Chapter 159 - Drawing A Clear Line (2)

Chapter 159 - Drawing A Clear Line (2)

When Li Qi had said that the results were out, Lan Jinyao felt very disappointed because although she did her best, her performance was eventually destroyed by Fu Bainian. Fu Bainian had said that he’d give her a chance afterwards, so Lan Jinyao hadn’t made an issue of it. It wasn’t that easy for her to enter that state of melancholy again. Besides, her anger had taken over her emotions now, so how could she still act well?

If Yin Yun broke through the siege with her acting skills and defeated all the other participants, getting picked as a result, then Lan Jinyao wouldn’t have felt as angry as she did.

But, Yin Yun didn’t have any acting skills. Before she’d met Fu Bainian, she was only fluttering amongst the eighteenth rank. If there was no Fu Bainian, even if Yin Yun did her utmost in this lifetime, she might never have been able to proceed to the front line and appear in public.

The scandals with Fu Bainian alone were enough for onlookers to discuss her for a whole year.

While Lan Jinyao was strolling in the park, she received a call from Chen Zetao. “Meimei, you take a good rest and prepare yourself. We’ll start filming the day after tomorrow. When the time comes, I hope that you can arrive slightly earlier.”

Upon hearing this, Lan Jinyao was startled and remained in a daze for a moment before she came to her senses and asked, “Are you sure you called the right number? Li Qi told me that Yin Yun was chosen. Wasn’t that the case?”

Chen Zetao then firmly answered, “Yin Yun’s appearance isn’t bad, but her acting skills aren’t good enough. In other words, her temperament doesn’t suit this film at all.”

At this moment, Chen Zetao’s determined tone made Lan Jinyao realise that Chen Zetao’s work attitude was very strict; his sole aim was to produce a flawless piece of work, and then present it to the audience.

“But, the investors…” She was very curious about how he’d managed to convince the other investors.

Chen Zetao remained silent for a moment before he faintly replied, “President Fu was the one who proposed to switch out Yin Yun, and the other investors didn’t dare to object.”

Lan Jinyao finally smiled. It turned out to be Fu Bainian’s doing. He’d said that he’d take care of this matter, and he’d unexpectedly done it. Yin Yun must be about to die from anger right about now!

“Okay, I’ll be there earlier.”

Chen Zetao then added, “Meimei, there is an underwater scene, and President Fu wanted us to find you a stunt double for this. I personally think that if we want to shoot this part with the best results, you have to do it in person. What do you say?”

Lan Jinyao’s hand subconsciously landed on her belly. Her belly was still flat, so one could make out that she was pregnant yet.

She heaved a sigh, and then said, “Find me a stunt double; I’ll do what Bainian wants!”

“Meimei, if you’re worried about not being able to swim, we’ll have a professional train you to make sure that you won’t have any problems when you go into the water,” Chen Zetao continued in an attempt to persuade her.

Lan Jinyao could sense that Chen Zetao wasn’t unyielding, but his tone carried a hint of determination. He was trying his best to persuade her to go into the water.

“It’s not that I can’t swim, but I really can’t go into the water!”

Her attitude was even more resolute than Chen Zetao’s.

The doctor had told her that she wasn’t allowed to film any fighting scenes nor do any strenuous exercises. In addition, she also wasn’t allowed to soak in cold water as that was bad for her and the fetus in her womb.

She was adamant on not compromising when it came to the baby in her womb.

Chen Zetao hesitated for a moment but didn’t pursue it further. “Alright, I’ll arrange a stunt double for you.”

In her past life, Lan Jinyao had used a lot of stunt doubles. However, ever since she’d become Chen Meimei, she seemed to have never used a stunt double again and did everything on her own; no matter how dangerous the scene was. Her hard work had also left a very good impression on the rest of the crew. Almost everyone had said that the rumoured Chen Meimei and the real Chen Meimei were completely different people.

After staying in the park for a while, Lan Jinyao left, and as soon as she got home, she started to read the script. Her pen highlighted the dialogue between the characters, some internal monologues, and included every motion and expression. This movie had a lot of internal monologues, so her facial expressions had to be on point.

Then, the doorbell abruptly rang while she was engrossed with reading the script. Standing up slowly, Lan Jinyao leisurely went to open the door.

After peeking through the peephole, Lan Jinyao’s hand on the doorknob suddenly froze.

The person standing outside was none other than Yin Yun.

What was that woman doing here? Did she come looking for trouble? Or, was she trying to flaunt some other scandal with Fu Bainian again?

Lan Jinyao waited a long time before opening the door.

Yin Yun stood at the door and angrily stared at her. “Chen Meimei, did you know that the female lead for the movie directed by Director Chen was originally me? But, just because of your relationship with President Fu, it went to you in the end. Chen Meimei, do you think that this is fair towards me?”

Fairness? This woman came to talk to her about fairness? This was truly ridiculous! She didn’t have any acting skills nor the right temperament; she was only able to get that role because of Fu Bainian’s interference.

Lan Jinyao sneered and said, “If you can speak with your acting skills, then you won’t feel that this was unfair.”

“You...Chen Meimei, what acting skills do you have? Back then, you were the one who shamelessly followed President Fu everywhere. If not for President Fu, do you think you could’ve gotten to where you are today? Unexpectedly, you managed to marry into the Fu family; you’re truly an expert!”

Lan Jinyao didn’t lower herself to Yin Yun’s level and just coldly stated, “Fu Bainian already told me everything. The reason why he appeared in public with you, and those scandals...all of that was just to put on an act for me to see. He didn’t hide anything from me. But, now that I look at you being all serious, it seems that you want to turn the act into a reality, huh? Let me tell you; Fu Bainian won’t ever fall in love with you. The only person he loves is me.”

These last few words were said in an imposing manner because she was extremely confident of Fu Bainian’s love for her.

“Since Fu Bainian has told you all these secrets, you should know why he asked me to put on an act with him.”

Lan Jinyao hesitated at this point because she didn’t actually know the real reason behind this.

Being confronted by Yin Yun in such an overbearing manner, Lan Jinyao wouldn’t allow herself to bow down, no matter what.

“Of course I know. Fu Bainian’s hand was injured, and he didn’t want me to know lest I worried about him.”

When Yin Yun’s imposing behaviour faded, Lan Jinyao breathed a sigh of relief. She knew that her suspicions were right.

However, the next second, Yin Yun’s smile returned to her face. She stared at Lan Jinyao, her red lips slightly raised.

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