Chapter 205 - Make A Deal (3)

Twenty minutes later, Lan Jinyao arrived at the Jiang family’s manor. The Jiang family sure was heavily guarded, as just outside the courtyard, a group of suited bodyguards were stationed. With holsters wrapped around their waists, they were seemingly equipped with pistols.

Lan Jinyao had only walked a few steps when two men stepped forward and stopped her, ferociously asking, “What are you doing here?”

Lan Jinyao stared at them fearlessly and replied, “I have something to discuss with Second Master. Please let him know I’m here.”

“You’re here for Second Master? Who are you? Did you really think that you could meet Second Master just because you say so?” When the man said this, his fierce-looking face quivered like a hired thug from a movie.

As expected, Jiang Baitao’s influence ran deep. He had businesses in both the underworld and upperworld.

Someone like him usually wore a mask of kindness and then he would, inadvertently, tear his enemies to shreds. Lan Jinyao couldn’t help but shiver at this thought. She was a little afraid.

But, she must see Jiang Baitao today no matter what.

“I’m sure that Second Master will be very happy to see me. Just tell him that I have what he’s been looking for.”

The man cast her a hesitant look and asked, “You have what Second Master has been looking for? What is it?!”

Lan Jinyao’s lips curled up into a sneer, and she coldly replied, “You don't deserve to see it.”

At this moment, the imposing aura emanating from her body instantly overwhelmed the man in front of her.

Life is just like a drama, it fully depends on one’s acting skills. No matter if she were on stage or off, she’s always the Movie Goddess.

The man hesitated for a moment before telling the others, “You guys stay here and don’t let this woman in. I’ll go and report this.”

Lan Jinyao breathed a sigh of relief, and her expression softened. Just now, she looked indifferent but she was actually a bundle of nerves. These people lived by the sword and their lives were filled with bloodshed. She was only an actress. If she didn’t act well in front of these people, then she might’ve been done in by their pistols on the spot…

The group of people standing in the courtyard fixated their gaze on her, without blinking. With them staring at her like this, Lan Jinyao gave an embarrassed smile and waved at them. “Hello there.”

However, no one paid attention to her.

Soon, the man who went in, came back. He then said with the same poker face, “Second Master said you can go in.”

Following this, Lan Jinyao hurried inside. She’d already wasted a lot of time dealing with this man. She didn’t have much time left so she had to resolve this as quickly as possible. If Fu Bainian went home before she did, then need she say more? She would also be done for…

Jiang Baitao was waiting for her in his study. An old fox like him held all of Jiang family’s important businesses in his hands. Logically speaking, she shouldn’t be allowed to enter his study. This wasn’t quite what Lan Jinyao had expected, so she kept her guard up.

A man in his fifties led her inside. He looked benevolent and much more likeable than that old fox, Jiang Baitao.

When they arrived in front of the study, the man halted his steps and respectfully said, “Second Master is waiting in there.”

“Second Master wants to receive me in his study?” Lan Jinyao cautiously asked.

The man laughed and said, “Miss, you aren’t a guest here, so how can we speak of hospitality? You came here to talk to our Second Master about a business deal, so the study is adequate!”

His manner of speech was genteel, but what if he was on a mission to kill someone…how would he look then?

Lan Jinyao felt anxious in her heart and simply stood there. At this moment, the man extended his hand and pushed open the door.

Following this, Jiang Baitao’s laughter thundered out of the study. Lan Jinyao calmed down before striding in fearlessly.

“Second Master, you probably already know what I’m here for, right?” Lan Jinyao sat down on the sofa and fixated her gaze on Jiang Baitao.

Sometimes, one had no choice but to face certain people who they didn’t want to meet again in their life, just like the current Lan Jinyao. She didn’t want to see this ruthless old fox again, but, for the sake of future stability and her aggrieved heart, she had no choice but to meet Jiang Baitao one more time.

“Haha!” Jiang Baitao smiled happily and added, “I guessed a part of it. But, I wonder, how come a mere actress like you knows what I want?”

Lan Jinyao’s expression slightly changed at the mention of the word ‘actress’. She loved acting, so acting was a noble profession for her.

“Second Master, since you already know, then I won’t beat around the bush. Qingqing and you have joined hands, am I right? Qingqing was your son’s woman…are you doing this to protect her? Or to avenge your son?”

If he were protecting Qingqing, then her trip would be in vain. However, she felt that this probability was very low. After all, no matter what, Shen Wei’an was a hateful person. If he were doing this to avenge Jiang Cheng, then she could still have a ‘good’ talk with Jiang Baitao today.

At this moment, Jiang Baitao’s expression darkened a few shades. “No matter what it is, it wouldn’t affect our deal, would it?”

Lan Jinyao nodded. “As expected, Second Master sure is a straightforward person. Alright, I’ll get to the point; I came here today to deliver the item that Second Master has been persistently looking for. As for my prerequisite…that is for Second Master to assist Qingqing no more, and you mustn’t provide her with any source of income.”

Jiang Baitao laughed again. “Sure enough, you bear a grudge against her, but you’re much more ruthless than that woman. If she were ruthless enough, she would’ve directly made me kill you, but she didn’t.”

Of course Qingqing wouldn’t. Lan Jinyao inwardly sneered. As for Shen Wei’an…her biggest desire was to outdo her and then severely torture her, leaving her with absolutely nothing. Besides, Shen Wei’an had already killed her once, so of course she wouldn’t kill her again. After all, Shen Wei’an’s ultimate aim was to see her fall from grace.

Shen Wei’an’s heart was only filled with jealousy in the beginning. But, unfortunately, her jealousy has already turned into a decadent, immoral sin.

Initially, she merely wanted to send her to prison, which was Shen Wei’an’s ultimate ending. However, she’d now changed her mind…this time, she would send her to hell with her own hands. Henceforth, even if she had to borrow a knife to kill her, it wouldn’t matter.

Consequently, Lan Jinyao took the leather notebook out of her bag. As a precaution, she’d already backed up the contents of this notebook before she came to find Jiang Baitao.

There was finally a slight change in Jiang Baitao’s expression, revealing a look of eagerness as he gazed at Lan Jinyao’s hand.

“Give it to me!” he abruptly said.

Lan Jinyao was startled still by his sudden cry. Then, after composing herself, she threw the notebook on the table.

Jiang Baitao grabbed the notebook and flipped through it cursorily before throwing it into the drawer beside him.

The deal had already been sealed. It was about time for her to leave, so Lan Jinyao stood up and said, “Second Master, I hope you stay true to your word!”

Following this, she put up a brave front and proceeded towards the exit. Just a few more steps and she’d be out of the study! The palms of her hands started to get sweaty, because from what she knew…no one had ever escaped Jiang Baitao’s clutches.

“Hold it!”

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