Chapter 162 - The So-called Truth (1)

Chapter 162 - The So-called Truth (1)

President Fu’s suspicions were right. You and this man really do have an abnormal relationship.

Yin Yun’s words echoed relentlessly inside Lan Jinyao’s mind. That woman’s sharp voice was like a devil’s whisper; continuously throwing her thoughts in disorder and making her distraught with anxiety.

She wasn’t sure whether these words were just Yin Yun’s unilateral thoughts, or if Fu Bainian's views were the same.

Fu Bainian had asked Yin Yun to put on an act with him. Was that act really specifically for Jiang Cheng? If so, then why had Fu Bainian hid the truth from her? Could it be that he actually suspected her in his heart?

She suddenly recalled that back then, she’d insisted on partaking in Jiang Cheng’s drama production, and Fu Bainian had firmly disapproved her request. This had resulted in the two of them being at loggerheads for a long period afterwards. Had Fu Bainian been suspecting since then? Or, could it be that he hadn’t believed in her all along?

Sometimes, fear was like the devil, and it could instantly erode one’s heart.

However, the worst part was that she’d think of whatever she dreaded the most, and those absurd thoughts were getting out of hand.

When Fu Bainian got home, she was still curled up on the sofa and recalling the little details of their past. The script, on the other hand, had fallen to the ground.

When she heard the sound of the door closing, she suddenly sat up from the sofa and stared straight into Fu Bainian’s eyes.

“If you’re tired, you should go sleep in the bedroom. Isn’t it uncomfortable on the sofa?” Fu Bainian strode to her side and bent down to pick her up.

Lan Jinyao’s hand was faster than his, and she blocked him, refusing his embrace. She didn’t miss that split second where disappointment and dismay flashed in Fu Bainian’s eyes.

She quickly held onto Fu Bainian’s hand and patted the spot next to her, indicating for him to sit down.

“Fu Bainian, let’s have a talk, alright?”

She had to get to the bottom of the matter today. Lan Jinyao secretly swore in her heart.

Fu Bainian, though a bit confused, didn’t refuse and nodded. “Okay, what do you want to talk about?”

His eyes then fell on the script on the ground, and he picked it up. When he saw the highlighted texts marked by various pens, the look in his eyes became somewhat dim. She’d always liked to act, whether it was now or in her past life.

Lan Jinyao also didn’t want to beat around the bush with him, as experience had taught her that some things could remain unclear if one were to do so. Hence, she straightforwardly told him, “Yin Yun came to see me today!”

Upon hearing this, Fu Bainian instantly tensed up and tightly furrowed his brows as he asked, “What was that woman doing here again? Did she hurt you?”

Lan Jinyao shook her head. Actually, Yin Yun had slapped her across the face, but after she’d driven that woman away, she’d checked on her burning cheek in the mirror and put ice on it to calm the swollen part. Only then did it get better, and now there were no traces left from the slap at all.

“She wanted to hurt me. Our baby almost…” She deliberately paused, and then continued, “Jiang Cheng was the one who saved me!”

Sure enough, as soon as her words fell, Fu Bainian’s expression instantly darkened.

“That woman actually dared to come all the way here. She’s courting death!”

When she heard this, Lan Jinyao suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. She was stressing two key things earlier, and Fu Bainian had only heard the previous one, which subconsciously meant that Jiang Cheng’s existence wasn’t important to him at all.

Lan Jinyao then unhurriedly said, “Yin Yun and Jiang Cheng almost fought. Do you know what Yin Yun said to me?”

Upon hearing her question, Fu Bainian’s hand slightly tightened around her waist.

He stiffly cleared his throat and asked, “What did Yin Yun say?”

Lan Jinyao’s eyes reddened. “She said that the injury on your arm is from a bullet and that Jiang Cheng caused it. Tell me honestly, is that really the case? Jiang Cheng is harbouring ill intentions towards me, so you never let me approach him. He wanted to take actions against you, so you had no choice but to let Yin Yun put on an act with you to pull the wool over his eyes. Is everything that Yin Yun said true?”

At this point, Lan Jinyao’s voice cracked into sobs. Fu Bainian had suffered so much because of her, yet she was unexpectedly not aware of this at all. Jiang Cheng had approached her again and again, but she kept telling herself that she had the ability to protect herself against him and that as long as the filming of the drama was over, she’d no longer have anything to do with Jiang Cheng. In the end, Fu Bainian was hurt in her stead, and she wasn’t even aware of that. Furthermore, he continuously compromised with her demands.

At this moment, Lan Jinyao suddenly broke into tears and lay on Fu Bainian’s chest, wailing, “I'm sorry, I’m truly sorry...”

However, saying sorry countless times wouldn’t heal the wound on his arm, so what was the use of apologising? At this thought, Lan Jinyao cried even louder and blamed herself all over again. But, aside from apologising, what else could she do?

Seeing her like this made Fu Bainian’s heart ache, and he quickly pulled her into a tight embrace.

“Don’t cry anymore, or else, our baby will follow suit. Those were all small issues, so it doesn’t matter!”

Fu Bainian gently coaxed her, but Lan Jinyao’s tears were streaming down her cheeks like a flood.

“It doesn’t matter?! That’s a gunshot wound. It must really hurt!” It was hard to imagine that she’d known nothing and had acted so horribly towards him. At that time, she was depressed, but it was nothing compared to Fu Bainian’s hurt feelings. Not only did he feel pain in his arm, but also his heart!

“Fu Bainian, please tell me what’s going on. I want to know everything. I don’t want to be muddle-headed in the future and unable to differentiate between a friend and a foe.”

Such a thing was simply too frightening. She’d never have thought that Jiang Cheng was such a crazy person. To think that he dared to command others to shoot Fu Bainian! If that shot hadn’t hit Fu Bainian’s arm, but his heart...then what would she have done? Lan Jinyao didn’t dare to think further.

Fu Bainian heaved a long sigh, then gently wiped her tears away as he said, “Okay, don’t cry anymore; I’ll tell you everything!”

Lan Jinyao snuggled against his chest and listened quietly.

“When Jiang Cheng first made his appearance, I sensed that something wasn’t quite right. That man gave me a very dangerous feeling, and I speculated that he might know your real identity, but I never had any proof. I also didn’t understand why someone like Jiang Cheng, who’d never met you before, would suddenly appear in front of you and disrupt your life. He wants our relationship to turn sour.”

“In the beginning, I had thought that he was trying to take this opportunity to go against my company and so, during that time, I incessantly fought against him. But, then I found out that his target was actually you!”

Hearing his explanation, Lan Jinyao was so overwhelmed that she forgot to shed tears.

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