Chapter 20 - Easily Obtaining A Certificate (2)

Chapter 20 - Easily Obtaining A Certificate (2)

Quite a long time ago, when the Director was writing this script, Lan Jinyao had already been selected as the lead actress. This drama was going to be directed by the Director himself, so it could be said that it was technically self-directed. And, the female lead was a role that was created specifically for Lan Jinyao.

Back then, Lan Jinyao had really liked the script after reading it. Therefore, she’d always thought of that role as hers and something that couldn’t be changed. However, something unexpected happened. They’d cut her character from the drama, so she’d lost her role. What was even worse was that soon after, she’d nearly lost her precious life!

According to Lan Jinyao’s understanding of Shen Wei’an, her acting skills were subpar at best. Usually, during her free time off work, she would scroll through the updates on Weibo. She would also often go to multiple parties to find opportunities for herself. But, most of the time, she would clad herself in her undergarments to try and get herself a few roles. However, after that time she’d failed to restrain her temper, she’d ended up arguing instead. Due to this, matters regarding her roles were left unsettled.

When the two of them had hung out, Shen Wei’an would always speak to her with a self-deprecating look on her face. “Lan Jinyao, why can’t my life be as good as yours? Look at me! My looks are in no way inferior to yours. Our figures are easily comparable, and we entered the entertainment circle at the same time. Tell me, why is the gap between us so big?”

Lan Jinyao had only ever answered her with a smile.

The only gap between them should be that first drama. It was a war film, and the actors in it were all famous men. Even though there were a few female roles, they were all mere supporting roles. At that time, Shen Wei’an’s qualifications were better than hers, so the Director had naturally chosen her. Unfortunately, she’d looked down on such a script, was obviously dissatisfied with such a role. Ultimately, she’d found an excuse by saying that the role clashed with her schedule and that it wasn’t convenient to adjust it.

While, in actual fact, at that time, Shen Wei’an had had no schedule at all! She’d vowed that she wanted to use this time to pick a better and more suitable role for herself. When this had happened, Lan Jinyao had recommended herself to the Director and said that she wanted to try that role instead. Initially, the role wasn’t a significant one. So, after the Director had looked her over, he’d decided that she would do and gave the part to her.

Lan Jinyao would always remember what had happened on the day she’d returned once shooting was finished. Shen Wei’an had been lying by the pool, entertaining a wealthy young man. Seeing that Lan Jinyao was back, she’d snickered as the corner of her mouth had tugged up before pointing to her and saying, “You see, Jinyao, it was fortunate that I wisely rejected that drama. Look at your current appearance; you’re so dark and swarthy that you look like a black loach!”

That was Lan Jinyao’s first drama, and every scene was taken under the scorching sun. With her whole body being exposed to so much sun, her skin felt like molten lava. However, she’d learnt a lot from the experience and had met all sorts of people there.

Later on, after thinking it through, she’d realised that it was that very drama that had caused the gap between them. Through that drama, she’d gotten acquainted with quite a few famous Directors and actors. From then on, her journey as an actor had been smooth sailing. Meanwhile, Shen Wei’an was complacent waiting for her so-called opportunity to have a role that suited her best.

In this world, how many roles would there ever be that genuinely suited you? If you were going to blame the environment, you’d be better off changing yourself first!

During Fu Bainian’s hospitalisation, Lan Jinyao stayed by his bedside and took care of him the whole time. Unfortunately, while Fu Bainian’s complexion was gradually restored to normal, Lan Jinyao fell ill. Perhaps it was because Chen Meimei’s body had initially been in a poor physical condition, or maybe it was because she’d recently encountered a series of accidents one after the other. On top of this, Lan Jinyao hadn’t been able to rest properly, which resulted in her having a high fever on the third night of their stay in the hospital.

It was pitch-black outside, and Fu Bainian was just about to turn off the light and go to sleep when he heard Lan Jinyao abruptly cry out. At first, the cries were nothing but a murmur, but they were particularly distinct in the silence of the night. Then, her moans gradually grew louder. The sounds were close to a whine, which made a harsh frown cover Fu Bainian’s face.

