Chapter 158 - Drawing A Clear Line (1)

Chapter 158 - Drawing A Clear Line (1)

In the ward filled with the smell of disinfectant, Lan Jinyao was laying on a hospital bed. As she closed her eyes, the corners of her mouth quietly arched up, revealing a faint smile.

Fu Bainian had finally compromised because of the doctor’s words.

“If there are no fighting scenes, then she can go ahead and act. Most pregnant women who are too idle during their pregnancy and stay at home all day can develop prenatal depression. Work can encourage them to feel better, and it’ll help prevent their imaginations from running wild.”

Lan Jinyao thought that she ought to secretly give the doctor a red envelope as thanks.

When Fu Bainian nervously asked the doctor why she had a stomach ache, the doctor said, “Your wife was in a bad mood, and violent mood fluctuations can lead to fetal breathing movements. During pregnancy, try not to make a pregnant woman angry, and compromise if you can; never quarrel.”

At that time, Fu Bainian, who’d just quarrelled with her, had a look of guilt written all over his face.

Lan Jinyao, who was peeking at Fu Bainian with half-closed eyes, almost burst out laughing when she saw his expression.

However, what lowered her spirits was that even though there was nothing wrong with her health, Fu Bainian still stubbornly made her stay in the hospital, and asked the doctor to give her a full-body examination. She wanted to refuse at first, but Fu Bainian said, “If you don’t do the examination, then you’re not allowed to participate in the movie.”

With this threat, Lan Jinyao behaved herself and quietly lay down on the bed.

After the check-up, she’d be able to take part in the movie production; she’d finally made it!

“If you want to laugh, you can open your eyes and laugh as much as you like. I won’t go back on my word.”

Fu Bainian’s magnetic voice suddenly reverberated in her ear.

Upon hearing this, Lan Jinyao’s eyelids instantly flicked open, and she stared at Fu Bainian with glistening eyes as she said, “Say, would Yin Yun be able to defeat me without your help?”

Fu Bainian gazed at her and solemnly nodded, “She’s able to!”

He’d said that without the slightest hesitation, causing the smile on Lan Jinyao’s face to disappear instantly.

“Can’t you just go along with me and say something nice?!” uttered Lan Jinyao unhappily.

Fu Bainian still solemnly answered, “I’m just telling you the truth. In terms of appearance and acting skills, she can’t compare with you, but she’s impartially ruthless and merciless. You, my dear Jinyao, are too kind-hearted, and you can’t quite read people’s hearts.”

His words rendered Lan Jinyao speechless.

However, her heart had been appeased, and she felt quite content.

Lan Jinyao praised him. “You’re such a sweet talker.”

However, what Fu Bainian had said was true. In her previous life, there was always someone protecting her behind the scenes. She’d initially thought that it was Shen Yu, but later she’d found out that Fu Bainian was the one who was secretly protecting her. At that time, she was indeed very naive, so she’d never seen through Shen Wei’an’s thoughts.

Thinking up to this point, Lan Jinyao recalled something else and asked, “Back then, were you aware of Shen Wei’an’s schemes towards me?”

“No, I didn’t know!” If he’d known, how could he have allowed Shen Wei’an to remain unscathed and by her side?

Fu Bainian then softly added, “At that time, I knew that Shen Wei’an’s character didn’t suit your personality. She was too feisty and competitive, while you, on the other hand, didn’t care about anything. However, you saw her as a friend, so I could only silently guard you from a distance. I didn’t expect that such a thing would happen that day at all. If I had known, I definitely wouldn’t have allowed anything to happen to you.”

What happened that night had not only left a mark in Lan Jinyao’s heart but also Fu Bainian’s. In this lifetime, he didn’t want to recall that scene ever again. That heart-wrenching pain, as if his soul was being pulled from his body, was unbearable.

“Fu Bainian, if only I’d met you earlier, then I wouldn’t have had to go through all that pain.”

Hating a person was very tiring, so she would rather have met Fu Bainian earlier. That way, her fate might’ve been different, and she wouldn’t have had to be reborn nor suffered all the pain that followed.

Fu Bainian’s voice was very low, seemingly shaking a bit as he said, “Yes, I wish I’d met you earlier.”

In fact, he’d noticed her long ago, but at that time, he didn’t know that he’d fallen in love with her. Due to this, he’d never approached her.

Following that, Lan Jinyao sighed and then said, “Fu Bainian, let’s cheer up! Everything is already in the past. We’ll have a baby soon, so we’ll be a joyful family from now on, right?”

Fu Bainian quietly acknowledged her, and the corners of his mouth slightly arched upwards.

In the afternoon, Lan Jinyao was preparing to be discharged from the hospital when Li Qi and Xiaolin came to visit her. They’d even brought her a fruit basket.

Li Qi asked with concern, “What happened to you?”

Lan Jinyao pointed at Fu Bainian and pouted, “It’s all his fault!”

Li Qi glanced at Fu Bainian but didn’t speak.

“Li Qi, what’s the current situation at the company? How’s Yin Yun’s audition progressing?”

“Yin Yun, she…” Li Qi was about to play down Yin Yun’s audition, but after taking a quick glimpse at Fu Bainian, he quickly rephrased what he was going to say. “Yin Yun’s performance was quite good, her acting etc. was…”

Li Qi was in a bit of a quandary because he literally couldn’t go on anymore.

“When you’re praising Yin Yun, doesn’t your conscience bother you?”

Li Qi: “...” President Fu was also present and watching him! What else could he do? He couldn’t just deprecate Yin Yun in front of him, right?!

He could only look at them with a distressed expression.

“Tell me the truth; Fu Bainian won’t blame you as we’ve already reached a consensus. I've already decided on this role.”

Following that, Li Qi’s eyes widened in surprise. “Are you sure you’ve reached an agreement? I mean, the role has already been granted to Yin Yun and, when that happened, Director Chen lost his temper. Unfortunately, there were no options as the other investors all thought that Fu Bainian was supportive of Yin Yun, so…”

As soon as he said that, Lan Jinyao got angry. “How’s that possible?! Fu Bainian, you lied to me again!”

Fu Bainian blinked and innocently said, “I really didn’t lie to you.”

“Whether you did or not, you can ask your heart,” Lan Jinyao angrily returned in a high-pitched voice.

She then asked Li Qi, “So what now?”

Li Qi: “...” She seemed to have asked the wrong person. President Fu was still standing there, yet she’d asked him, her Manager, ‘what now?’ Was it really okay to ignore her husband like this?

Fu Bainian, who’d been neglected, finally spoke up, “I’ll take care of this matter.”

Lan Jinyao harrumphed and walked away, towards the exit.

She thought: For now, she’d believe in Fu Bainian. But, if he didn’t fix this issue, then she’d let him have a taste of her wrath.

Fu Bainian coldly glared at Li Qi. “If it hadn’t been for your loose mouth, I’d have already taken care of this issue.”

“...” The innocent Li Qi, who stood frozen on the spot, could only look at him with an aggrieved expression.

Then, Fu Bainian quickly followed after Lan Jinyao and seized her hand to walk out hand-in-hand.

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