Chapter 208 - Driven Into A Corner (2)

“What’s going on here? Is that woman picking on you again?”

Lan Xin’s voice came from behind Lan Jinyao.

The latter softly laughed, and asked in response, “Why are you asking? Have you ever seen Qingqing pick on me?”

“That time after you’d won the Best Actress Award, she shamelessly tagged along for dinner and tirelessly tried to sow discord between you and your sister. Also, you could clearly see at a glance what scheme she was cooking up earlier.”

The disdainful look on Lan Xin’s face made Lan Jinyao chuckle. She then lowered her voice and said, “You were right. Qingqing just doesn’t like me and she finds me an eyesore. Besides, she’s been feeling this way for a long time already.”

“Huh? For a long time already?” Lan Xin was confused by her words. “Did you know that woman from before? I heard that she came back from abroad. Could it be that you’ve met her abroad, so you have some history with her?”

Lan Jinyao shook her head. “No, I haven’t seen this Qingqing before. To be exact, I do know her, and I also have some history with her, but back then…she didn’t look like this.”

“You mean…she had plastic surgery?”

Lan Xin hit the bullseye with that question. Lan Jinyao wasn’t going to hide it from her, so she answered, “That’s right, do you still remember that old news story about a famous actress who was murdered?”

“You’re talking about…Shen Wei’an?” Lan Xin’s hands inexplicably clenched into fists, and her tone contained a trace of anger as she asked.

Lan Jinyao nodded. “In fact, Shen Wei’an…she’s still alive and kicking. I know Shen Wei’an like a book, so I’m positive that that corpse wasn’t hers, but someone else’s. As for Shen Wei’an, she underwent plastic surgery after she fled abroad, and now she’s back for revenge. Of course, these are just my assumptions. My current evidence isn’t enough to expose her just yet.”

As for her rebirth, no matter what, she mustn’t talk about it ever again.

“Qingqing is Shen Wei’an?” Lan Xin’s gaze instantly darkened a few shades. She then asked in a low voice, “But, how did you find out, and on what basis are you assuming this?”

Her questions stunned Lan Jinyao; she didn’t know how to explain and tried to laugh it off. “Haha, I shouldn’t have told you all of this, because these are only my suspicions. Just think of this as idle chit-chat and don’t take my words seriously. Besides, aren’t the police still investigating this matter?”

“Just mere assumptions?!” Lan Xin muttered under her breath.

Lan Jinyao didn’t hear her clearly, so she asked again, “What did you say?”

“It’s nothing!” Lan Xin asked for a glass of wine and sipped it slowly.

Following this, Lan Jinyao checked the time. It was about time for her to return home.

Just as she was about to bid her farewell, she heard Lan Xin say, “Chen Meimei, I believe in your intuition. Since you’re guessing all of this, then I’ll also believe that Qingqing is Shen Wei’an.”

In this world, apart from Fu Bainian, no one had believed in her this much. Lan Jinyao felt somewhat moved by Lan Xin’s words. At this moment, even all the unpleasantness brought by Shen Wei’an had disappeared in an instant. She smiled and said, “Let’s talk about this later. I have to go back now.”

After getting up, Lan Jinyao added, “You should be careful yourself. The current Shen Wei’an is very dangerous; she’s like a madwoman who’s lost her mind. If she learnt about the things you’d done in the past, she might make things difficult for you.”

Lan Xin nodded. “I’ll stay a bit longer and then go back. Since I’m now a part of the entertainment industry, I can also be considered a celebrity. If I were to be seen by the paparazzi, things would get troublesome.”

After Lan Jinyao turned around, the gentle smile on her face slowly disappeared. She was actually acting selfishly when she’d said those things to Lan Xin earlier. She was clear on the fact that Lan Xin hated Shen Wei’an to the bone for some reason. Lan Xin had constantly made things difficult for Shen Wei’an on several occasions, yet the former’s actions hadn’t been found out by Shen Wei’an. If she were to let Lan Xin know all that, then Lan Xin would certainly make a move, right?!

Shen Wei’an was out in the open, while Lan Xin was hiding in the dark, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to settle this matter.

Then, a day after her meeting with Qingqing, Lan Jinyao saw a news report.

The identity of Qingqing had been exposed, and consequently, the police went knocking on her door. Forging an identity wasn’t a small matter. What’s more, there really was a girl named Qingqing, who looked exactly like the current Shen Wei’an. Hence, the police couldn’t help but doubt Shen Wei’an’s motives. Once they started investigating this matter, then everything that Shen Wei’an had done in the past would come to light sooner or later.

While Lan Jinyao was in the middle of watching the news, she received a call from Chen Meile.

“Chen Meile sounded somewhat excited as she asked, “Meimei, are you free now? Is so, then hurry home to watch the show currently occurring!”

“Qingqing went to look for your Old Man?”

“Yup! But, I’ve blocked her outside. I reckon that once my Old Man hears that woman’s cry, he’ll come out of the study to open the gate for her, so hurry up and come over!”

Lan Jinyao hurriedly conceded and said, “Okay, I’ll be right there!”

If she made it on time, then she wouldn’t merely be there to witness ‘the show’, she might even need to act along and battle it out with Shen Wei’an.

As she thought about the fact that she would be able to sort out Shen Wei’an soon, Lan Jinyao suddenly felt a tinge of excitement in her heart.

She went straight to the garage and picked a car before driving off to the Chen family’s manor. She wasn’t feeling very well before, so she hadn’t felt comfortable driving on her own. But, she was currently brimming with energy, so she might as well drive herself.

Normally, it would take her about half an hour to reach the Chen family’s manor, but luckily, she hadn’t encountered any red lights when she passed through the three intersections, so she got there in merely twenty minutes.

According to what Chen Meile had said, Shen Wei’an should still be blocked outside at this moment. However, when Lan Jinyao glanced around, she didn’t see Shen Wei’an. Could it be that she was a step too late?

Lan Jinyao parked her car before hurrying inside.

Just as she was about to step into the living room, she heard Qingqing wailing. Lan Jinyao subconsciously halted as a flashback of her previous life came to mind. It was also this voice…back then, that woman was crying hysterically on the company’s rooftop and blatantly criticising her with this very same voice…

It was also this voice that had drawn her closer to the abyss, step by step.

This voice…sounded somewhat different from the one she’d heard that day in the restaurant.

Lan Jinyao suddenly felt depressed. Shen Wei’an’s acting skills were poor, but her experience could make up for it. Unfortunately, Shen Wei’an had never learnt to be patient, or better said, her patience was only reserved for committing misdeeds.

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