Chapter 16 - Weibo War (2)

Chapter 16 - Weibo War (2)

Lan Jinyao put on a ton of clothes as a disguise and left in a rush as Fu Bainian’s car was already waiting outside for her. The moment she got in the car, Fu Bainian asked, “Why did you turn yourself into a rice dumpling? What, you’re worried that people will recognise you? No need to worry. It’s true that you finished shooting that drama, but it hasn’t even aired yet. No one will recognise you!”

That last sentence repeatedly echoed in Lan Jinyao’s head: No one will recognise you. No one will recognise you!

She gave him a dark look. “President Fu, do you know that what you’ve said is the biggest insult to an actor?”

Fu Bainian chuckled.

Suddenly, he leaned towards her and a steely smell that was uniquely male assaulted her senses. Lan Jinyao stared at the face that was far too close to hers, and her body froze in place. “What the hell are you doing?!”

Fu Bainian slowly put her seatbelt on for her and looked at her in exasperation. “What have you been thinking about all day? Don’t forget: I’m not interested in you, and that is why - ”

Lan Jinyao rolled her eyes and completed his sentence for him. “I know. It’s because you’re not interested in me that you picked poor me as your fake girlfriend. You’ve made that very clear, so you don’t have to say it again and again!”


So, you’re not interested in me. Well, I’m not interested in you either!

“I may not be popular now, but at least I’m an internet celebrity,” Lan Jinyao added. “Someone cold-bloodedly bashed me on Weibo and damaged my reputation.”

Fu Bainian glanced at her with a smile. “I’m giving you an opportunity to save your reputation.”

Lan Jinyao scoffed and glared out the window with her arms crossed. She paid him no mind.

Fu Bainian was amused as he looked at her profile. Her face was chubby, but not in a cute way. Her lips were slightly curled upwards. At this angle, at this very moment, he suddenly felt that she looked awfully familiar and it caused his mind to wander.

Did every woman have little habits like this? Or was it just Chen Meimei?

With that thought in mind, the smile fell from his face. He looked away and focused on driving.

Fu Bainian parked the car by the side of the road and took the lead in entering the restaurant with Lan Jinyao following after him. It was only once she’d walked inside that she realised what he’d meant by giving her an opportunity. This man had picked a restaurant for couples! Everyone inside was at a table with their lover.

It was now or never, and Lan Jinyao couldn’t miss this opportunity; she needed to take action now!

She immediately took a picture of the restaurant’s entrance. Then, pretending to be careless, she took the seat directly opposite Fu Bainian and removed her sunglasses.

“Other than the bad lighting, this place is nice. I wonder how the pictures will turn out.”

Fu Bainian waved his hand at the waiter. “Menu, please!”

After Fu Bainian had finished ordering, the waiter held the menu out to Lan Jinyao and asked, “What would you like today?”

Once she’d taken the menu, Fu Bainian mockingly said, “You still want more? Do you want to put on even more weight?”

The atmosphere around them instantly became awkward as the waiter watched her for a response. Ignoring it, Lan Jinyao gave him a brilliant smile. “I’m currently on a diet and can't overeat. What he’s ordered is enough.”

She never expected that President Fu would be so stingy!

Infuriatingly, the man looked at her like he only wanted what was best for her. “It’s important for you to lose weight. Didn’t you say you want to be better? Losing weight is the first step!”

Lan Jinyao slapped her hand against the table. “Well said!”

The restaurant had been quiet, and when she’d slapped the table, the loud noise had caused almost every couple in the restaurant to turn and look at her; Fu Bainian included.

She chuckled apologetically. “Sorry for interrupting your meals. I was just unable to control myself and became too excited since I finally got the guy I’d been chasing after.”

Her careless laughter rang through the restaurant.

Not long after, people started to take pictures of her.

“Wait, isn’t that the Chen Meimei that’s really famous on Weibo? So many people accused her of being a toad trying to eat swan meat, but as it turns out, Fu Bainian actually accepted her?”

“I’ve always thought that even though she was a bit chubby, she was still much better than that faker, Xu Jin’ge. I didn’t expect this man to have such good tastes.”

“True true!”

“Quick, take their picture!”

Everyone around the restaurant was eating, but at the same time, their hands were hidden under their tables as they tried to sneak pictures with their phones.

Lan Jinyao felt delighted as she listened to their gossiping.

Suddenly, a bright light lit up the restaurant as someone had forgotten to turn their flash off while they were taking pictures. The click of a picture being taken was also clearly heard. The girl that had taken the photo thought that she’d been caught and was a little embarrassed as Chen Meimei walked up to her.

“Hi, are you sneakily taking pictures of me?”

“Other people are too,” she stammered. “I’m not the only one!”

Lan Jinyao gave her a wide grin. “Are you going to post it on Weibo? I give you my permission to take pictures of us; no need to hide it.”

She walked to Fu Bainian’s side and made a heart gesture with her fingers next to his face. Their heads were close together. “Come on. Take all the pictures you want.”

With her enthusiastic permission, the young girl used her phone to take a dozen pictures. She even told Lan Jinyao to change her pose, the two of them clearly having too much fun doing this. The odd one out was Fu Bainian, who maintained his neutral expression. It was evident that he wasn’t happy about the situation, but he still patiently let them take the pictures.

After the girl published a post on Weibo, Lan Jinyao immediately liked it and shared it. She also made Fu Bainian do the same.

Fu Bainian stared at the post on his Weibo - the wording was so much more childish than his usual posts. He rubbed at the centre of his eyebrows in resignation. He’d underestimated this woman’s IQ. When he saw her taking pictures of the restaurant entrance, he’d thought that she was going to take matters into her own hands. He never expected that she’d be so good at using the crowd to her advantage.

After Fu Bainian shared that Weibo post, Xu Jin’ge’s Weibo descended into chaos. All her fans were telling her to speak up. Otherwise, her husband was going to be taken by that shameless woman - they meant Lan Jinyao, of course. But, Xu Jin’ge stayed silent. No matter how big of a fuss her fans made, she didn’t post anything on Weibo.

After Lan Jinyao went against Xu Jin’ge and tried her best showing how in love she and Fu Bainian was, she suddenly gained a lot of followers. Lan Jinyao looked at her number of followers skyrocketing. Then, she gave the man who was now slicing up steak a dark look. “I have fewer followers than you, a businessman! Don’t you feel proud, Fu Bainian?”

He wiped his mouth and said earnestly, “I know how extraordinary a man I am, so no, I’m not proud about it.”

Yeah, right, such a great man! Just the slightest bit narcissistic.

Alas, he had said that he’d never be interested in her.

Lan Jinyao released a sigh. Fu Bainian fit her bill for the ideal partner, but he was just a little too grumpy.

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