utterly different from Chen Meimei. He had a short buzz-cut, held a cane in one hand, and was wearing a metal grey suit. His whole being radiated vigour.

From the moment that Old Chen had entered the house, Lan Jinyao had gone quiet. She’d been reborn into this body, and it was the first time that she was going to meet with this body’s birth Father. To say that she wasn’t flustered would be an absolute lie.

Mother Fu and Old Chen had a good relationship. The two of them were sitting on the couch as they excitedly chatted about things such as where the two young people would go for their honeymoon after marriage, how many children they’d have, and which school the children should attend in the future. Every aspect of their future development was brought up by the pair.

Lan Jinyao smiled awkwardly as she exclaimed, “Dad!” before grabbing Fu Bainian’s hand and dragging him upstairs.

“Fu Bainian, I’m slightly panicking!”

Fu Bainian tucked his hands in the pockets of his pants as he indifferently glanced at her from the corners of his eyes, then said, “Every woman has such a moment. You don’t have to be nervous!”

He was referring to signing the marriage certificate, while Lan Jinyao was referring to meeting Old Chen. With just one look, she could see that he was a bright person. What if later, with only a glance, he realised that there was a completely different person inside his daughter’s body?

At 9 AM, a group of eye-catching people stood outside the Bureau of Civil Affairs and attracted a lot of attention.

Lan Jinyao had never thought that one day she would stand here with a man. Fu Bainian was outstanding and had many pursuers; however, he didn’t love her. While she, on the other hand, had barely just begun to start liking him. She’d once heard that marriage was a grave built by love, but there was no such thing as love between them!

Lan Jinyao sighed. “Fu Bainian, even if you don’t love me, we’re going to be married so you must be good to me. I have yet to like someone in my life, and here I am already being pulled into this grave called marriage,” she whispered.

Fu Bainian stared at the woman who was standing alongside him. The sunlight shone down on her figure, bathing her in a soft golden light. Her eyes brightly sparkled. At that moment, Fu Bainian suddenly felt that the Chen Meimei before his eyes was different. Previously, Chen Meimei would never speak to him in this tone. Typically, she would’ve pulled at his collar as she threatened him: Fu Bainian, since you’re marrying me, you’re not allowed to go about seducing other women! If I find that you’re going around and flirting with other females, be prepared to meet my fists!

Ugh! The Chen Meimei he knew was like that.

But, the one in front of him had changed.

The harsh sunlight stung his eyes as he became absent-minded, and after a few minutes, he nodded. “Ok!”

At the desk before them, there sat a young woman. When she was facing Fu Bainian, her small face suddenly blushed. Apparently, she was infatuated by Fu Bainian’s handsomeness. She stared at Fu Bainian for quite some time and took advantage of whenever he wasn’t paying attention to gaze at him. Then, the young woman’s sight landed on Lan Jinyao’s body as she stood next to him.

“Are you sure the both of you are here to register your marriage?”

Lan Jinyao nodded. “I’m sure!”

What followed was an incredibly embarrassing scene. The young woman extended a finger and pointed to Fu Bainian as she said to Lan Jinyao, “I was asking him!”

Lan Jinyao narrowed her eyes in warning at Fu Bainian. “Fu Bainian, are you unwilling to marry me?”

Fu Bainian sighed softly with a helpless expression on his face as he said, “I’m afraid that it’s you who is unwilling!” The Empress Dowager was outside watching them; how could he dare refuse to marry her?!

It wasn’t until they’d finished filling in the forms and taking a photo that Lan Jinyao was able to relax. From the beginning, she’d felt that this was all too unreal; whether it was her death, rebirth, or the current marriage registration.

It wasn’t until the young woman spoke to them again that she was awakened from her dream.

The young woman said, “You’re welcome back any time!”

Numerous horses started galloping with Lan Jinyao’s heart at that moment.

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