Chapter 19 - Easily Obtaining A Certificate (1)

Chapter 19 - Easily Obtaining A Certificate (1)

There were quite a number of reporters gathered outside the hospital. They all knew that Chen Meimei had been kidnapped and that Fu Bainian had selflessly rushed over to save her.

When the nurse pushed the door open and entered the room, she was greeted with the scene of a man sleeping while a fat woman was crushing him with her body weight. Even in his unconscious state, the man’s brows were tightly creased, seemingly due to the uncomfortableness he was feeling from the pressure.

“Miss, Miss, hurry and get up. If you lay on him like this, the patient will have difficulty breathing.”

Being suddenly awakened, Lan Jinyao rubbed the sleepiness away from her bloodshot eyes and blankly stared at the nurse. “Is he awake yet?”

“Not yet! The doctor said...”

Lan Jinyao’s voice was a little choked as she interrupted, “You won’t tell me that he-he won’t wake up anymore, right?”

The nurse furrowed her perfect brows. “Don’t cry; the doctor said that he'd wake up this afternoon. But, there are a lot of reporters outside, so you might want to go out and accept an interview so that they don’t force their way into the hospital.”

“Oh!” Lan Jinyao responded foolishly.

When she walked out of the hospital, she saw a large number of reporters waiting outside. As soon as the reporters saw her come out, they surrounded her like a swarm of bees and shoved their microphones in front of her.

“Chen Meimei, rumours of your relationship with President Fu of Blue Hall Entertainment are currently being spread all over social media. If I may ask, what’s the truth regarding this? Or, is it all hype designed to promote you as an actor?”

“You were recently kidnapped; can you give us any details about this incident?”

“I heard that President Fu rushed into the fire to save you from being trapped in the building and that he currently remains unconscious. Anyway, do you the two of you have any plans to get engaged?”

“....Chen Meimei, please answer the question!”

The camera flashes were continually blinding Lan Jinyao, causing her to feel a burst of dizziness as if she would collapse in the next second. She hadn’t slept at all last night and was barely able to have a nap at 5 in the morning. Now that her stomach was empty, she was feeling somewhat dizzy.

Then, in the next moment, Lan Jinyao really did collapse.

A bunch of innocent reporters were pinned under her plump body, and pained groans echoed one after another.

Lan Jinyao could only hear a high-pitched buzzing sound in her ears as she lost consciousness.

When Lan Jinyao woke up again, she was lying on a hospital bed that happened to be near Fu Bainian’s. When she opened her eyes, she saw Fu Bainian leaning against the bed head as he stared at her. Seeing that she was slowly waking up, he said, “Chen Meimei, I never would’ve expected that a person like you would have such a maniacal fan. The next time you go out, you need to be careful. It’s best that you bring along a bodyguard or something.”

Lan Jinyao was instantly unhappy when heard Fu Bainian’s statement, so she stood up from the bed and pointed at him. “What do you mean by saying ‘a person like you’?! I only have a little bit of extra flesh! Where is it that I don’t look good or beautiful? On top of that, my acting skills are superb. Most importantly, my sister, who isn’t an arrogant person, has never laughed when she sees me, proving how good she is. Unlike you, a person who always has a cold face!”

Fu Bainian unhurriedly counted off points on his fingers one by one. “A glutton, lazy, bad acting skills, brazen, and a stalker!”

Lan Jinyao was enraged. “Fu Bainian, you’re too much! Just how am I lazy? Where is my acting bad?!”

Fu Bainian faintly added another sentence. “You also love me!”

Lan Jinyao: “...”

Fu Bainian became suspicious. “How come you didn’t refute it this time?”

This woman seemed to have changed a lot since she’d had her car accident. Before, he used to see her trailing behind him as she chased him; even going so far that he had to keep on saying that he didn’t like her every day. Recently, he’d thought that her temper had changed.

Unexpectedly, Lan Jinyao sternly looked at him. “Fu Bainian, the woman that you like, has already died. If...and I mean if, I become outstanding, and at least no longer a fatty, would you like me?”

