Chapter 194 - Filled With Doubts (7)

Lan Jinyao currently felt like an imposter meeting its original host. No matter how reasonable or unreasonable it seemed, she was, after all, the one occupying Chen Meimei’s body. Moreover, she’d lost all the fat that Chen Meimei had been so proud of for so many years. Based on Chen Meimei’s fiery temper, it would be weird if she didn’t make a scene upon seeing the slimmed down version of herself.

At this moment, Lan Jinyao suddenly recalled the two words ‘seductive fox’ that she’d seen scribbled on the former Chen Meimei’s schedule. From these words alone, Lan Jinyao understood that Chen Meimei was already paying close attention to her way before she’d reincarnated, and the reason for that was Fu Bainian.

As Lan Jinyao saw them nearing her, she lowered her hat some more and constantly murmured in her heart: Fu Bainian, hurry up and deal with that troublesome woman! Don’t come over here with her!

In fact, she had nothing to be guilty of even if she was discovered. After all, if that person was truly the former Chen Meimei, then this meant that she’d also reincarnated and was currently occupying someone else’s body. Though she needn’t have a guilty conscience, she didn’t want to meet Chen Meimei head-on right then and there.

Nevertheless, it seemed that Fu Bainian hadn’t heard her inner worries as he walked directly towards her.

At this instant, Lan Jinyao held onto her lowered hat, stood up, and immediately strode towards the exit of the restaurant. As she brushed past Fu Bainian, she ruthlessly knocked against his shoulder before walking away. And, before Fu Bainian had time to react, she was already standing outside the door.

Lan Jinyao strode over to Fu Bainian’s car, which was parked on the street, and leaned against it while waiting for him to come out.

“Fu Bainian, what about our tacit understanding? Did it melt like snow?!”

Lan Jinyao pursed her lips and stared at the two people standing inside. The fire in her heart was instantly ignited, and she angrily hit Fu Bainian’s car. Then, a piercing sound immediately rang in her ear, making all the passersby stare at her in alarm. And, right after, she saw a security guard walking towards her.

Did she look, in any way, like a car thief?

It just so happened that Fu Bainian was staring outside. When their eyes met, Lan Jinyao glared at him before turning away and leaving.

A taxi drove by, and Lan Jinyao immediately hailed it. When she saw Fu Bainian rushing out of the restaurant, she immediately boarded the taxi and urged, “Sir, please drive away quickly, someone is chasing after me.”

The taxi driver glanced at the back and happened to see Fu Bainian boarding his car, so he speedily stepped on the throttle, and the car sped off as swift as an arrow.

“I’m afraid that the car behind us will overtake us soon. That’s a luxury performance car, so there’s no way my car can compare, speed-wise!”

Lan Jinyao humphed and coldly said, “Don’t worry, just continue driving forward. As long as you don’t stop, he won’t dare overtake us and block the road.”


Thus, the driver unhurriedly drove forward. As Lan Jinyao had expected, Fu Bainian simply drove beside them and didn’t dare to drive in front of them.

“Ma’am, that person must be your husband, right? Are you angry with him? Nowadays, women like to throw tantrums over small things, huh? A good man like him is scarce at present. Don’t be deceived by my looks; I actually treat my wife really well.”

Upon hearing this, Lan Jinyao’s lips curled up. Indeed, Fu Bainian was very good to her. Not to mention how he’d treated her after their marriage, even before she was reborn, he’d ensured that her career was all smooth sailing. She’d never had to deal with the hidden rules in the industry, and she’d never had any major scandals. Her journey was so smooth and neat that she didn’t look like someone from the entertainment industry at all.

“You’re smiling? As long as you’re able to smile, that’s good! Do you still want me to continue driving?”

Lan Jinyao smilingly said, “Sir, you can stop the car now. I’ve forgiven him for the time being!”

When she got off the car, Lan Jinyao fished out some cash to pay the driver. When the driver turned and saw her face, he was stunned.

“Aren’t you that…that…?!”

After uttering ‘that’ for a while, he still didn’t manage to say her name out loud. Lan Jinyao simply smiled at him and said, “Thanks!”

Fu Bainian had already stopped his car nearby, waiting for her. But, as soon as she walked over to his car, she sat in the back seat instead. She feigned an unhappy expression and complained, “I’d told you earlier that I would be observing you from afar. I don’t care whether that person is the real Chen Meimei or not, but you’re not allowed to get too close to her. Yet, just now, you…you actually let Chen Meimei hold onto your arm! That’s too much! Do you really think that I’ve gone blind and couldn’t see that?”

Fu Bainian sincerely admitted his mistake and apologised. “Yes, yes, yes… I was in the wrong. I shouldn’t have done that. My bad for making Wifey angry.”

Lan Jinyao then added, “Also, how could you bring Chen Meimei over to our table? Don’t tell me that you haven’t watched enough dramas yet?”

Chen Meimei had such a fiery temper! What if she made a ruckus again? She’d already drawn too much attention earlier, and if she’d made another scene, then people would certainly get popcorn and look forward to witnessing a good show.

“It was all my fault; I didn’t consider things thoroughly!” There was a smile tugging at the corners of Fu Bainian’s lips. He didn’t look like he was admitting to his mistakes at all!

Fu Bainian then closed in on Lan Jinyao and abruptly kissed her, leaving her stunned for a second. She then feigned anger and coquettishly said, “Stop playing around and hurry back home! If that person is really Chen Meimei, then she’ll definitely catch up with us soon.”

“Alrightttt! Say, are you jealous right now?”

Lan Jinyao rolled her eyes and bitterly admitted, “Yes, I am! Now, quickly bring me home!”

On the way back, Lan Jinyao sensed someone following them. At a glance, she saw an eye-catching bright yellow sports car speeding towards them like a rocket.

It’s Chen Meimei!

That woman has unexpectedly caught up with them!

Seeing this, Lan Jinyao nervously tugged at Fu Bainian’s arm, and said, “Look, she’s caught up with us. Will you be able to lose her?”

Fu Bainian looked back and frowned.

“Sit tight!”

Lan Jinyao nodded. Chen Meimei’s feelings towards Fu Bainian ran so deep that they couldn’t be extinguished by death. Not to mention, she was given a second chance now, so she’d surely treasure this moment. Also, Fu Bainian’s marriage certificate had Chen Meimei’s name printed on it, so it would be easy for others to misunderstand. Even though they were divorced now, it was only a matter of time before they were remarried.

“Fu Bainian, did you manage to find out anything earlier? Is that person Chen Meimei?”

At this moment, the wind swept past them and practically drowned out Lan Jinyao’s voice.

After what felt like an eternity, Fu Bainian finally nodded and said, “I believe so, but that person could also be an imposter who is currently disguised as Chen Meimei. She probably approached us with ill intentions.”

The moment they arrived home, Lan Jinyao stated, “As for whether that person is the genuine Chen Meimei or not…Chen Meile will certainly know once she’s seen her. If that person is really Chen Meimei, then things will be much easier to handle. But, if that person isn’t, then what exactly is she scheming?”

Fu Bainian didn’t respond and fell silent, lost in his thoughts.

If it were Chen Meimei, then he’d simply apologise.

But, if it wasn’t Chen Meimei, then who was that person? And, what were her intentions?

When he’d approached that woman earlier, he’d clearly felt that she was giving him a hint, telling him that she was Chen Meimei. But, if that woman wasn’t Chen Meimei, then she was practically misleading him into believing that!

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