Chapter 209 - Driven Into A Corner (3)

Lan Jinyao sighed and then strode into the living room. When Chen Meile saw her, she quickly waved at her and said, “Meimei, quickly come over here!”

Qingqing, whose face was stained with tears, also turned and glared at her, her pupils dilated with anger and resentment.

When she turned away, there was nothing but a pitiful look left in her eyes.

Lan Jinyao inwardly sneered. Chen Meimei was a tough woman, so even when facing everyone’s ridicule and criticism, or while facing Fu Bainian’s cold treatment time and time again, she would never show that kind of expression.

Although Lan Jinyao didn’t know Chen Meimei very well, she was very sure about this one point.

“Dad…don’t tell me that you still can’t recognise me?”

Qingqing crouched in front of Old Chen, looking extremely emotional as her lips quivered slightly.

At first, Old Chen was somewhat dismayed, but then his gaze landed on Lan Jinyao. With a gaze that could seemingly see through everything, he glanced back and forth at the two, unable to reach a conclusion for a long time.

Lan Jinyao dry coughed and asked, “Dad, what’s going on here? Could it be that I have another sister?”

At this time, Chen Meile finally spoke up and coldly said, “What other sister are you talking about? That woman simply wants to say that she’s Chen Meimei. Tsk, tsk, Meimei, it looks like someone wants to impersonate you, but it seems that she hadn’t done enough homework!”

Lan Jinyao laughed. “I see, Qingqing, it looks like your performance isn’t good enough. You can’t even deceive my Sister, so how can you expect to deceive my Old Man?”

A light flashed in Qingqing’s eyes; she then pounced on Old Chen’s lap and wailed. “Dad, I also don’t know what happened. I remember chasing after Fu Bainian, and then I left in anger. I sped while driving and I…I got into a car accident. When I woke up and opened my eyes, I became like this. Dad, you have to believe me; a soul with ill intentions is currently occupying my body!”

Shen Wei’an actually dared to say such otherworldly things. Wasn’t she afraid of being sent to a mental hospital?

However, Old Chen’s receptiveness was relatively strong. He didn’t doubt Qingqing’s words, nor did he think it was nonsense. Instead, he asked, “Meile, what do you think?”

Hearing this, Chen Meile immediately answered, “What Miss Qingqing said earlier is nonsense, her words were without basis. From the time Meimei was sent to the hospital until she was discharged, I’ve handled everything myself. The doctor said before that Meimei’s signs of life were still there, so it was impossible for such a weird thing as a soul transfer to happen. Besides, I was with her the day she woke up, and I didn’t notice anything unusual.”

Old Chen nodded. It seemed that he’d bought Chen Meile’s story.

Qingqing stared at Chen Meile in astonishment and asked, “Sis, you clearly know what happened, so why are you saying this?”

Chen Meile didn’t take this lying down, and coldly sneered. “I don’t have so many sisters! Please don’t call me that!”

Being rejected by Chen Meile, Qingqing had no choice but to target Old Chen. “Dad, you have to believe me. I know your deepest secret; even my sister doesn’t know about it. Do you want me to say it out loud for you to believe me?”

When Qingqing mentioned the word ‘secret’, Lan Jinyao keenly noticed a change in Old Chen’s expression.

A secret that even Chen Meile wasn’t aware of…then, how could she possibly know it?

When her thoughts got to here, Lan Jinyao started to get nervous. If Shen Wei’an truly knew Old Chen’s secret, then she would have the upper hand.

She hurriedly reprimanded, “Enough, stop talking nonsense! Miss Qingqing, please leave at once. If you continue acting outrageously like this, then don’t blame me for being rude!”

After Lan Jinyao said this, she raised her fists towards Qingqing. This was something that Fu Bainian had taught her; it was one of Chen Meimei’s signature moves.

Old Chen’s expression darkened, and he suddenly said, “Meimei is right. If you continue talking nonsense, I’ll get someone make you leave right this instant!”

Lan Jinyao was stunned. Did Old Chen get angry?

Qingqing also froze for a second. She then stared at Old Chen with an incredulous look and softly asked, “Dad, what did you just say?”

“Dad, wait! Let’s wait a bit, there’s no rush to chase her out!”

It was Chen Meile who said this. She stared at her watch and said, “Dad, the moment Miss Qingqing arrived, I called the police. The police must already be outside by now.”

“You called the police?” Old Chen cast a questioning glance at her.

Chen Meile’s lips slowly curled upwards as she explained, “Yes, I called the police. Dad, you might not know this, but Miss Qingqing is a repeat offender. She impersonated someone else, and even her ID card was forged. Her identity was exposed this morning; it’s all over the news. She must’ve come here to seek your help, so she came wailing and begging for you to ‘recognise’ her.”

“I see!” Old Chen nodded, and then shook Qingqing’s hand off his knee.

After a while, Old Chen stood up and said, “I’ll leave this matter for you sisters to handle; I still have some business to take care of.”

Chen Meile immediately responded, “Alright!”

Qingqing stared hopelessly at Old Chen’s departing figure. A minute later, she abruptly stood up, pushed Chen Meile away, and ran outside.

Chen Meile sneered and was about to chase after her when Lan Jinyao grabbed her arm and said, “Sis, leave this matter to me. You didn’t actually call the police, did you? You merely said that to scare Qingqing, right?”

A glint flashed in Chen Meile’s eyes before she smiled and said, “As expected, Meimei knows me the best. Outsiders wouldn’t be able to imitate our tacit understanding.”

Lan Jinyao seemed to have noticed that something was off and she affectionately smiled back at Chen Meile.

She tilted her head slightly and saw Old Chen walking into his study from the corner of her eye. Just now, he was watching their every movement. It seemed that, in the end, Old Chen still had his suspicions.

Some things, once revealed, would stay rooted in one’s heart and continue growing into towering trees.

Once the root of doubt was deeply planted in Old Chen’s heart, it was bound to break out of the ground and grow.

“Sis, in the future, you had better tell him these things yourself. In the end, I’m just an…outsider!”

Chen Meile nodded. “It’s only a matter of time before I tell him everything. I initially didn’t want to break my Old Man’s heart. However, now there’s nothing I can do about it. Qingqing, that woman, is truly abhorrent! If she falls into my hands one day, I’ll never let her off!”

Lan Jinyao stared at Chen Meile, her gaze gradually deepening.

She wouldn’t give Chen Meile this chance, because she would deal with Shen Wei’an herself!

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