Chapter 168 - Kidnapped Again (5)

Chapter 168 - Kidnapped Again (5)

During the break, Jiang Cheng walked over to Lan Jinyao’s side and faintly said, “Your performance was quite good!” His words didn’t sound like he was sincerely praising her. It seemed as if he’d just casually said that to strike up a conversation.

Lan Jinyao sat in her chair, drinking water, and turned a deaf ear to his words.

She’d thought that as long as she ignored him, he’d eventually get tired of it and silently leave. Obviously, she’d thought too much as Jiang Cheng was much more tenacious than she’d expected.

After a moment of silence, Jiang Cheng finally spoke, “What had happened that day, I can explain... The things that Yin Yun said back then aren’t true.”

Lan Jinyao snorted inwardly when she heard this. What Yin Yun said wasn’t the truth? What was the truth then? She wouldn’t believe that woman, but she believed in Fu Bainian’s words. After all, the only person she could trust in this world was him.

When Jiang Cheng saw her not say anything, he continued, “It could be that President Fu has misunderstood me. I was actually here at that time; I wasn’t abroad.”

Lan Jinyao finally couldn’t bear with it any longer and said, “Does it matter whether you were abroad at that time? If you truly wanted to take action against Fu Bainian, you could just ask someone else to do the dirty work for you.”

She honestly couldn’t understand why this man kept bothering her repeatedly.

Based on his status alone, whatever woman he wanted he could get. What woman would refuse him? Out of all the women out there, he just had to pester, the person he was stalking was Chen Meimei. What exactly did he want?

Jiang Cheng was reprimanded by her, yet he smiled at her and said, “You’re finally willing to talk to me.”

Lan Jinyao helplessly sighed at this point. Jiang Cheng was like a rubber band; if she pushed him, he’d bounce back and eventually hurt her instead.

“I think I need to have a good talk with President Fu. He’s really misunderstood me this time. I never wanted to rob him of anything; I was definitely set up by someone.”

Upon hearing this, Lan Jinyao’s expression suddenly turned cold. Even now, he was still making up excuses. There was undeniable evidence, yet he was still trying to talk his way out of things. If he didn’t want to fight with Fu Bainian, then why did he do that? He was truly shameless.

Lan Jinyao felt that her current expression was so icy that it could freeze Jiang Cheng to death, yet he was still smiling at her, making it seem as if he hadn’t felt her anger at all.

“I swear that everything I’m saying right now is the truth. I really don’t want to take anything away from President Fu, except for one thing, and that If President Fu wants something else, I can give it all to him. I can fill in the loopholes and damage to his properties because as long as he says so, I’ll comply. However, as you can see, he just won’t say it anything because he doesn’t want to let go of your hand.”

Lan Jinyao retorted, “I’m not an object; I have my own mind and freedom. I don’t belong to anyone, I only belong to myself. As for Fu Bainian, I love him, so I want to be with him for the rest of my life. That’s why I let him stay in my life.”

Lan Jinyao realised that when she finished saying this, Jiang Cheng’s expression had abruptly darkened.

“Really? However, I won’t allow it. You’re supposed to be mine.”

At this moment, there was a chilly look in Jiang Cheng’s eyes, and this sight frightened Jinyao. When she thought that Jiang Cheng might do something to her, her heart was flooded with fear.

Later, it was Li Qi’s sudden appearance that made her inner fear disappear in an instant.

“Meimei, what are you talking about with President Jiang? Shooting is about to start again.”

Hearing this, Lan Jinyao quickly shook her head and replied, “It’s nothing.”

Soon after, shooting started, and Lan Jinyao got into character rather quickly. However, Jiang Cheng’s ferocious expression was imprinted in her mind, so she didn’t feel at peace.

In the evening, when Lan Jinyao returned to her room, she saw that Fu Bainian was still working. He also massaged the areas around his eyes with his tired hand as if that could help him feel a bit more relaxed.

“Exhausted?” Lan Jinyao quickly walked over to his side and massaged his shoulders.

Fu Bainian smiled at her, then took her hands off his shoulders and pulled her into an embrace.

“I’m not tired.”

When Lan Jinyao saw him like this, she felt her heart ache.

“How about you go back first. You don’t have to stay here with me, I’ll be fine. Besides, both Li Qi and Xiaolin are here with me. Chen Zetao is also not a stranger, so you really don’t have to worry.”

When she didn’t mention Chen Zetao, things were still okay. But, as soon as she mentioned him, Fu Bainian’s expression turned sour. “Don’t forget that the person who Chen Zetao likes is Chen Meimei. He’s truly in love with Meimei. Even when she was fat back then, he didn’t mind at all. It was just that he never mentioned anything.”

If Jiang Cheng was his number one opponent whom he had to guard against at all times, then Chen Zetao was the second one, and all the more he couldn’t let his guard down.

“Stop! You only know how to get jealous. The person Chen Zetao likes is Chen Meimei, not me. What’s more, he already liked her when she was a fatty. Tsk, look at you, you only look at outward appearances.”

Fu Bainian was speechless. “I don’t care about outward appearances. It’s just that I already had someone in my heart at that time.”

He’d had that woman in his heart for a very long time. His love for her had taken deep roots and sprouted into a towering tree, so no matter how charming and outstanding another woman was, he didn’t care at all.

Upon hearing this, Lan Jinyao’s cheeks flushed. “I know, that person is me; you don’t have to stress it again.”

“You’re quite narcissistic; I didn’t say that it’s you.”

“You dare to think about other women? See how I’ll sort you out later.”

Lan Jinyao was about to grab Fu Bainian’s neck, but he quickly dodged her, and the two of them slumped down on the bed.

“You still dare to dodge, hurry up and spill the beans. Aside from me, who else do you have in your heart? If you don’t confess today, you’re not allowed to sleep on the bed!”

Fu Bainian hurriedly confessed. “Alright, I’ll confess, there’s no one but you. Be careful not to hurt our baby.”

“You only care about our baby! You ought to be careful lest I run away with our baby!” Lan Jinyao wasn’t happy and pouted.

Fu Bainian hugged her tightly and determinedly said, “You won’t be able to get away from me.”

The frolicking atmosphere was particularly lively in the room. Meanwhile, there was a pair of gloomy eyes staring straight at them, outside the room.

Fu Bainian seemed to have noticed something and quickly sat up from the bed. He then made sure that Lan Jinyao was sitting properly before he walked to the window and peered out.

The sky was dark and obscure, but there was nothing there to be seen. There was only the sound of waves crashing on the beach.

“What’s the matter?” asked Lan Jinyao.

Fu Bainian shook his head and said, “Nothing much, it was just a seabird.”

However, his mood turned particularly heavy.

Tomorrow, the last scene would be shot. There shouldn’t be any problems!

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