Fu Bainian was silent for a good while.

Time seemed to freeze as Lan Jinyao stared fixedly at him without blinking while waiting for his answer.

“Chen Meimei!” Fu Bainian said when he eventually opened his mouth.

“After we’re discharged from the hospital, let’s go and get a marriage certificate!”

His tone was extraordinarily light and careless like he was inviting her to a meal.

Then, Lan Jinyao smiled. “Ok!”

Her smile was forcibly relaxed though.

This was because while Fu Bainian had said, ‘let’s go and get a marriage certificate’ he’d avoided answering whether he would like her or not. In fact, it wasn’t until she’d asked this question that Lan Jinyao realised how stupid it was. This man had emphasised countless times that he would never like her. He wasn’t interested in her now, and he wouldn’t be interested in her in the future.

She knew that he’d emphasised all of this to the previous Chen Meimei, but she hadn’t expected that the results would still be the same.

When Fu Bainian noticed Chen Meimei’s silence, an idea popped into his mind, and he asked, “Do you have someone that you like?”

Lan Jinyao laughed. “No. I’m waiting for the fat woman’s counter attack. In the future, there’ll be a large number of handsome men following behind me. Ha ha that time, I’ll form a group that’ll be full of men that are better than you.”

Fu Bainian heaved a sigh. “Then, I wish you success with your counter attack. When that happens, I’ll let you go free.”

“Good!” she replied.

For the first time in her life, she was moved by one person. But, before she could even say such a simple word as ‘like’, the feelings died prematurely. It seemed that her road to love was bound to be a rough journey.

In the afternoon, Fu Bainian’s Assistant rushed to the hospital with a large stack of documents that needed to be signed. When he saw that Lan Jinyao was sitting by Fu Bainian’s bedside as she sliced an apple, he was dumbfounded.

It turned out that his Boss wasn’t joking, and that the top seat really was going to be occupied by the fatty Chen Meimei. However, he’d previously managed to offended her countless times! It looked like his future was now in jeopardy?!

Qian Ran put the documents down on the table with a grimace before he noticed something that would make his current task all the more difficult. Blue Hall Entertainment’s important President had his essential right hand wrapped tightly with gauze. With a glance, Qian Ran knew that his Boss couldn’t move it.

“Boss, these documents need to be signed, but your hand…”

Fu Bainian’s well-manicured index finger of his left hand pointed at Chen Meimei, who was currently concentrating on cutting up apples. “Isn’t there still her? Chen Meimei, stop cutting up apples and come over here.”

An hour later, Lan Jinyao massaged her sore arm as she watched the Assistant, Qian Ran, leaving with a broad smile plastered on his face as he held a stack of signed documents. At that moment, she felt a sinful capitalist had enslaved her.

She angrily stressed, “I’m an actress, yet you made me flip through all those documents for you. My hand is so sore that it’s painful just lifting it. This behaviour of yours is an insult to a genuine actor!”

Fu Bainian indifferently swept a glance over her, then slightly parted his thin lips to say, “Yes, you’re an actress, but you’re an employee of Blue Hall Entertainment first. So, you have to share your Boss’s burdens!”

This was clearly a fallacious argument, alright?!

Although Lan Jinyao had instantly calmed down, she still tried to bargain with Fu Bainian as she pointed to his arm and said, “You won’t be able to use your hand for a while, so I’ll help you with your documents. As a reward, you have to give me a role!”

“Don’t forget; it was you that caused my hand to be injured!”

Lan Jinyao: “...”

“Fine, it was because of me, but I need this role. It’s not an important role; just a supporting role!”

Fu Bainian compassionately asked, “Which drama?”

“A Thousand Years Of Tears!”

Fu Bainian silently stared at her for a few minutes before he suddenly asked, “Why are you choosing that one?”

Lan Jinyao wanted to say that it was because Shen Wei’an was acting in this drama and that furthermore, she was the female lead.

However, she ultimately answered, “I just like it!”

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