Chapter 155 - Audition (1)

Chapter 155 - Audition (1)

The audition date for Chen Zetao’s film had already been set; it would take place tomorrow.

Lan Jinyao was still sleeping when her phone rang, so she groggily picked up Chen Zetao’s call. Chen Zetao said that all the participating artists would go to the company tomorrow to audition. Blue Hall Entertainment was the biggest investor this time, so the audition would be held there.

Chen Zetao sounded somewhat anxious as he spoke. After saying a few words, he immediately asked her if she was done considering, and told her that if she didn’t show up tomorrow, she might not have a chance anymore afterwards.

However, Lan Jinyao simply answered the same as before, “I’ll think about it.”

After a moment of silence, Chen Zetao finally said, “Tomorrow, you can come over directly when you make your decision.”

Lan Jinyao could hear a trace of helplessness in Chen Zetao’s voice. After all, he’d held a lot of hope for Chen Meimei’s acting after he saw her potential. Even though she hadn’t interacted with him that much, she could still sense that.

In fact, this was a blessing for Chen Meimei, but she chose to forego this opportunity.

After hanging up the phone, Lan Jinyao just remained seated in the chair, lost in thought. Actually, the film directed by Chen Zetao was safe for her to act in. There were no fighting scenes at all as this was a literary and artistic film. Chen Zetao wanted to use it to seize the upcoming awards.

If she could’ve decided on her own, she’d have definitely agreed, but there was still Fu Bainian. He was so concerned about the child in her belly that he was always worried about her knocking into something. If she proposed to act in a movie now, she could already guess that he would never allow her to do so. So, the question now could she get Fu Bainian to agree to this?

In the evening, Fu Bainian arrived home on time as usual. As he entered the living room, both his hands were filled with shopping bags, and Fu Changning, who was following him, was also carrying loads of bags in her hands.

Upon seeing this, Lan Jinyao teased, “Are the two of you planning to move the entire shop back here?”

Fu Changning smiled playfully as she said, “These are all for you and the baby. I heard that a pregnant woman needs to eat more, so I brought you a lot of food. You must eat more, and give birth to a good-looking and cute little baby.”

Fu Bainian also had a gentle smile plastered on his face as he walked over, making Lan Jinyao unable to move her gaze away from him. She’d always felt that Fu Bainian’s face was very much in demand in the entertainment industry, and he most definitely had more fans than the current A-list male artists.

Then, Fu Bainian sat down next to her and kissed her on the cheek. When Fu Changning saw this, she quickly covered her eyes. That lovey-dovey scene was too much for her.

“Brother, your lil sis is still here, and yet you dare to openly feed me so much PDA? You’re not even trying to avoid being seen by me; is that really okay?”

Lan Jinyao hurriedly pushed Fu Bainian away and said, “That’s right, you must pay attention to your image.”

At this moment, his image as an aloof President had completely crumbled.

Fu Bainian then impolitely shooed Changning away. “Since you’re aware that we need some time alone, why don’t you quickly go back home? You can leave after you put the things away.”

“You’re truly something else!” Fu Changning gave Fu Bainian a thumbs-up, and then left with a hopeless look on her face.

When Lan Jinyao saw Fu Changning leave, she ruthlessly pinched Fu Bainian’s arm and said, “What are you doing? Changning finally had the time to come over for a bit, yet you were in such a hurry to drive her away. When you were messing around with others out there, leaving me alone at home, it was all thanks to Changning’s company that I was okay. Otherwise, the child would’ve been long gone.”

Now, Fu Changning’s credits were tremendous. At that time, she was so sad that she felt like she couldn’t hold on any longer. It was all thanks to Fu Changning guarding her by her side and carefully enlightening her that she’d managed to pull through those sad moments.

Fu Bainian pulled a sullen face and confessed, “I was wrong, I’m sorry for making you suffer so many grievances. At the time, I had no other choice.”

Lan Jinyao glanced at him and held back her smile as she said, “You had no choice? You were in the wrong, so what can the words ‘I had no other choice’ resolve? It’s all an excuse!”

And, Fu Bainian could only repeatedly nod. “Yes, yes, yes, it’s all an excuse.”

Lan Jinyao lightly grunted and didn’t bother with him anymore. Even if Fu Bainian didn't want to tell her those things, she would find out sooner or later.

Then, Fu Bainian put his ear on her belly and listened to the movements inside. Lan Jinyao looked at him and wanted to laugh. However, it wasn’t long before the smile tugging at her lips faded.

Her mind was filled with the words that Chen Zetao had said to her this morning.

Chen Zetao understood her very well; he knew that she wanted to go to the audition.

Ever since they’d laid down on the bed, Lan Jinyao had had a distracted look on her face. She’d occasionally stare at Fu Bainian with an ‘I have something to say’ expression, which soon attracted Fu Bainian’s attention.

“You’ve got something to say to me?” asked Fu Bainian.

Lan Jinyao quickly nodded.

She’d decided that she would talk it over with Fu Bainian tonight, and convince him to let her go audition tomorrow morning. Li Qi had taken such a long break along with her, so it was time for him to find something to do now.

Just as Lan Jinyao was about to open her mouth, Fu Bainian put his hand over her mouth and said, “You don’t need to say anything, I won’t agree no matter what.”

“Mm-hmm!” Lan Jinyao’s eyes widened, and she removed his hand from her mouth.

“You didn’t even listen before disagreeing! Do you know what I’m trying to say then?” she asked as she frowned, displeased.

Fu Bainian inexplicably smiled and said, “Of course I know what you’re trying to say. You were going to ask me if I’ll allow you to go shoot a new movie, am I right?”

Was there anything they couldn’t say to one another? This was the only thing she couldn’t bring herself to talk about.

Her words hadn’t yet been said, but Fu Bainian had already guessed her thoughts. Lan Jinyao held her forehead and sighed. Her thoughts were so easy to read now?

Fu Bainian grumpily said, “You don’t have to sigh. The most important thing now is not work, but the child in your belly.”

Lan Jinyao glanced at him and wept. “If I didn’t have the baby, would you still be so nice to me?”

It looked like Fu Bainian was determined not to let her go to the audition tomorrow, so she had to think of a good reason to convince him.

“Of course, this child is the fruit of our love.”

Lan Jinyao was rendered speechless. To think that the Great President Fu, who’d always been arrogant and aloof, would say such honeyed words. He was simply copying the lines of a romance drama!

“But, Fu Bainian, I want to go, please just let me go this once. It’s still too early for the baby to be born, so why don’t you let me go?”

He could use an actor’s lines, and she could act; the only thing left was to see who was better.

That night, Lan Jinyao drank three glasses of warm water. She had been ranting non-stop in Fu Bainian’s ear. Sometimes she would act coquettish, and sometimes she would threaten him, saying that she would rest for a while when she was tired, and drink a sip of water when she was thirsty. Fu Bainian was already lying in bed with his eyes closed; he simply turned a deaf ear to her words.

Lan Jinyao patted Fu Bainian’s face, and added, “If you remain silent, I’ll take it as you agreeing!”

Fu Bainian still didn’t say anything.

Lan Jinyao secretly smiled and planted a kiss on Fu Bainian’s lips. Following that, she saw a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

She then gently whispered, “Thank you!”

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