Chapter 180 - Acting Warm and Gentle (1)

Over the next few days, Lan Jinyao only lay in bed all day. If she continued like this, she’d turn into a corpse soon. She could obviously get out of bed and move, but Jiang Cheng kept insisting that she was not fully recovered yet, so he didn’t allow her to get up.

When Li Qi and Xiaolin came to pay her a visit, Jiang Cheng stayed in the room and watched them from the side. When they talked about work-related things, Jiang Cheng would say that she was a patient and needed to rest, so they shouldn’t talk about work. But, even when they talked about personal matters, Jiang Cheng remained there, with no intention to leave, and made it hard for them to speak openly.

Soon after, she was finally discharged from the hospital. On their way home, Jiang Cheng smiled at her and said, “Let’s go to my house! You’re gonna love the interior design.”

Jiang Cheng’s mood seemed to be particularly good as he was smiling from ear to ear.

As Lan Jinyao stared at his smiling expression, the melancholy in her eyes increased by the minute, and she couldn’t help but angrily respond with a high-pitched voice, “How do you know that I’ll like it? Jiang Cheng, even if it’s interior design, you must’ve selected it according to Chen Meimei’s preferences, right? You don’t know anything about me, so why would you think that I’m going to like it? I’m telling you, if I ever set foot in your home, I’ll suffocate.”

She stared into Jiang Cheng’s eyes and slowly said, “I’ll feel...disgusted!”

When Lan Jinyao saw the excessively gentle smile gradually turn cold, she felt a burst of joy bubble up in her heart. As long as she could make him angry, she’d feel happy.

Jiang Cheng’s expression was icy as he said through gritted teeth, “You’ll feel disgusted? You’ll suffocate? But, what can you do about it? Do you have any right to choose now? You have to go even if you don’t want to. The moment you and Fu Bainian signed the divorce papers you were left with nothing. Do you understand?”

Upon hearing this, Lan Jinyao’s complexion paled. Her breath was caught in her throat, and she no longer said a word.

“You’re angry? Even if you are, you have to come home with me! Let’s go back to the home that belongs to the two of us!”

Jiang Cheng practically dragged her into the car.

He was using quite a bit of strength, so Lan Jinyao’s arm turned red and started to hurt; she couldn’t help but frown from the pain.

“You’re hurting me! Let go! Jiang Cheng, let me tell you, I’ll go back with you because as you’ve said, I have no other choice now. But, that cold place of yours will never be a place I’ll call home, never!”

In the end, Lan Jinyao sat in the back seat with a cold look on her face. Jiang Cheng had initially wanted her to sit in the front passenger seat, but she’d replied, “I’m afraid of being hit by a car,” effectively rendering him speechless.

If one committed too many wicked deeds, they’d surely be punished by the Heavens; just like Shen Wei’an.

An hour later, Lan Jinyao arrived at Jiang Cheng’s place. When she stepped in and saw the design, she was quite surprised. It was hard to imagine that a man like Jiang Cheng would like this kind of extravagant decor. The overall tone of the manor was very bright in colour, and the design was similar to that of a European castle. There was also a greenhouse filled with colourful flower beds, a beautiful garden fountain, and a swing.

It was indeed beautiful, but this kind of design was never one she’d liked. In her eyes, all of this seemed to be covered with frost, exuding a cold air. No, to be precise, this place wasn’t habitable; it was too spacious and desolate.

Lan Jinyao’s silence, on the other hand, was completely misunderstood by Jiang Cheng. He looked surprised as he asked, “You like it a lot, right? I just knew that you’d like it because I’ve seen the talk show that you recorded before. You said that you loved this kind of design and that when you had money in the future, you’d decorate your home like this.”

Jiang Cheng talked non-stop, but Lan Jinyao only listened until the ‘talk show’ part before she fell in a trance.

After thinking about it for a while, Lan Jinyao suddenly remembered that it was an interview she’d attended before her death. Back then, her company had arranged everything in advance, and there was no need for her to answer any difficult questions while recording the program. She did say a thing or two about her future, but that was all in the past. The current her no longer had those romantic and princess-like thoughts. Being practical in life was more than enough. She just wanted to be with her loved one, and it was enough to live in a small house as long as they were together.

However, that was a very old program. Jiang Cheng must’ve recently asked one of his subordinates to look for the backup data so he could watch it.

Thinking up to this point, Lan Jinyao coldly said, “Jiang Cheng, did you know? That program was from a long time ago. So, no matter if it’s their mentality or preferences, people will always change over time. In this world, there has never been anyone who’s stayed the same.”

“Really? I didn’t know this, because my preferences have never changed. The one I like has always been you!” Jiang Cheng’s lips slightly curled up as he said this, and there was a look of infatuation in his eyes.

Lan Jinyao scoffed. “Really? What about Chen Meimei then? She’s looking at you from above!”

As for supernatural beings, if one believed in them, then they existed. Otherwise, they didn’t. Lan Jinyao was the latter. She wasn’t superstitious; she just wanted to make Jiang Cheng feel uncomfortable. But, to her surprise, Jiang Cheng actually looked up and stared at the sky.

Lan Jinyao tightly frowned and asked, “Did you see...Chen Meimei?”

Jiang Cheng smiled brightly and responded, “Yes, I’ve seen her, and she was smiling at me as she gave us her blessings.”

Lan Jinyao suddenly realised that she’d been tricked by him, so she looked away angrily and made her way towards the manor. She didn’t want to stay with that man for even a second.

“You’re angry again? Anger is bad for your health, and it will easily leave wrinkles behind. For the sake of your youth, you need to smile more.”

Lan Jinyao then angrily responded, “Would you be able to laugh while facing your enemy? Would you be able to laugh when you’re not feeling well?”

As soon as her words fell, she walked into the manor. The decorations in the living room were also very bright. It was so bright that it reminded her of the darkness concealed in Jiang Cheng’s heart.

After looking around for a while, Lan Jinyao suddenly asked, “Which room is yours?”

In response, Jiang Cheng pointed towards the first room upstairs. Thus, Lan Jinyao pointed towards the last room on the ground floor, and said, “I’ll take that room!”

Seeing this, Jiang Cheng immediately smiled happily.


Lan Jinyao strode over and then noticed that Jiang Cheng’s bedroom was actually right next to hers. She had just slightly opened the door, yet she could already see things in there. This didn’t look like an empty room at all.

She’d been tricked once again. Without another word, she shoved the door open and walked in before closing the door behind her with a loud bang, blocking Jiang Cheng from following.

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