Chapter 161 - Drawing A Clear Line (4)

Chapter 161 - Drawing A Clear Line (4)

Yin Yun seemed to have gone crazy. She kept struggling, but her mouth was covered by Jiang Cheng, and she couldn’t move her body due to the tight hold he had around her. She could only let out slight sounds through her nose as a sign of her anger.

Suddenly, Yin Yun’s gaze changed. She shook her head violently, and when Jiang Cheng’s grip loosened, she opened her mouth and bit his hand.


The sound of breathing could be heard as Jiang Cheng fiercely furrowed his brows and pushed Yin Yun away. With the force of his shove, her body was like a broken kite and immediately fell to the ground.

“You crazy woman!” Jiang Cheng cursed as he looked down at his arm.

From Lan Jinyao’s point of view, Jiang Cheng’s arm had already turned red with blood oozing out from the spot that Yin Yun had bitten.

“Jiang Cheng, I think you’d better go to the hospital and take care of that wound. Maybe the doctor will give you a rabies shot.”

Yin Yun’s sorry figure lay on the ground, and her eyes were bloodshot as if she hadn’t slept all night. And, after Lan Jinyao said those words, Yin Yun suddenly burst out laughing.

“Chen Meimei, you’re so concerned about this man? Do you care that much about him? President Fu’s suspicions were right. You and this man really have an abnormal relationship. Do you know why President Fu’s hand was injured and what caused the wound on his arm?!”

Jiang Cheng’s expression suddenly darkened, and he walked step by step towards Yin Yun. Even when Lan Jinyao felt frightened when she saw the angry look on his face she, yet Yin Yun was still sitting there on the ground. If it were her instead, she would’ve stood up long ago and fled.

They were both crazy, with one being more insane than the other!

“It’s this man’s fault! The gunshot wound was left by this man, and President Fu already knows everything. Do you think President Fu will still like you? President Fu didn’t tell you because he didn’t want to inadvertently alert the enemy.”

“Shut up!”

“Shut up!”

Those words were almost spoken in unison. After Lan Jinyao and Jiang Cheng roared at Yin Yun, their expressions turned stiff.

Lan Jinyao repeatedly shook her head, and then her cold gaze landed on Jiang Cheng. She asked him, word for word, “Jiang Cheng, is what this woman said true? Did you really cause the injury on Fu Bainian’s arm?”

It was a gunshot injury, no wonder... It had been so many days already, but when she accidentally pressed the wound on Fu Bainian’s arm, he would still break out in a cold sweat.

Jiang Cheng lowered his head and didn’t answer her question, but Lan Jinyao felt that he’d already silently admitted it.

She then asked Yin Yun, “You say Fu Bainian suspects that I have an abnormal relationship with Jiang Cheng. Did Fu Bainian personally tell you that?”

How could Fu Bainian suspect her? That wasn’t possible, and she absolutely wouldn’t believe it.

Lan Jinyao had been persistently pursuing the truth, but the truth was out so quickly and had almost caught her off guard. She was so shocked; she couldn’t react immediately.

Yin Yun laughed and said, “Of course! In addition to asking me to put on an act with him, he also wants to use you to oppose this man. Don’t you feel that President Fu’s recent attitude towards you is a bit too intimate?”

Lan Jinyao had almost believed her words, and her emotions had nearly fallen apart at this point, but Yin Yun’s tone inadvertently revealed a trace of complacency which quickly made her sober up.

She almost fell for Yin Yun’s scheme. Recently, Fu Bainian had indeed been treating her very well and was very gentle and cautious with his actions. However, she knew that all this wasn’t because Fu Bainian wanted to use her to take down Jiang Cheng, but because Fu Bainian wanted to take good care of the baby in her womb.

“Yin Yun, you think you’re so amazing, but let me warn you; don’t you ever appear in Fu Bainian’s and my life again.”

Lan Jinyao’s gaze then landed on Jiang Cheng, and she added, “Jiang Cheng, you as well, don’t you ever appear in front of me again. As for Fu Bainian’s injury, we’ll give everything back to you one day.”

“Don’t listen to that crazy woman, I…” Jiang Cheng tried to defend himself and walked slowly towards Lan Jinyao.

Lan Jinyao quickly entered the house and closed the door. Standing behind the door, she shouted, “I don’t care whether what Yin Yun said is true or not. Fu Bainian will eventually tell me in person, and I’ll believe him instead of an outsider.”

It went completely silent outside.

Lan Jinyao clutched her rapidly beating heart and peeked through the peephole.

Then, she saw Jiang Cheng, who looked like an evil spirit from hell, walk towards Yin Yun with a sinister expression. Only now did Yin Yun seemingly feel afraid; she hurriedly stood up and started screaming. Then, she staggered along the wall as she ran towards the gate. Her scream attracted a group of security guards, but Jiang Cheng’s pace didn’t slow down at all, and the two ran out in pursuit of one another.

Not long after, the doorbell rang, and Lan Jinyao peeked through the peephole again and saw that it was the group of security guards.

“Were those two people your guests?”

Lan Jinyao shook her head in a panicked state and said, “No, don’t let them in casually like this in the future. I’m worried that those two will come here harbouring evil intentions.”

The security guards were taken aback by her expression and manner of speaking. “Okay, we’ll strengthen our supervision in the future.”

After the security guards left, Lan Jinyao closed the door again and lay down on the sofa. Her fight with Yin Yun earlier had made her feel a little uncomfortable now, but luckily her abdomen wasn’t in pain. Her heart, on the other hand, was beating very fast, and there was a thin layer of sweat in the palms of her hands.

The script was placed beside her, but she was no longer in the mood to read it.

Following this, Lan Jinyao slowly shut her eyes.

She’d drawn a clear line with Jiang Cheng today, so hopefully, he wouldn’t come to bother her anymore.

However, Lan Jinyao didn’t understand why Jiang Cheng would bother her to no end. It was clear to her that they’d never crossed paths before. As for Jiang Cheng’s face, she was 100% sure that she’d never seen it before.

If Jiang Cheng didn’t know that she was Lan Jinyao, then she would’ve surmised that Jiang Cheng liked Chen Meimei and thus kept pestering her; even though she was already a married woman. However, the fact was that Jiang Cheng already knew her secret.

Hence, Lan Jinyao felt that there were a lot of doubtful points.

At this moment, she suddenly remembered the incident with the fire that she’d experienced for the first time in her life and the man who’d died.

After the fire, on a quiet night, Lan Jinyao had done something out of the ordinary. At that time, she didn’t have too many fans on Weibo, so she’d spent a little effort and found the person who’d interacted with Chen Meimei before.

She sent that person a note.

“I don’t blame you. I hope that your paradise contains no darkness and only sunshine. I’m not Chen Meimei, but another soul, and for that, I’m sorry about this incident.”

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