Chapter 177 - A Little More Ruthless (1)

Chapter 177 - A Little More Ruthless (1)

“Men nowadays sure are ruthless. To think that he’d be even hurt his own wife. You didn’t see it, but his wife was entirely covered with blood. I heard that she'd been drugged. When she was sent here, her complexion was ashen as if she was on her last breath.”

“I don’t think that person was her husband. How could one be so ruthless?”

In the hospital’s corridor, a group of interns were currently having a heated discussion. Meanwhile, Jiang Cheng was anxiously waiting outside the operating room. When he’d brought Lan Jinyao over, the bloodstains on her skirt were nearly dried already. Her eyes were tightly shut, and she looked very weak as if she was about to breathe her last.

This time, he wouldn’t allow her to die, because he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to find her once she started crossing the river to the afterlife.

That chitter-chatter was really irritating like flies buzzing in his ears; he couldn’t take it anymore and restlessly punched the wall, letting a muffled sound reverberate within the corridor.

Following that, a nurse walked up to him and stiffly said, “This wall is public property of the hospital. Please act more civilized, and don’t behave in such a crude manner. If you damage the wall, as a consequence, you’ll need to pay for it.”

Jiang Cheng retracted his hand and faced the nurse with a darkened expression. “So annoying! Say another word and I wouldn’t mind adding your medical expenses to the bill.”

The nurse quickly trotted away and muttered on her way, “How can such a good-looking man have such a bad temper?”

The other nurses also quieted down immediately.

Jiang Cheng then sat down on a bench and propped up his forehead with his hands. His face was twisted with pain.

“Lan Jinyao, please be alright; nothing must happen to you. The Heavens gave you a second chance to let you live on healthily, so you wouldn’t die, would you?”

At this moment, Lan Jinyao’s pale face suddenly popped up in his mind. The look of disgust and resentment he’d seen before she’d closed her eyes made his heart bleed. However, he couldn’t help it. She should’ve been his, and not off having children with others.

Thinking up to here, the look in his eyes was resolute and sinister.

“Since you already hate me, adding on a bit more hatred won’t matter!” Fu Bainian wasn’t worthy of her at all.

Soon after, the lights in the operating room dimmed and a doctor in a white coat walked out. The doctor then explained, “Her vitality has been greatly damaged, but fortunately, her life isn’t in danger. Let her stay in the hospital for observation and so she can slowly recuperate. Although we’re using the highest grade of medicines for her treatment, there could still be some side effects that might impact future pregnancies.”

Only upon hearing this did a trace of joy appear on Jiang Cheng’s face. “Thank you, Doctor!”

The doctor calmly nodded and then left, heaving a sigh as he murmured, “Young’uns nowadays really don’t know how to cherish themselves. They like to mess around, yet the ones always getting hurt in the end are their own lovers.”

Jiang Cheng thought: If Lan Jinyao were his wife, he’d certainly not torture her like this. It was just that she’d chosen the wrong person to love. However, mistakes could be rectified. Everything that he was doing now was for the sake of helping her correct her mistakes. If he didn’t do so, she’d only become sadder in the future.

Afterwards, the nurses moved Lan Jinyao from the operating room to the general ward, and Jiang Cheng followed behind the stretcher. As his eyes landed on the weak-looking Lan Jinyao, he felt his heart ache for her.

Just as he was about to follow them into the ward, his phone suddenly rang.

“The patient is resting now. If you want to answer the phone, please do so in the hallway!” said the head nurse impatiently.

Jiang Cheng then halted his steps and answered the call.

“If you have something to report, shoot!”

“President Jiang, Fu Bainian has already reported this incident, and the police are now involved in the investigation. Moreover, someone took a picture of you carrying Lan Jinyao into the hospital and posted it online, so Fu Bainian is most likely already on his way there. Do you want to evacuate and move to another hospital?”

Upon hearing this, the corners of Jiang Cheng’s lips slightly curved up.

“He’s right on time. And here I was worried about him not being able to find the hospital. You don’t have to worry about the next steps; I’ll handle things from here onwards.”

So what if Fu Bainian came? He couldn’t take her away anyway.

When Lan Jinyao opened her eyes, she saw Jiang Cheng tightly holding onto her hand and staring at her without blinking. She ferociously retrieved her hand and then slapped him across the face. She’d used quite a lot of strength, so Jiang Cheng’s cheek immediately flushed red with her palm print.

“My my child gone?” Lan Jinyao trembled and asked in a quivering voice. Her baby must be gone. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be in so much pain, and she wouldn’t have shed so much blood.

Jiang Cheng nodded and softly said, “Your child is gone, but the doctor said that your body is fine. If you want to have children in the future, you can still…”

Before he’d managed to finish his sentence, Lan Jinyao’s hand flew towards him again while she yelled, “Jiang Cheng, you made me lose my child; will you still allow me to have a second one? You’re practically deranged! You’re already beyond redemption!”

She’d initially thought that there was still hope and that he could become a better person. This was because he’d left her with such a good impression at the beginning that she’d thought that as long as she stayed away from him, she’d be fine. But, now things had turned out like this instead. If she’d known this earlier, she wouldn’t have let this man approach her, and she wouldn’t have sent a private message to a stranger.

Jiang Cheng chuckled and stared at her like a lunatic as he said, “That’s right, I already knew that I was beyond redemption, so you shouldn’t have believed that I’d change for the better. If only you hadn’t eaten the food that I’d prepared for you, then your child might have survived.”

Jiang Cheng then approached her and added, “Lan Jinyao, Fu Bainian will be here in a minute. Look out the window. I’m currently waiting for him."

Lan Jinyao’s gaze followed the direction Jiang Cheng had pointed in and saw a well-disguised gunman on the roof of the building opposite the hospital. The muzzle of the gun was pointed towards them.

“Haha!” Jiang Cheng was quite pleased with her frightened expression. “As soon as he’s here, the gunman will shoot him in the head. That scene...I feel good just thinking about it. When the time comes, he’ll fall apart like a smashed watermelon; its red juices dripping all over the floor.”

Lan Jinyao’s whole body trembled due to her anger. “Would you dare do that? Jiang Cheng, would you dare? If you do that, you’ll be executed by a firing squad.”

Right, she didn’t have to worry, because Jiang Cheng wouldn’t dare do that. He certainly wouldn’t want to go to prison and stay there for the rest of his life. Besides, this was a hospital, so who’d dare to open fire so blatantly?

Jiang Cheng’s laughter became more sinister by the minute, and he looked at her like he was looking at an idiot.

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