“Chen Meimei, I’m really tempted to record this! Your sleep-talking is so loud that it’s shaking the entire hospital.”

But, as her cries continued, he realised that something was wrong.

“Fu Bainian, save me...” She struggled with her hands flailing in the air, her forehead covered in a layer of sweat.

Fu Bainian quickly got out of bed and went to Lan Jinyao’s bedside. When he reached out to touch her cheek, the scalding temperature made him immediately pull his hand back.

“Hot!” It turned out that she had a fever!

Just as he was about to call the nurse, he felt her grab his hand. The strength in the grip made him feel inferior as a man.

“Shen Yu, don’t go...Shen Yu...don’t you recognise me? Shen Yu, save me, I’m so uncomfortable!”

Fu Bainian, who’d turned to leave, was frozen in place.

The person who Chen Meimei was calling for was unexpectedly Shen Yu, not Fu Bainian. Weren’t Chen Meimei and Shen Yu on bad terms with each other? When she would see Shen Yu, she would always verbally squash him. Why would she suddenly shout Shen Yu’s name?

At this moment, Fu Bainian felt like question marks were circling his head and making him dizzy.

Could it be that Chen Meimei actually liked Shen Yu?

Was she just acting like she’d disliked him all this time?

Fu Bainian’s face instantly darkened. He struggled out of Chen Meimei’s clutches before storming out of the room.

Lan Jinyao seemed to be imprisoned within a long, long dream. A raging fire surrounded her, and she was trapped in a circle of flames. She was constantly calling out a person’s name, but that person never came. Instead, a woman burst through the fire. That woman smiled before extending both hands towards her.

The scenery abruptly changed. There was now no fire encircling her; only darkness and the howling of the wind. She couldn’t feel it, but she knew that it was wind. The wind steadily became fiercer as it whistled wildly by her ears. Her body was endlessly falling…before she hit the ground with a heavy ‘thud’.

Lan Jinyao pried open her eyes to see the medicine in a bottle slowly dripping down the tubes of an IV to the veins of her arm.

With a hoarse voice, she asked, “Fu Bainian, what happened to me?”

It was a few minutes before Fu Bainian responded. “Excessive loss weight and short-term malnutrition resulted in a decreased immunity. So, it’s just a common cold.”

“Oh, that’s okay then. I thought that I’d developed a terminal illness! I wouldn’t be able to see you in the future if that was the case.”

Fu Bainian suddenly said, “Chen Meimei, last night you kept...” shouting shen yu’s name! Do you like him?

Lan Jinyao was confused as she looked at him. “What was up with me last night?”

“Nothing. You were just sleep-talking!”

Fu Bainian said that with a neutral inflection, but somehow, it scared Lan Jinyao. She thought that she’d revealed everything about her rebirth in her sleep-talk!

“I didn’t say anything weird, right?” she asked nervously.

Fu Bainian snorted coldly, but when he thought back to how she’d admitted to liking Shen Yu, he said, “Chen Meimei, you hide secrets so deeply that even I’m unaware of them all!”

Lan Jinyao stared at the ceiling in dismay. Finished, I’m finished. The cat’s out of the bag!

Fu Bainian asked again, “Since this is the case, are we still getting a marriage certificate?”

Lan Jinyao retorted, “How are these two matters related?”

“You like Shen Yu. How is that unrelated? Although, since you’re like this now, he’s unlikely to accept you, but...”

Lan Jinyao finally figured out what he was talking about. It turned out that Fu Bainian was talking about something else entirely, she’d thought...and here she was worried for nothing! Just as she was about to answer him, she heard rushed footsteps burst through the door.

“Of course-of course, you must get the marriage certificate! Aiyo, you two have finally agreed to get the job done.”

The person who’d entered the room was Mother Fu. She happily patted Fu Bainian’s head as she said, “At last! This time, I won’t have to worry on your behalf.”

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