Chapter 193 - Filled With Doubts (6)

At a table in the middle of the restaurant, a rusticly dressed woman stood with one hand on her waist, and one hand pointing at the waiter’s head. She looked exactly like a moving teapot.

“Fu Bainian, you fancy a woman of that calibre? I didn’t know that you had such a heavy taste!” Lan Jinyao teased. Without mentioning that woman’s apparel, her makeup alone was over the top, like that of an opera singer. If she were to go out like that at night, she’d surely scare a person to death.

Fu Bainian leisurely retracted his gaze, and replied, “The type of woman I fancy…isn’t a person of that calibre sitting right in front of me?”

Lan Jinyao’s lips twitched upon hearing him say this, and she snorted. “Yeah, right! Who’d believe your nonsense? Just now, your gaze was practically glued to that person other there. Hurry up and spill the beans; what were you staring at so intently?”

“I only have eyes for you!” said Fu Bainian while gazing at her with affectionate eyes.

Hearing this, Lan Jinyao suddenly burst into laughter. Of course, she was aware of that. She just didn’t expect that Fu Bainian would say those endearing words in such a deadpan manner.

The commotion at the other table wasn’t over yet, and it seemed that it wouldn’t be sorted anytime soon. Meanwhile, their food had already been served, so Lan Jinyao picked up a piece of chicken and placed it in Fu Bainian’s bowl. When she looked up, she saw Fu Bainian staring straight at the farce, his gaze intent and unmoving.

“Hey, hello, what are you doing?” Wasn’t he clearly provoking her? His wife was still around, yet he dared to stare at other women like this openly.

Fu Bainian frowned and retracted his gaze once more. At this moment, his expression looked somewhat solemn. His current expression made Lan Jinyao puzzled, and her heart was currently in a total mess.

“Fu Bainian, what were you looking at?” Lan Jinyao’s voice sounded somewhat heavy as she questioned him.

Fu Bainian pointed to the other side for her to see, but even after staring for a long time, she hadn’t managed to discern anything out of the ordinary.

She couldn’t help but shrug and ask, “Uhmm…what’s your focal point?” Don’t tell her it was those thick cotton stockings? Wait, maybe not, could it be…those stiletto sandals then? Or, possibly that cool purple wig?

Fu Bainian solemnly asked in response, “Meimei, do you believe in reincarnation?”

Lan Jinyao froze for a second before saying, “Aren’t you asking the obvious?” There was living proof right in front of him, so was there still a need for him to question this fact?

At this moment, Fu Bainian’s expression grew more profound as he said, “That woman’s behaviour is very similar to the former Chen Meimei’s. Her temperament, as well as those small movements she made earlier, were practically the same.”

Upon hearing that, Lan Jinyao’s expression instantly stiffened. “What nonsense are you spouting? Haha, in this world, there are a lot of people that have the same personality and fashion sense, so it’s not surprising to encounter one or two people with the same tastes. I don’t understand why you’re making such a fuss over this.”

Although she was smiling, her expression didn’t look relaxed at all.

Fu Bainian believed in his judgment and continued insisting. “There are a lot of similar people in this world, but they can’t have the same habitual gestures.”

Once he finished speaking, Lan Jinyao’s lips curled up, and she unhurriedly said, “Why not? What if those habitual gestures can be imitated? Don’t forget, the former Chen Meimei was also a public figure, so it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if someone is imitating her. Besides, Lan Xin’s a perfect example of this… At that time, didn’t you also believe that she was me?”

What Lan Jinyao had said was justified, so Fu Bainian couldn’t refute her words.

Yet, even though she’d said all that, a trace of worry still formed in her heart. After all, what Fu Bainian had said wasn’t entirely without reasoning.

Lan Jinyao suddenly lowered her voice and said, “How about you go over there and test the waters? After all, you’re the one who Chen Meimei likes! Whether she really reincarnated as I did, you’d surely notice something after you’ve spoken to her.”

If that person was really Chen Meimei, then she’d surely give herself away upon seeing Fu Bainian.

Fu Bainian stared blankly at her for a moment before pointing at himself and asking, “You want me to go? Are you sure?”

Okay, so it wasn’t very appropriate to ask her husband to go seduce someone, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

Lan Jinyao seriously nodded. “Yup, you should quickly go and test the waters! However, you’re only allowed to probe for details; don’t take things too far. I have my eyes on you.”

Fu Bainian could only stare at her helplessly. At last, he stood up after Lan Jinyao had urged him. He straightened his suit and then walked over towards the crowd.

This was a high-class restaurant, and since all their guests were wealthy and influential people, it was hard for the security guards who were called over to solve the issue at hand.

When the woman saw that a security guard was reaching out to grab her, she immediately moved away and stood up on the table. Her mini skirt was short to begin with, so as soon as she stood up, her undergarments were exposed. However, she didn’t seem to care at all as she darted looks of hate at the security guard and the waiter. She then fished out a small stack of banknotes from her shoulder bag and threw it on the table.

“The money…I’ve already left it here. If you want it, then take it yourself. Don’t obstruct my way while I’m trying to teach this vixen a lesson.”

The longer Lan Jinyao stared at the scene, the more she felt that something didn’t feel quite right. Even if that person was the real Chen Meimei, there was no need for her to exaggerate that much, right? Chen Meimei’s method of handling things at the later stage wasn’t like this.

She could acutely sense that this kind of scene was like that of a drama’s. It was entirely like a person following a script. She could discern this kind of strange out of sorts act at a glance.

However, as Lan Jinyao was watching, she couldn’t help but change her evaluation from a moment ago.

After Fu Bainian had walked over to that table, he hadn’t uttered a single word. Yet, upon seeing him, that arrogant woman immediately stopped as she stared at him with wide eyes. Then, she abruptly started behaving like a lady and jumped off the table. She pulled a bashful look as she tugged at her skirt and shyly walked over to Fu Bainian.

Lan Jinyao, who was watching from a distance, subconsciously furrowed her brows at this sight.

At this moment, she felt that Fu Bainian’s assumption was probably right. In this world, apart from Chen Meimei, who else’s behaviour would turn 180 degrees within one second upon seeing Fu Bainian?

If that person was indeed Chen Meimei, then things didn’t look so bright. She was currently occupying Chen Meimei’s body, so Chen Meimei would certainly not let her off.

And, what was worse, was the fact that whatever came to mind would sometimes become a reality afterwards.

After casting a bashful look at Fu Bainian, that woman softly said, “Bainian, you’re also having lunch here? Did you come alone? It just so happens that I’m also alone, so we can eat together.”

Then, she noticed the weird looks people were giving her, and she quickly explained, “I’m truly sorry about my behaviour just now, I’ve let you all see such an embarrassing scene. I’m normally a very disciplined person, so I’m sorry for causing such a ruckus today. Today, everyone’s meal is on me!”

As she spoke, she reached into her bag and took out another stack of banknotes.

In the next second, that woman held onto Fu Bainian’s hand and pulled him towards the area where Lan Jinyao was seated.

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