Chapter 167 - Kidnapped Again (4)

Chapter 167 - Kidnapped Again (4)

When Fu Bainian came to visit the set, Lan Jinyao had initially thought that he’d become furious upon seeing Jiang Cheng on the island. She even took the trouble to think about how to persuade him afterwards, but Fu Bainian’s reaction was beyond her expectations.

Fu Bainian arrived in the evening. At that time, she was about to shoot a night scene. The cruise ship neared the island. When it docked, Chun Xiang and a group of fishermen boarded the ship to check on the situation.

Just as she was about to board the ship, Lan Jinyao saw Fu Bainian arrive. He’d donned a black suit and stood beside a staff member, staring at her with a burning gaze. Their eyes met and locked for a short while before she retracted her gaze and shifted her line of sight to the side, where Jiang Cheng was standing behind one of the staff members.

Both men were very tall, and they stood out from the crowd.

Lan Jinyao was sweating in her heart at this point, but she feigned nonchalance and moved her gaze away. She then followed the crowd and boarded the cruise ship. There were no lights on the cruise ship, so they had to wait on the master electrician to adjust the lighting. Lan Jinyao pretended to be scared of the dark and approached the man...

After finishing the scene, Lan Jinyao ran to Fu Bainian’s side and asked, “How was my performance earlier?”

Although the smile on her face was radiant, her heart was filled with anxiety. The two men had now run into each other. If something were to happen, then things wouldn’t end well.

“It was great! Our Meimei is the best!” Fu Bainian went along and praised her.

Lan Jinyao scowled at his words and retorted, “That was so fake! Is it really that hard for you to praise someone? With just one glance, one could discern that your words were false praises.”

Fu Bainian gently pinched her nose, and then said, “What I’ve just said are my heartfelt words. In my heart, only you deserve the title of Movie Goddess.”

Upon hearing this, Lan Jinyao laughed and threw herself into Fu Bainian’s embrace.

Under the dim light of the night, the couple was very much in sync as they displayed their affection in front of the entire crew. It was as if they were deliberately showing off to a certain person. Following that, the couple walked towards their room hand in hand under the envious gazes of many.

Lan Jinyao was staying on the second floor. This house had many guest rooms, so it was the perfect place for hosting parties. After entering the house, Lan Jinyao brought Fu Bainian to her room. She’d just arrived today, so her luggage was in a complete mess after she’d rummaged through it. Everything was all stacked up on the bed.

Fu Bainian’s mouth twitched at this sight, and he disdainfully said, “How messy!”

Lan Jinyao revealed an awkward smile and sheepishly said, “I just arrived today and started filming right away, so I didn’t manage to organise my things yet. I guarantee that others won't see this sight, nor will it be photographed by reporters. In short, I won’t make you lose face.”

Then, Jiang Cheng’s face suddenly popped in her mind, so she quietly probed, “When you were on set earlier, did you see a particularly annoying person?”

A particularly annoying person...she must be referring to Jiang Cheng.

Fu Bainian’s eyes were fixated on her for a while before he withdrew his gaze and nodded. “I did see one.”

Hearing this, she hurriedly explained, “I really didn’t know that this island belonged to Jiang Cheng. I-if I’d known…”

“If you’d known, then what? Would you have declined the role?” asked Fu Bainian with a raised eyebrow, somewhat amused.

Lan Jinyao remained silent for a while before nodding and saying through gritted teeth, “That’s right! If I‘d known, then I wouldn’t have come here.”

“Haha! Alright, you’re already here, so don’t start overthinking things,” Fu Bainian gently laughed and said.

As if trying to discern whether he was telling the truth, Lan Jinyao stared into his eyes and asked, “’re not angry?”

Thus, Fu Bainian shook his head and replied, “Truthfully, I also didn’t know before this.”

That evening, the two lay in bed side by side. Perhaps, since Lan Jinyao was exhausted, she fell asleep quickly.

Fu Bainian stared at her quiet and sweet sleeping face and heaved a sigh.

He then recalled the scene he’d seen at the hospital. That familiar silhouette from that day completely resembled Jiang Cheng. That person’s outfit and hairstyle were the same. Even though he’d only seen that man’s back that day, he was convinced that they were the same person.

He couldn’t tell Lan Jinyao these things. He thought: When they finished shooting this film, then everything would be okay. In the meantime, no matter what Jiang Cheng wanted to do, he’d be with her and wouldn’t let her suffer even the slightest bit of harm.

The next morning, Lan Jinyao got up before daybreak. There happened to be a scene with a sunrise shot. The picturesque sunrise on the deserted island set off a pure and impeccable romance. How beautiful and poetic!

Lan Jinyao washed up and immediately went out. She didn’t put on any make-up because there were make-up artists on set. Before she departed, she looked back at Fu Bainian; he seemed to be awake, but his eyes were still closed.

The sky was still dark, but the production team was already on location. As soon as Lan Jinyao arrived at the beach, she saw Jiang Cheng sitting alone in the distance, not blending in at all with the lively crew around him. Lan Jinyao suddenly felt that the view of his back was gloomy and lonely.

She coldly snorted in her heart. He wasn’t one of the actors nor investors, yet he got up so early to watch them film the scenes. He sure had a lot of time on his hands.

Chen Zetao noticed her arrival and hurriedly waved at her. “Meimei, over here!”

As soon as Chen Zetao shouted her name, Jiang Cheng also turned around, and their eyes met. She didn’t care and instead walked over to Chen Zetao’s side.

The scene they were about to shoot was the dialogue between Lan Jinyao and the male lead. Chun Xiang fell in love with the male lead at this point, and this was also thanks to the beautiful sunrise.

Soon after, the make-up artist finished putting make-up on for Lan Jinyao, and the male lead was also ready to start filming. He sat on a big stone not far away, looking up at the sky. The view of his back was distant and cold. Lan Jinyao was dressed in a blue cheongsam adorned with shredded flower petals, walking barefoot on the sandy shore as she approached the man one step at a time. There was a look of pleasant surprise in her eyes, like that of a little girl.

Chun Xiang had lived on this isolated island all her life, and from her childhood until now, she’d only seen weather-beaten fishermen. She’d never seen such a good-looking man before. She wanted to get closer, but she was timid and didn’t dare to do so, so she seemed somewhat hesitant and halted her steps.

That was until the man finally spoke.

“Come and watch the sunrise with me. I haven’t seen such a clear and beautiful sunrise in a very long time.”

The man was a businessman who was always on the move in the business world, so he barely had time to be idle like this. The temptation of money made people lose their nature.

Chun Xiang’s cheeks flushed, and she trotted over before sitting down beside the man.

“I see the sunrise every day. It's wonderful, but others don’t have time; they’re always so busy.”

Her eyes sparkled as she spoke.

The man turned his head and looked at her, his lips curling up into a handsome smile.

Following this came the freeze-frame shot.

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