Chapter 164 - Kidnapped Again (1)

Chapter 164 - Kidnapped Again (1)

It was a sunny morning, and Lan Jinyao started the day in a very good mood. However, that only lasted for a short while, when her morning sickness hit her.

Fu Bainian had just driven the car out of the garage and parked it at the front when he heard a sound coming from the house. Fu Bainian frowned and quickly strode inside to check on Lan Jinyao.

When Lan Jinyao heard footsteps coming closer, she wiped away her tears and hurriedly shouted, “Don’t come in!”

She looked like a mess now, so she didn’t want Fu Bainian to see her like this.

However, when she spoke, it was too late already. She covered her cheeks and refused to look at Fu Bainian. Their morning had now started awfully all thanks to her.

“It’s okay; there’s no need to cover it up!” Fu Bainian seized her hand and extended his finger to gently wipe away the tears from the corners of her eyes. “What’s wrong? Is our baby being disobedient?”

Lan Jinyao pulled him out of the bathroom and said, “It’s like this in the beginning stages of pregnancy. I heard others say: ‘The smarter the baby, the worse the morning sickness becomes during pregnancy’!”

She hadn’t heard this before, but she knew that Fu Bainian wouldn’t believe her words easily, so she casually said this in order to change the topic. However, her little trick was still seen through by Fu Bainian.

“You’re throwing up severely like this, so why don’t you just rest at home? As for the production and the crew…”

Midway, Fu Bainian was interrupted by Lan Jinyao before he’d finished speaking.

“No, I can still go. The most basic quality actors have to respect their work. Currently, the crew is waiting for us, so how can we tell them midway that we aren’t going?”

She willfully covered Fu Bainian’s mouth and prevented him from saying anything more.

Although Fu Bainian had a worried look on his face, he still let her have her way.

“Let’s hear what the doctor has to say!”

“It’s best we do a check-up at the hospital!”

The two said almost in unison. As soon as their words fell, they looked at each other and laughed.

Lan Jinyao then said, “Our chemistry is quite good!”

Upon hearing this, Fu Bainian nodded.

Was their tacit understanding good or bad? Neither of them could tell yet, and they could only wait for the doctor to decide.

When they arrived at the hospital, Lan Jinyao went to do the examination, and Fu Bainian was waiting outside the room. Here, it seemed that a new baby was born into this world almost every day as loud cries could be heard throughout the corridor.

Fu Bainian followed the cries and stopped in front of the nursery. In there, he saw lively newborns in the little cradles. In the future, their baby would also be like this, brimming with vitality.

As he stared at those little figures, the corners of Fu Bainian’s lips raised slightly, revealing a gentle smile.

At this moment, a man passed behind Fu Bainian in a rush. Only when he heard a nurse screaming did he suddenly turn around.

“Someone took a newborn-”

As soon as Fu Bainian turned around, he saw a man holding a baby and about to come out from the back door of the nursery. And, when the nurse’s voice rang, the man became flustered, his pace suddenly quickening as he ran and stumbled towards the exit.

Without a second thought, Fu Bainian gave chase.

Following this, Fu Bainian caught the man at the hospital’s entrance; seizing the baby and giving the little one back to the nurse. When Fu Bainian twisted the perpetrator’s arm, that man, who seemed to be in his thirties, suddenly began wailing. His tears streamed down his cheeks like a river, and he had a runny nose.

“Big Brother, please spare me. I’m just trying to make ends meet!”

When he said that, the nurse with the child in her arms reprimanded him. “Make ends meet?! Why do you have to kidnap and sell newborns when you’re just trying to make ends meet? If you’d succeeded and the parents of the newborn learnt about this, how are we supposed to explain this to them?!”

At the thought of the possible consequences, the nurse’s eyes instantly reddened.

The man knelt on the ground and begged for mercy. “I really didn’t steal the baby. Someone gave me money and asked me to bring the baby out, and then bring him back later!”

Both Fu Bainian and the nurse were baffled by his words.

The nurse then murmured, “He was asked to take the baby out and then return him later? If it’s not the baby, then what did that person want? This is truly strange!”

Fu Bainian let go of the man and turned around to walk back in. However, at that moment, he suddenly saw a familiar figure at the entrance, and he immediately quickened his pace and ran towards the Gynaecology Department.

That person wore the same clothes and had the same hairstyle.

If he didn’t see wrongly, then that familiar figure must be Jiang Cheng.

If that man earlier didn’t steal the baby and was just asked to bring the baby out, then what was the motive behind this? Fu Bainian stood there and thought hard about this and then, suddenly, a thought dawned on him as he connected the dots. Lan Jinyao was in danger!

No, if that really was Jiang Cheng, then Jinyao shouldn’t be in danger.

But, that man has already lost his mind, so maybe Jinyao was indeed in danger.

Fu Bainian didn’t dare slow down his pace, and while he was running back to check on Jinyao, he almost ran into a patient.

At the Gynaecology Department, someone suddenly knocked on the door. Lan Jinyao, who was in the midst of discussing her recent condition with the doctor, suddenly stopped speaking and headed towards the door to open it.

The rhythmic knocking on the door stopped after two knocks.

When Lan Jinyao opened the door, there was no one. A lot of people were passing by, including doctors, nurses and patients, but none of them stopped.

Then, as she lowered her head, she saw a beautiful rose on the floor; it seemed to be a rose that had been freshly picked from a rose garden as it held glistening dewdrops. She quickly picked it up and turned to look at the rigorous-looking aunt in her fifties and smiled. The doctor was seemingly quite romantic despite her age.

“Auntie, someone must’ve left this for you!”

Lan Jinyao didn't expect the doctor to be such a romantic, and she was quite envious.

The gynaecologist looked puzzled and angrily rebuked, “What are you talking about? I have a husband!”

Suddenly being reprimanded like this startled Lan Jinyao. After a while, she smiled and said, “Don’t tell me it’s for me?”

The Gynecologist shook her head and said, “Youngsters nowadays just like to show off their affection and how foolishly romantic they are. Maybe it’s from your husband?!”

From Fu Bainian? No way. Why would he suddenly send her flowers? Truth be told, Fu Bainian wasn’t a very romantic person. Not to mention, not even intimate words of endearment had been said by him before.

Speak of the devil, Fu Bainian had arrived and was gasping for air.

Lan Jinyao stared at his uneven breathing and laughed inwardly. Continue pretending.

She acted as if she was going to throw the flowers into the trash can, yet Fu Bainian calmly asked, instead of stopping her, “Who sent you the roses?”

Lan Jinyao froze and stared at him. It looked like he wasn’t putting on an act.

“You weren’t the one who sent it?”

At this moment, both of them fell silent.

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