Chapter 163 - The So-called Truth (2)

Chapter 163 - The So-called Truth (2)

“Don’t worry! We’ve already seen through his tricks!”

Fu Bainian’s hand was very warm, and as he held Lan Jinyao’s hand, his warmth flowed from her fingertips to her heart, completely soothing her entire being.

Lan Jinyao nodded. That’s right, she’d already seen through Jiang Cheng’s tricks, so she wouldn’t be fooled by him again, nor would she let him approach her.

Fu Bainian looked down at her and smiled. He then said, “I wanted you to leave him, but it didn’t work out. At the time, you were so obsessed with revenge that you couldn’t listen to my words at all. You always told me that it didn’t matter. You wouldn’t change your mind and wanted me to believe in you, and you just wanted to go there for work. But at that time, you clearly noticed that Jiang Cheng was harbouring bad intentions towards you.”

Fu Bainian’s words didn’t contain any traces of blame towards her, but Lan Jinyao still felt a dull pain in her heart.

He then continued, “I did believe in you, but it was just that I couldn’t believe in Jiang Cheng. He always made us quarrel and wanted a crack to appear in our relationship. What I was most afraid of was that, in the end, we’d part ways and become strangers.”

“But, I don’t want to be separated from you. I don’t want to let go of your hand in this lifetime, because I finally got ahold of you after great difficulty.” Fu Bainian lowered his head and propped his chin up on her head, his slightly hoarse voice resounding in Lan Jinyao’s ears.

Following this, she extended her hands and embraced him tightly.

“We’ll never separate,” she choked out between sobs, sounding incomparably resolute.

Fu Bainian breathed a sigh of relief and gently said, “You’re right; we’ll never separate!” And, he would never allow that to happen.

“Then, what happened afterwards?” asked Lan Jinyao again.

Although she was unable to control herself from crying, she still wanted to hear the rest. She wanted to know what Fu Bainian had gone through and suffered without her knowledge.

Fu Bainian then softly said, “Afterwards, Changning called me. She said that after we’d properly calmed down, our relationship will get better again. At that time, I thought that if we continued our cold war, then Jiang Cheng might’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to step in. No matter what, I would never have allowed that to happen.”

As he spoke up to this point, Lan Jinyao didn’t see it, but a trace of malice flashed in Fu Bainian’s eyes.

“Following that, I went on the business trip, and Jiang Cheng made his move. It was at that time that I understood that man’s resoluteness.” He was indeed a madman, even daring enough to hire someone to attempt to assassinate him so blatantly.

“Jiang Cheng didn’t want me to return home, but I came back anyway.”

Fu Bainian gently kissed her hair, and his voice was seemingly trembling as he said that.

At the thought that Fu Bainian might never have returned to her side, Lan Jinyao’s pupils shrunk; it was as if she had seen that kind of scene before. Fu Bainian, who was drenched red with blood, was running alone in a foreign country with no one to help him. He was all alone, and he almost couldn’t make it back home. At this point, tears uncontrollably slid down her face again.

She’d initially thought that there was only one person mad enough in this world who would kill her friends, and that was Shen Wei’an. However, there were so many people in this world, so how could Shen Wei’an be the only mad person?

“After returning home, I appeared with Yin Yun in a high-profile manner in public. I admit, I’d initially just wanted to make you jealous, but later I continued the act to let Jiang Cheng relax his vigilance and use Yin Yun to pull the wool over his eyes. Everything that happened afterwards, you already know. I wanted to get rid of that dangerous Jiang Cheng, but I couldn’t allow you to feel hurt again, and couldn’t let our baby face any danger as a consequence.”

Lan Jinyao leaned against Fu Bainian’s chest and listened to his heartbeat; her mood particularly heavy.

It turned out that this so-called truth was not a ‘seven-year itch’. There was no emotional breakdown, and Yin Yun wasn’t a wretched third party. No, she wasn’t one before, but this didn’t mean that she wouldn’t become one in the future.

After a while, Lan Jinyao gloomily said, “Yin Yun used to put on an act with you, but now it seems that she wants to turn the act into a reality. Fu Bainian, that woman is in love with you. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have come all the way here to knock on our door just because of a minor movie role. This is the stupid love affair that you’ve created, so you have to take care of it yourself.”

The atmosphere finally relaxed a little after she said these words.

Fu Bainian then swore with his fingers up in the air, “I’ll certainly solve this issue, and I promise not to leave any troubles behind!”

Lan Jinyao then nodded at him.

In fact, perhaps Yin Yun had already been taken care of by Jiang Cheng. That cruel and merciless madman, what else did he not dare to do? Lan Jinyao recalled that while Jiang Cheng was approaching Yin Yun earlier, he had on a very eerie and sinister expression. That kind of expression would make one tremble uncontrollably with fear, and it looked as if he wanted to skin Yin Yun alive.

Even now, she could feel some lingering fear in her heart.

“You’re going to shoot the movie soon, so let’s go to the hospital together tomorrow! I want to see what our baby currently looks like.”

Lan Jinyao thought for a bit; tomorrow she indeed had an appointment for an examination. “Alright, let’s go together tomorrow.”

“Now, go take a shower and go to bed!” Fu Bainian then proceeded to pick her up from the sofa, but Lan Jinyao once again dodged him.

Fu Bainian unhappily furrowed his eyebrows and pinched her cheeks. “Are you angry?”

Lan Jinyao smiled as she dodged him and said, “No, I’m just worried about the wound on your arm.” Don't underestimate a gunshot wound; a bullet from that kind of recoil pistol could cripple an entire arm. What’s more, the injury on his arm hadn’t recovered yet even after so many days, so it must be a very severe injury.

Lan Jinyao stared at the slight bulge under his sleeves and gloomily said, “It has been so many days already, yet gauze is wrapped around your arm still. It must hurt a lot, right?”

“It’s not painful! I’ll go to the hospital with you tomorrow and let the doctor take off the gauze. Don’t frown; it’s not a big injury. The bullet just lightly grazed my arm, so it doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s just that the doctor was worried about me catching an infection, so the wound has been wrapped in gauze all this time. It’s nothing serious, so don’t worry.”

Lan Jinyao stood up and rushed into the bathroom alone. “Even so, that won’t do!”

Behind her sounded Fu Bainian’s magnetic voice as he laughed. Finally, there were no traces of gloom in his tone.

Following this, Lan Jinyao’s lips also curled up into a smile.

Recently, she’d been in a happy mood. It seemed that since her morning sickness had now eased up, there shouldn’t be any problems while filming.

As she thought up to this point, a surge of nausea hit her again, and she quickly turned on the faucet to mask the sounds of her vomiting. Tears welled up in the corner of Lan Jinyao’s eyes as she thought: This feeling was truly horrible, and she hoped that there wouldn’t be any problems while she was filming. When she finished shooting ‘Twilight’, she planned to withdraw from the entertainment industry slowly.

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