Chapter 160 - Drawing A Clear Line (3)

Chapter 160 - Drawing A Clear Line (3)

Everything under the bright sunshine was enveloped with a warm glow. However, Lan Jinyao felt that there was an icy, tingling sensation running throughout her body, spreading to her limbs.

Yin Yun proudly smirked and said, “You’re right. Fu Bainian did look for me to put on a show for you, and as you’ve said, he didn’t want you to worry. But, in fact, there’s another reason why he did that. Do you know what that is?”

She then unhurriedly stressed, “The other reason that he didn’t want to tell you, do you know what that is?”

Lan Jinyao’s expression turned cold as she said, “I don’t know, and I don’t want to know. We are doing very well now, so we don’t need another insignificant person to worry about us.”

Yin Yun had definitely come with ill intentions and an ulterior motive. This woman must be here to agitate her. No matter what this woman wanted to say next, she shouldn’t listen to her words. Besides, her emotions weren’t very stable at the moment.

“Chen Meimei, stop deceiving yourself. I can see from your eyes and expression that you really want to know.” Yin Yun’s smile suddenly turned eerie; she looked like a restless venomous snake who was waiting for the right opportunity to make its move.

Lan Jinyao ignored her and moved to close the door.

However, Yin Yun was unwilling to give up and quickly grabbed the doorframe with both hands, not allowing Lan Jinyao to close the door.

“Chen Meimei, what are you afraid of? In fact, you were right. At first, I just wanted to cooperate with President Fu to put on a good show, and then accept the reward I ought to get. However, things are different now. I’ve fallen in love with him. He’s such a charming man, so which women wouldn’t be moved by him? Besides, you were the one who granted me this opportunity. Even someone as unbearable as you could marry into the Fu family and stay by his side. I’m much more outstanding than you, so I believe that as long as I work hard, then Mrs Fu’s position will eventually be mine.”

As long as you work hard, you’ll make him fall in love with you? That kind of logic was ridiculous. As if love could be cultivated so easily like that! Not to mention, Fu Bainian already had her in his heart.

Lan Jinyao chuckled and eyed her with a piercing gaze as she said, “Let me tell you again; that wish of yours will never come true. I advise you to stop being so delusional.”

The person who Fu Bainian had loved all along was never Chen Meimei, but Lan Jinyao. Even though the host of her soul was someone else, the one who Fu Bainian liked was still her, Lan Jinyao.

Lan Jinyao coldly glared at Yin Yun as she removed her hands from the doorframe, and she then proceeded to close the door. When she was not paying attention, Yin Yun quickly extended her hand again. Lan Jinyao felt that she didn’t use a lot of strength while closing the door, but an earth-shattering shriek echoed in her ears the moment Yin Yun’s hand was caught in the door.

Subconsciously, she let go of her hand, and the door opened. She then saw Yin Yun’s injured fingers.

The fair skin on Yin Yun’s fingers instantly turned dark red, and a mark was left close to the joints. There were even a few drops of tears visible in the corners of her eyes. Lan Jinyao suddenly felt that Yin Yun’s expression wasn’t exaggerated at all. Yin Yun covered her fingers, and her lips quivered as she let out a low whimper.

Lan Jinyao could already feel the pain while looking at her. “Are you okay? You were the one who extended your hand, so it’s not my fault.”

Had it not been for Yin Yun’s sudden movement, then she would have reacted on time, and her fingers wouldn’t have been caught in the door.

Yin Yun suddenly lifted her head and glared at Lan Jinyao with a pair of red eyes. “What do you mean it’s not your fault? Chen Meimei, you were the one who caused this injury.”

Lan Jinyao was somewhat speechless when she heard this. She didn’t want to be entangled with this irrational woman any longer.

In the next second, a loud slap was heard, and Lan Jinyao froze on the spot. Yin Yun had viciously slapped her; half of her cheek had turned red and was now burning. The pain was so intense that it felt as if her cheek had been smeared with a layer of chilli oil.

Lan Jinyao gently touched her cheek, and then quickly removed her fingers.

Yin Yun was abnormally strong.

Lan Jinyao had initially wanted to endure the pain, but Yin Yun refused to back down, and she pounced on Lan Jinyao.

“What do you want?!”

Yin Yun actually tried to strangle her, but Lan Jinyao subconsciously countered her.

The two women fought, with Yin Yun pulling Lan Jinyao’s hair, and Lan Jinyao throwing a punch, hitting the bridge of Yin Yun’s nose. Yin Yun’s high nose had seemingly undergone plastic surgery, and it now looked slightly crooked after Lan Jinyao’s hit.

“Ahhh!” a scream sounded again.

“Chen Meimei, you’re courting death! How dare you hit me?!” Yin Yun, who had lost all rationality, glared at Lan Jinyao with bloodshot eyes.

At that moment, Lan Jinyao’s eyes abruptly widened, and her heart seemed to stop beating when Yin Yun’s punch was about to land on her abdomen. Yin Yun was quite strong, so a possible outcome instantly flashed through Lan Jinyao’s mind.

Currently, it was like all movements had seemingly slowed down. Lan Jinyao couldn’t stop the hand that was about to reach her, and Yin Yun’s sinister expression gradually closed in on her.

“What are you doing?!” a raspy male voice suddenly sounded behind them.

Then, Yin Yun’s hand, which was mere centimetres away, was forcefully grabbed.

It was at this instant that Lan Jinyao looked up at Jiang Cheng, who’d appeared in front of her, gasping for air. A moment ago, she’d felt her heart in her throat.

Yin Yun glared at Jiang Cheng and said, “Let go of me! I want to sort out this woman a bit. That role was originally the reward that President Fu had promised me, but now it's been snatched away by this woman. Just because she’s President Fu’s wife means that I deserve to be humiliated by her?”

Humiliated? This woman was truly good with her words!

Lan Jinyao’s eyes turned cold, and she stated, “Quickly get out of here, or I’ll make it so that you’re unable to stand in the entertainment industry again.”

In fact, she didn’t have to do anything at all. If Fu Bainian knew that Yin Yun had nearly made them lose their baby, then Yin Yun would never be able to stay in the entertainment industry. No, in fact, she wouldn’t even be able to stay in this city.

“Chen Meimei, you’re so lucky; why is everyone protecting you? You still don’t know the real reason, right? Then, I’ll tell you…”

Jiang Cheng immediately covered Yin Yun’s mouth, and in that split second, a fierce glint emerged in his eyes, frightening Lan Jinyao.

A bold assumption suddenly emerged within Lan Jinyao's mind. Maybe the real reason behind Fu Bainian's injury was related to Jiang Cheng.

Fu Bainian got hurt, and Jiang Cheng had something to do with it!

A perplexed look emerged in Lan Jinyao’s eyes, but she was no longer afraid.

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