Chapter 179 - A Little More Ruthless (3)

Chapter 179 - A Little More Ruthless (3)

“How did that happen? It must be this man’s doing, right?” Fu Bainian asked angrily and, in the next second, he landed a punch on Jiang Cheng’s face.

An ‘oomph’ echoed in the quiet ward, and Lan Jinyao’s eyes instantly widened upon witnessing this scene. She’d seemingly seen a trace of darkness flash in Jiang Cheng’s eyes, so she quickly sat up and screamed, “Stop it, that’s enough! Fu Bainian, don’t be like this!” soon as Jiang Cheng gave the signal, Fu Bainian would lose his life.

Unfortunately, Fu Bainian wasn’t aware of this, and he couldn’t see the danger lurking in the dark.

Fu Bainian stopped and stared at her with a grief-stricken look in his eyes as he said, “Enough? How can this be enough?! I want to kill him!”

“Our child...I was the one who aborted it because I don’t love you anymore and I don’t want it to tie me down.”

When she said these words Lan Jinyao tried to restrain her fluctuating emotions, but the rims of her eyes were, nevertheless, red. All these sins were Jiang Cheng’s, but she had to bear the retribution of his wrongdoings. Their hatred ran too deep, and there was no way back. Lan Jinyao thought: She was going to drag Jiang Cheng to hell with her! In any case, this life was bestowed to her by the Heavens.

As soon as her words fell, Fu Bainian incredulously asked, “What did you say?”

Jiang Cheng became somewhat impatient and said, “Fu Bainian, I’m the one who Meimei loves, so she won’t be happy if she remains with you. You better let her go! Besides, Meimei is a patient; she needs to rest now. If you want to talk to her, please come back tomorrow. After signing this document, you should get the hell out of here!”

“I want to hear her say it herself!”

Fu Bainian’s gaze was firmly locked on Lan Jinyao, but Lan Jinyao seemingly didn’t dare to look him in the eyes.

Jiang Cheng then resolutely said, “All that I’ve said earlier are her exact words. Meimei, you can tell him yourself!”

Tears continuously rolled down Lan Jinyao’s face as she roared, “After signing the divorce papers, get out of here! Don’t stay here and be an eyesore; I don’t want to see you right now!”

After hearing her words, Fu Bainian didn’t show any anger. He just indifferently said, “Okay, I’ll sign it!”

At this moment, Lan Jinyao felt like she’d seen something in Fu Bainian’s eyes, yet it was too vague for her to be sure.

She subconsciously retracted her gaze as she didn’t dare to look Fu Bainian in the eyes. Jiang Cheng was wrong; she wasn’t a good actress. A good actress would, even in the face of her closest relatives, be able to act with great ease. Unfortunately, she couldn't. If she looked at Fu Bainian, her gaze would betray her inner feelings and thoughts.

After signing the divorce papers, Fu Bainian turned and left; he didn’t even look at the contents before signing it. Well, that was to be expected. In fact, it was stated in them that Lan Jinyao didn’t want anything as alimony. This was what others called ‘to leave a marriage with nothing’.

Jiang Cheng looked at the signed divorce papers in his hand and laughed happily. “Meimei, did you see that? He didn’t even fight and directly gave up on you. It looks like he didn’t love you as much as you thought! To think that he’d let you leave with nothing. I’ll take care of you from now on. I won’t let go of your hands no matter what happens in the future. Even if we get divorced, I’ll give you all of my property.”

Lan Jinyao lay down again and shut her eyes, ignoring Jiang Cheng, who’d seemingly gone mad.

In fact, she wondered why Fu Bainian had signed the divorce papers in such a resolute and decisive manner, and why he’d given up on her so easily. Could it be that he didn’t love her anymore? As soon as this thought flashed in her mind, she denied this possibility. This couldn’t be the case, because his expression told her otherwise. Aside from the pain-stricken look at the beginning, his appearance had remained calm and composed the entire time.

“I’ll go out for a bit. You should take a good rest; I’ll bring you dinner later.”

After saying this, Jiang Cheng grabbed the divorce papers and left the room.


Lan Jinyao wasn’t feeling well, so she merely laid in bed and didn’t want to move. When Jiang Cheng spoke to her, it seemed as if she hadn’t heard him. There was no response from her, and she kept her eyes shut the entire time; there wasn’t even the slightest bit of movement.

In the evening, Lan Jinyao developed a fever. Although her entire body was boiling, like she was on fire, she still didn’t say a word nor did she frown in pain. It was only when the nurse came to take her temperature that she found out that she had a high fever.

The nurse was in the middle of giving her an injection when Jiang Cheng came back. He quickly put the food he bought on the cupboard next to the bed, and then nervously asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you giving her an injection?”

The nurse impatiently answered, “The patient has a high fever. How can the fever lower without an injection? Even though she’s feverish, she hadn’t said a word about it and didn’t cooperate with the treatment. You’re the one in charge, yet you didn’t know that she was suffering from a high fever. If you want her to recover and healthily leave the hospital, then keep a better eye on her! The patient is currently in a fragile state.”

Jiang Cheng put on a humble front as he listened to her advice and said, “I’ll take note of this in the future.”

After the nurse had left, Jiang Cheng sat down on the chair next to the bed and looked at her anxiously. He sounded extremely worried as he asked, “How come you suddenly became ill? Is it because you went through too many things in the past few days and overly exhausted yourself?”

When Lan Jinyao heard his words, she quietly clenched her hands into fists underneath the blanket. How she wished that she could just kill this man right then and there.

Jiang Cheng, on the other hand, still acted like a gentleman and hypocritically smiled as he added, “I’m sorry, this is all my fault…I’ve made you suffer. But, there was nothing else I could do, and I had no other choice because I really wanted to snatch you away from Fu Bainian’s side. Do you understand?”

Lan Jinyao tightly pursed her lips and insisted on not uttering a single word.

“You won’t understand, and I know that you’ll never forgive me. But, even so, I want you to be with me. Even if we are to go to hell, I want us to be together.”

This madman! Lan Jinyao was so angry that she almost jumped out of bed.

“You must stay here for a few more days, and then you can be discharged. When the time comes, I’ll take you back to our home. I know that you’re heartbroken now, so I’ll wait and let time heal your wounds. In any case, I believe that time can make you let go of all your hatred.”

Upon hearing this, Lan Jinyao slightly opened her mouth. Her words were hoarse and fierce as she said, “Jiang Cheng, I’ll never forget all the pain that you’ve made me go through. I’ll remember all that you’ve done to me, and one day, I’ll return it to you tenfold.”

“Haha, you’ll never forget, huh? For you to remember me forever is actually a very happy thing.”

Then, Jiang Cheng’s phone suddenly rang. The ringtone made the smile on his face disappear completely, and his expression turned somewhat strange.

Lan Jinyao took note of all this, and noticed that the call had a specific ringtone; it was different from the one used for other numbers.

He picked up his phone and walked out of the room to answer the call.

As she watched his back disappearing from her sight, her lips curled up slowly. Everyone had a weakness, and Jiang Cheng was no exception.

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