Chapter 173 - Running Away (1)

Chapter 173 - Running Away (1)

Lan Jinyao didn’t do anything, and she didn’t think of anything, she just pulled the aunt aside to the sofa and chatted with her all day.

Speaking of Jiang Cheng’s habits, the taciturn aunt suddenly started talking non-stop. Every detail, small and large, was spilled about his childhood, all the way up to adulthood. Lan Jinyao, on the other hand, just smiled and listened with an earnest look on her face. Sometimes, she’d acknowledge the aunt with a word or two. Seeing her like this, the aunt was pleased.

Afterwards, Lan Jinyao checked the time and saw that it was already around 4:30 PM. She estimated that Jiang Cheng would be back soon, so she inadvertently asked, “Auntie, it looks like you’re really good towards Jiang Cheng.”

“I was the one who brought up Young Master, so how can I not be good towards him? Speaking of which, Young Master is like a godson to me! He also knows how to show his filial piety. It’s just that, sometimes, his temper isn’t so good,” the aunt had a proud look on her face as she said these words.

Lan Jinyao pondered for a second and then suddenly said, “You think that Jiang Cheng is good and filial towards you? I don’t think so. If he were truly good to you, then he wouldn’t lock you up in here with me. He’s basically restricting your freedom!”

As soon as the aunt heard bad words about Jiang Cheng, she became unhappy and stiffly said, “You’re talking nonsense! Young Master has always treated me well. Of course, I can also go in and out of this place as I please; you’re the only one who’s locked up.”

After a while, the aunt realised that Lan Jinyao was fishing for information, so she quickly got up from the sofa and went back to work.

Lan Jinyao followed her and asked with a smile on her face, “Auntie, why aren’t you talking anymore?”

The aunt coldly humphed and made up her mind to ignore her. Lan Jinyao followed her for a while but still didn’t get any reaction in return, so she gave up and left the aunt alone.

She walked back to the bedroom and stared out the window. This island wasn’t very far from the mainland. If she set sail, she’d be there in about half an hour. If Jiang Cheng finished work at five o’clock, then he’d arrive here around six. She had approximately an hour left, so she had to quickly figure out the surroundings and her current location.

Even if she managed to escape, she couldn’t just swim ashore with her current weak state as she wouldn’t make it. Not to mention, she was pregnant; her child wouldn’t be able to withstand the water’s icy temperatures. In fact, the island was huge; there were still a lot of undeveloped areas, as well as a forest. If she fled to the forest, Jiang Cheng might not be able to find her so soon because, aside from her, there were only two people left on the island; Jiang Cheng and the aunt.

The main issue was, how could she get ahold of the aunt’s fingerprints?

But, those questions she’d asked earlier had already aroused the aunt’s suspicions, so she wouldn’t be able to obtain the fingerprints so easily.

After observing her surroundings, Lan Jinyao ascertained that this was indeed the same island. Moreover, this was the same house she’d stayed in before. If only she’d woken up at night, then maybe she could’ve been saved by the crew. However, she’d been in a coma, and now everyone had already left.

Lan Jinyao sighed with chagrin and lay down on the bed. Typically, when she was resting at home, she’d be too lazy to move around and would take a nap for an hour or two at noon every day. Not to mention, as soon as she’d finished shooting the movie, she was kidnapped by Jiang Cheng and held captive here, so she hadn’t managed to have a good rest at all. Her body seemingly couldn’t take it anymore, and it was on the verge of breaking down. Not long after closing her eyes, she fell asleep.

When she woke up again, it was already past ten o’clock in the evening. Jiang Cheng was about to exit the bedroom, so as soon as Lan Jinyao opened her eyes, she saw the view of his back and she subconsciously closed her eyes again. Before Jiang Cheng closed the door, he turned around and took one last glance at her with a slight smile tugging at his lips.

Only after the door was closed did Lan Jinyao dare to open her eyes.

She must act tonight. She couldn’t wait any longer.

To prevent herself from falling asleep again, Lan Jinyao quickly sat up and leaned against the bedhead, quietly staring at a particular spot as she thought. When Jiang Cheng fell asleep later, she’d sneak into the aunt’s room to get her fingerprints. But, seniors were usually light sleepers, so she had to be extra careful.

The sky was dark, and there was the sound of waves beating against the rocks. In the house shrouded by darkness, Lan Jinyao was slowly on the move.

She was walking barefoot on the wooden floorboards, so there was no sound as she moved along the corridors.

Soon after, she found the aunt’s room. She held back her smile, gently turned the doorknob, and then lightly tiptoed her way in.

The aunt was currently sleeping serenely, but luckily, one of her hands was stuck out of her blanket, so Lan Jinyao easily got her fingerprints. As soon as she did, she instantly wore her shoes and ran outside. It was currently pitch black, but fortunately, she didn’t have night blindness. Lan Jinyao thought as she ran.

Her phone was confiscated, and her bag was gone, so she currently had nothing with her. On her way out, Lan Jinyao suddenly recalled that the aunt had an old CDMA phone, but she didn’t know where the aunt had put it. She halted her steps and glanced back at the house behind her. In the end, she gritted her teeth and decided not to go back.

She ran to the undeveloped area, where the vast forest was located. It shouldn’t be any problem to hide here until Fu Bainian came to her rescue.

Lan Jinyao thought: Fu Bainian was quick-witted, so he must surely know that, on this grand island, there was bound to be a place that she could hide in!

At last, she ran into the forest and sat down under a tree surrounded by insects. There wouldn’t be any snakes here, right? At this thought, she started to feel a bit worried.

Well, she only hoped to get through this thrilling night without any mishaps. When the first ray of sunshine shone on her face, she opened her eyes and cautiously examined her surrounding. By this time, Jiang Cheng must’ve already found out that she was missing.

There were no movements around her. At eight o’clock, a boat would come to pick up Jiang Cheng. But, it was impossible for her to board that one because on the one hand, she couldn’t sail, and on the other hand, Jiang Cheng knew that she’d fled and might’ve left a boat there as bait. Who knows how long Jiang Cheng would wait for her there, so she couldn’t fall for any of his traps.

Fu Bainian, quickly come and save me! She continuously called out to Fu Bainian in her heart.

At this time, however, Jiang Cheng was closing in on her as he advanced in the forest. As he stared at the grass that had been trampled on the ground, a corner of his mouth curled up into an enigmatic smile.

“Chen Meimei, you won’t be able to run away. Aside from me, no one can get off this island.”

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