Chapter 165 - Kidnapped Again (2)

Chapter 165 - Kidnapped Again (2)

On the way home, Fu Bainian’s mood was unusually heavy. He was in a daze, so even when Lan Jinyao had talked to him several times, he didn’t respond. Lan Jinyao then raised her voice as she displeasingly questioned, “What’s the matter with you? Why have you looked so distracted ever since we left the hospital?”

Fu Bainian frowned and stared at her with a serious expression as he spoke, “Do you know what I saw and came across earlier at the hospital?”

Until now, he still had lingering fears.

“What did you encounter?” Lan Jinyao became nervous alongside him.

Fu Bainian then solemnly replied, “Earlier, someone stole a newborn from the nursery.”

Before he’d even finished speaking, Lan Jinyao laughed and interrupted him. “Someone stole a newborn? Did you call the police? I didn’t expect you to be so frightened after encountering this matter.”

Her laughter didn’t lessen the heaviness in the air. Fu Bainian’s expression became all the more serious as he said, “That’s not the main point. You’ll understand after you hear me out.”

When he’d heard the man say those words earlier, he was scared out of his wits. The back of the familiar figure he’d seen at the hospital had looked precisely like Jiang Cheng’s.

“When I chased the perpetrator all the way to the entrance, he told me the truth. He said that someone had given him money to take the baby out for a while, and then bring him back later. At that time, besides the nurse, I was the only one standing there. So, when I noticed the man’s suspicious movements, I chased after him. Thus, the man’s purpose was to lead me out of the hospital.”

Lan Jinyao remained silent for a moment before looking at him suspiciously. “You must be overthinking things, right?”

He just happened to encounter the case of a child being stolen. Besides, even if Fu Bainian was led out of the hospital, so what? There were so many people at the hospital, so under the watchful eyes of the public, who would dare to commit murder and arson?

“If all of these incidents were a coincidence, then what about the rose? How do you explain that?”

At the mention of this, Fu Bainian’s expression instantly darkened and became gloomier.

Lan Jinyao was rendered speechless when he asked this. Who put the rose in front of the room then? Why did that person specifically knock twice on the door before leaving the rose behind?

Her thoughts were in disarray, like an entangled mess roaming in her mind. Fu Bainian’s voice was clearly very calm, but she felt it was all too eerie as she listened. This matter was really too peculiar.

Lan Jinyao tried to comfort Fu Bainian as she said, “Don’t overthink things. After all, we got out of the hospital safe and sound, right? Maybe it was merely a coincidence? What’s more, I wasn’t the only one there at that time; Auntie was also there. So, perhaps the rose was for someone else? Let’s not think too much into this!”

Upon hearing this, Fu Bainian’s lips finally curled up into a faint smile.

“Hopefully, that’s the case!”

Fu Bainian didn’t mention the fact that he’d seen a familiar silhouette that resembled Jiang Cheng at the hospital’s entrance. At this moment, he hadn’t figured out the entire situation yet, so it was best not to mention this to her since random speculations could cause panic.

“So, that is to say, the doctor told you that if you want to act, it was best to be careful and that if you maintained a happy mood every day, then your morning sickness wouldn’t be so serious anymore?”

Lan Jinyao nodded in response to his question.

Soon after, they arrived home while talking and bantering. However, dark clouds slowly shrouded them.

The next day, Li Qi came to pick up Lan Jinyao as usual. Fu Bainian touched her belly before she entered the car and gently said, “You have to be careful. Remember, you’re not alone anymore.”

Both Xiaolin, who was sitting in the car, and Li Qi, who was standing outside, widened their eyes when they saw Fu Bainian make such a gentle move with a warm look on his face.

“N-not alone? Could it possibly be two then?” Li Qi stammered.

Fu Bainian lightly hummed. “That’s hard to say!” He was obviously in an exuberant mood.

It took a while for Li Qi to suddenly realise what was going on. “No wonder you said you wanted a break. You were working so hard before, and then you suddenly said that you wanted to take a break. I’d initially thought that your relationship had turned sour...but, surprisingly, it was for this reason.”

Xiaolin propped up her cheek and enviously said, “I see, but, Big Sis Meimei, is it really alright for you to go shoot a movie like this?”

As soon as Xiaolin asked this, Li Qi’s eyes also fell on Lan Jinyao. His gaze was clearly indicating, ‘Does your dear Fu Bainian allow you to go to work like this?’

“It’s alright. It doesn’t take much time to shoot a movie. Besides, it’s a literary film, and there are no fighting scenes, so there won’t be any problems.”

Fu Bainian also nodded and said, “You guys must take good care of her and don’t let her get hurt.”

Following this, Xiaolin and Li Qi replied in unison, “We’ll ensure that we won’t let her get hurt.”

Only then did Fu Bainian reluctantly remove his hand.

After Lan Jinyao got on the car, the atmosphere suddenly got rowdy. Li Qi and Xiaolin kept asking her questions like, “When did you get pregnant? Was it because of the child that your relationship got better again? What happened to the third party involved?” and so on.

Lan Jinyao, on the other hand, couldn’t take it anymore and unhappily stated, “How come I feel that there are two flies buzzing in my ear?”

Li Qi then howled in grief, “Dear, don’t tell me that you found out when you were filming abroad? No wonder you were acting weird back then. I was worried that you saw the news on the Internet, so you were in a bad mood. I didn’t know that this was the real reason.”

Lan Jinyao remained silent. At that time, her mind was completely focused on Shen Wei’an, so this child also came as a surprise for her when she learned that she was pregnant. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long before she saw the news, and there was indeed a period of time when she was heartbroken. That was when she saw Fu Bainian and someone else show-off in public in such a high-profile manner every day. At that time, she was so mad that she wanted to kill someone.

“When I got back, I was indeed depressed!” In fact, she also thought about leaving things as is, but then she scolded herself and told herself that she couldn’t be swayed so easily. Even if she was to let go, she had to get to the bottom of everything.

Li Qi then lowered his voice and asked, “All’s well now, right? When I came to pick you up earlier, I saw how gentle President Fu was towards you, so you must be very happy now, right?!”

Lan Jinyao smiled and replied, “Yes, I’m very happy.”

She’d never seen Fu Bainian act so gentle and prudent before.

Seeing her like this, Xiaolin sighed and lamented, “Please don’t show-off your love in front of a single lady, or else you’d chance upon adversities.”

As soon as her words fell, she was knocked on the head by Li Qi. “What are you saying? Be careful not to be fired with such inauspicious remarks.”

Xiaolin then childishly stuck out her tongue and said, “Bis Sis Meimei, don’t mind me; I was just joking.”

Lan Jinyao nodded.

But, she didn’t expect that public display of affection was indeed something envied by many, especially by petty people hidden in the darkest corners that one couldn’t see.

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