Chapter 17 - Kidnapped (1)

Chapter 17 - Kidnapped (1)

After airing, Chen Meimei’s first TV drama was actually pretty well-received. It wasn’t as popular as the ones that Lan Jinyao had picked before, but as a show with only unknown actors, it performed well in the ratings. At least, Lan Jinyao was pretty satisfied.

There were even people who praised her for her acting on her Weibo, even though the fans might not really understand the art.

However, while Lan Jinyao was giggling at her cell phone, two serious things happened.

The first was that their show’s lead actress was rumoured to have entered a hotel with a married businessman. Then, there was the news of a group of actors being caught using drugs in a police crackdown. One of those actors was their lead actor. The two leads were the face of their drama, but now both were now in trouble. It would be difficult for their drama to survive.

In only a day, all the websites streaming the drama had taken it down.

Once again, Chen Meimei’s Weibo was overwhelmed. Everyone was saying that both the leads were doomed and that she as the supporting actress had to hold on tight.

Some also said that the drama was cursed as the cast and crew must’ve forgotten to pray in a temple before production started. The deities were now unhappy.

Just as Lan Jinyao thought that this might be the lowest point so far, another thing happened - she was kidnapped.

The drama had had a decent viewership, and Lan Jinyao had gained a fair number of fans. Unfortunately, she'd never expected one of her fans to be a deranged stalker. On her way to the supermarket, a van suddenly drove up to her. When she was about to be hit by the van, someone grabbed her from behind and covered her nose before she could turn around, and she was dragged onto the van.

Night fell, and more people started wandering about on the streets. However, no one noticed the hairpin lying crushed by the wheels of a van on the road.

When Lan Jinyao came to, she was already in a foreign place. The room’s decor was cute; like a room for a princess. She was lying on a bed covered in a Hello Kitty print, her hands were tied to the bedposts behind her, and her kidnapper had very kindly covered her with a blanket.

It was the first time that she’d encountered something like this. She looked around in a panic and realised that she was alone. Since she didn’t know when her kidnapper would return she had to come up with something quickly.

Just then, a ringtone shattered the quietness blanketing the room. Her phone!

She looked around and finally spotted her phone; it was on the floor behind the cabinet. It seemed like the kidnapper had dropped it when he’d carried her here.

Good. She still had her phone!

She tried to break out of the restraints and realised that the ropes weren’t tied that tightly around her wrists. She strained her muscles as she tugged as hard as she could until the knots unravelled.

“This kidnapper is so careless!” It didn’t appear to be a professional at all.

The first thing she did was pick up her phone. Unfortunately, the next thing she did was something that she would regret for a very long time. She didn’t call the police. Instead, she called Fu Bainian; the man that always seemed to have nothing to do immediately answered.

“Chen Meimei, did you die or something? I’ve been looking for you all afternoon. You’re not at the company, and you’re not at home. Where the hell did you go?”

Fu Bainian’s voice was low and terrifying. Ignoring him, Lan Jinyao immediately said, “Help me, Fu Bainian! I was - ” Kidnapped!

Before she could finish, her phone was snatched away. Lan Jinyao stared at the man in a clown mask and felt like crying.

She’d almost said it! This man had come at precisely the wrong time!

Lan Jinyao knelt on the floor and held her hands behind her head without a word.

The man walked up to the window and threw the cell phone out of it. “I brought you here,” he croaked. “You can’t escape.”

Lan Jinyao glared at him. “I called the police before you came here! You better let me go. Otherwise...”

The man walked to her side and suddenly picked her up before placing her back on the bed. She couldn’t see his face, but she could hear his laughter; it sounded like a sneer. “It doesn’t matter if you called the police. They won’t be able to find this place.”

“What the hell did you bring me here for? I don’t have any money on me, and I-I’m not good-looking. I’m not fit. What exactly do you want?”

What she saw next reminded her of the distorted smiles crazy killers from horror movies would give.

The man climbed onto the bed and sat as next to her as he gently tied her up again. After that, he lay his head on Lan Jinyao’s shoulder and quietly said, “I don’t want to do anything, and I’m not going to hurt you; I just want to be with you. I want to stay by your side.”

“I’ve been in love with you for a long time...a lifetime even. But, now that you have so many fans what am I to you? You used to reply to my letters to you, but now you never pay me any attention.”

The man’s gravelly voice tickled her ear as his warm breaths caressed her neck. Lan Jinyao was going to break down any second, but the man lying on her shoulder had stopped moving. He’d even closed his eyes.

Fu Bainian, please notice that I’ve disappeared soon and bring the police to rescue me! She kept praying in her mind. However, Fu Bainian didn’t seem to have heard her prayers; it was eleven PM, and he still hadn’t appeared. When her stomach started gurgling, it woke the man and caused him to sat up straight.

Then he laughed!

“You’re hungry. I’ll make you a nice dinner. Once we have a good meal in us, we’ll hit the road. Then, we can be together forever and ever.”

Lan Jinyao widened her eyes and stared at the clown mask in horror. “What-what do you mean by hit the road? Where are you taking me?” Could he mean the afterlife?!

The man didn’t answer her. Instead, he turned around and left the room.

Lan Jinyao lay back down on the bed, her eyes unfocused.

She had died once already; she didn’t want to die again. She just wanted to live a good life. Dying was terrifying; it really wasn’t something that she wanted to experience again.

Lan Jinyao became increasingly devastated the more she thought about it. As she was reduced to a sobbing mess, the sheets became stained by her snot and tears.

Dear Fu Bainian, dear police, come to my rescue already! This psycho is going to kill me soon. Tomorrow, the only thing you’ll find is my body!!

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