Chapter 200 - A War Without Fire (3)

When Chen Meile left, her expression seemed even more confused than when she’d arrived.

Lan Jinyao stayed motionless as she fixed her gaze on Chen Meile’s departing figure. All that she’d to say had already been told to Chen Meile. As for whether she believed or not, it was up to Chen Meile to decide.

And, at this moment, something dire happened.

It was already late in the evening, so seeing that Fu Bainian still hadn’t come home yet, Lan Jinyao gave him a call. Even though the call went through, no one answered the phone, so Lan Jinyao let it be. After a while, just as Lan Jinyao was about to fall asleep on the sofa, Fu Bainian suddenly returned her call.

The living room was tranquil with only faint noises coming from the TV, which was currently broadcasting a TV series that Lan Jinyao had filmed in her previous life. The sudden ringtone instantly washed Lan Jinyao’s sleepiness away; her eyes flew open, and she quickly answered the call.

“Fu Bainian, why aren’t you home yet?”

Fu Bainian’s voice sounded fatigued as he asked, “Why aren’t you asleep yet? You don’t have to wait for me tonight. I’ll be working overtime at the company so I’ll be back late.”

“Oh!” Lan Jinyao sullenly answered.

Fu Bainian had to work overtime again? He wasn’t that busy usually. So, what was he occupied with at this moment?

Jiang Baitao’s face suddenly flashed in her mind. Could it be that after learning about Jiang Cheng’s death, he’d started to take action against Blue Hall Entertainment now?

Worry poured in like a tide, flooding her heart in an instant.

Lan Jinyao decided to go to the company to check on the situation.

Outside, the sky was pitch-black with no stars in sight. At this moment, a black car was parked right in front of the gate of the community, and the two voices of a man and a woman sounded in the car.

“Do you think she’ll come out?”

“I’m sure she will, so don’t worry. Since Second Master has sent you here to help me, then you must listen to my arrangements. Don’t act blindly without thinking.”

The man disdainfully shifted his gaze elsewhere and didn’t say another word.

Before long, Lan Jinyao finally came out. She was in a hurry, so she merely swept a glance at the small car parked in front of the community’s gate before looking away and rushing towards the road ahead.

The moment she brushed past the car, the door flew open at lightning speed.

Before she could react, a pair of hands emerged from the car and dragged her inside.

At this moment, Lan Jinyao quickly inserted her hand in her bag and took out a fruit knife. She held onto it tightly and then, ‘Puchi’ the muffled sound of something piercing into flesh rang out in the car and, consequently, the hands that were restricting her abruptly loosened.

Lan Jinyao quickly opened the door with the fruit knife in her hand and then fled towards the community’s security booth.

Red beads of blood trickled drop by drop from the tip of the knife down to the ground as she ran. Meanwhile, someone had also gotten off the car to chase after her. But, Lan Jinyao had already reached the security booth and shouted, “Mister, someone is chasing me!”

The security guard, who was dozing off, was awakened by her shout and instantly stood up. “Where?!”

However, that person had already boarded the car and left.

A man?

Lan Jinyao frowned as she stared at the license plate number. Although she’d panicked earlier, she clearly felt that the person she’d stabbed was a woman; she’d clearly heard a woman’s cry. How come the one chasing her was a man?

After such an incident, she no longer dared to go out. She hurried home and gave Fu Bainian a call.

She calmed herself down and tried to sound as normal as possible when she spoke, “Bainian, when will you be back? I’m scared to be home alone!”

“…Go to bed first, and I’ll be right there.”


Before hanging up, Lan Jinyao added, “Be careful on your way home…”

However, Fu Bainian had already hung up on her. Faced with the dimmed screen in her hand, she pursed her lips and complained, “You sure hung up fast!”

Soon after, Lan Jinyao realised that Fu Bainian had said that just to let her feel reassured. She’d waited for more than an hour, yet he still hadn’t arrived home.

At 11 PM, Lan Jinyao finally couldn’t take it anymore and fell asleep on the sofa. The fruit knife hadn’t been dealt with yet and was still laying on the coffee table. Under the bright lights, it seemed to exude a chilly air; it was a very ghastly sight.

Lan Jinyao had already entered dreamland when Fu Bainian arrived home. He deliberately lightened his footsteps as he unhurriedly walked into the living room.

“Why are you asleep here?” Fu Bainian tightly furrowed his brows, somewhat displeased.

He picked Lan Jinyao up and strenuously carried her all the way to the bedroom.

Afterwards, he went back to the living room to get her coat, but then, he subconsciously halted his steps the moment his gaze landed on that bloody fruit knife on the coffee table.

When Lan Jinyao awoke the next day, she saw Fu Bainian laying next to her. Additionally, Lan Jinyao immediately noticed the bruises on his arm. She carefully lifted his hand and examined it. There were various degrees of bruises; it was as if he’d fought with someone.

Lan Jinyao suddenly remembered yesterday’s incident. Since someone was waiting for her at the gate yesterday, could it be that there were also people waiting for Fu Bainian at his company? If not, then how did he get these injuries?

While she was deep in thought, Fu Bainian abruptly opened his eyes.

He retracted his hand as if nothing had happened, but Lan Jinyao refused to let him get away without an explanation. When Fu Bainian got up, she quickly held him back and asked, “Wait, what happened to your arm?”

“It’s nothing; I fell by accident!”

Lan Jinyao scoffed upon hearing this. “Do you think I’m stupid? Fu Bainian, why won’t you tell me the truth? You also met with danger yesterday, didn’t you?”

Fu Bainian, on the other hand, asked in reply, “How come there’s a bloody fruit knife on the coffee table?”

Lan Jinyao’s expression suddenly sank. “Fu Bainian, we both met with danger yesterday. Last night, I’d initially wanted to go to check on you at the company, but as soon as I stepped out of the community, I was almost kidnapped. Fortunately, since I’d experienced this before, I’d gone out with a fruit knife. I didn’t expect it to actually come in handy.”

“Do you know who’s behind this?”

The two asked in unison.

“I don’t know yet, but I have a feeling that it’s Qingqing…someone that Shen Wei’an sent,” Lan Jinyao reasoned.

Hearing this, Fu Bainian deliberated and said, “Maybe it’s Jiang Baitao, he’s not going to let me off.”

As soon as they’d finished speaking, both of them fell silent. If it were a unilateral attack, they would still be able to cope with it. However, if Jiang Baitao and Shen Wei’an had joined hands, then the consequences would undoubtedly be inconceivable.

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