Chapter 153 - Who Killed Her (2)

Chapter 153 - Who Killed Her (2)

Until now, whenever Lan Jinyao looked at Lan Xin’s face, she’d still fall into a trance. Her face looked too similar; like it was carved from the same mould, but in fact, Lan Xin had simply gotten plastic surgery.

Back then, the news following Lan Xin’s first public appearance had been suppressed. However, when Lan Xin later appeared in public again as an artist under Blue Hall Entertainment, her background and her past had been dug up by the paparazzi. Even the record of her getting plastic surgery was made known to the public.

When the reporters had asked Lan Xin why she’d done plastic surgery, she just bluntly said that this face was beautiful.

Lan Jinyao stared at Lan Xin’s face for a long while before she retracted her gaze.

“Lan Xin, I actually want to ask you something, so I asked to meet up today.”

As soon as Lan Xin heard this, she instantly caught on to what Lan Jinyao wanted to ask her about. She didn’t wait and intercepted as she said, “As I said before; I don’t want to tell anyone about anything concerning Shen Wei’an and’re no exception.”

Lan Jinyao was rendered speechless by this. She’d just started the conversation, yet this topic was already shot down by Lan Xin. What was she supposed to say next?!

“Okay, then I won’t ask you anything related to Shen Wei’an. Instead, I’d like to know how you’re associated with Xu Hao!”

While she was filming on location, she’d realised that Xu Hao was acting fishy. In addition to all the things that had happened before that, it wasn’t hard for her to notice that Xu Hao was showing undeniable concern towards Shen Wei’an. He was even willing to be her spare tire. However, in actual fact, Xu Hao was helping someone else.

In the beginning, Lan Jinyao couldn’t relate Xu Hao to Lan Xin. After all, one was the famous King of Acting, while the other was an unknown newcomer; how could these two be related? When she’d noticed that the two had the same goal, she’d guessed that they must be on the same side.

Following that, Lan Xin’s expression became very unnatural, and she subconsciously avoided Lan Jinyao’s gaze. Upon seeing this, Lan Jinyao became even more confident that she’d hit the bull’s eye.

However, Lan Xin remained silent and poured Lan Jinyao a cup of tea instead.

“Have a taste!”

Lan Jinyao pulled an inexplicable expression as she picked up the teacup and smelled a familiar tea scent. It was one of her favourites.

“Do you like the flavour?” asked Lan Xin all of a sudden.

Lan Jinyao nodded and replied, “Yes, I really like it. This flavour has always been very special to me.”

She finally understood why Lan Xin had chosen to meet in this teahouse; it was only here that they could produce this kind of tea. In the past, whenever she had time to rest, she’d come here. She’d usually wear a sweatshirt and sunglasses, and no one would recognise her.

Lan Xin smiled and said, “This tea holds a special meaning to me as well because a famous actress used to like this flavour.”

Upon hearing this, Lan Jinyao’s heart skipped a beat, and she instantly became more alert.

There was no doubt that the famous actress in question was her; she just didn’t expect Lan Xin to be so attentive towards her former self.

Lan Xin then added, “I’ve always thought that you are very similar to her, so I believed that you’d definitely like this flavour, and I was right.”

Could it be that she was found out by Lan Xin? Lan Jinyao thought in a trance. She didn’t even notice that the primary topic had already been changed by Lan Xin. Moreover, the questions that she’d wanted to ask today hadn’t been asked yet.

Lan Xin drank a mouthful of tea with an intoxicated look on her face. Lan Jinyao felt that her current expression was truly a carbon copy of her former self; it was the same face and expression. Had it not been for the fact that she knew that everything that had happened wasn’t a dream, she’d probably have deemed that Lan Xin was her.

Then, Lan Xin carefully put down her teacup with a gentle smiling expression. “She’d always been a very understanding and soft person, never making things difficult for others. When others didn’t want to answer her questions, she also wouldn’t be overbearing and inquire further.”

Lan Jinyao finally understood. It turned out that Lan Xin had this bit waiting for her.

“I think you’re very similar to her, so I believe that you won’t question further if others don’t want to answer, right?”

Lan Xin coldly stared at her, no longer smiling.

Lan Jinyao remained silent for a moment before she nodded and said, “Alright, I won’t question you further on this matter on one condition; that must answer my next question honestly.”

This room was exclusively theirs and had excellent sound insulation, so Lan Jinyao was certain that no one could eavesdrop on their conversation.

Lan Xin scornfully smiled and said, “What if I refuse? We’re friends, so it’s okay if we come out for tea and chit chat. However, if you want to question me like a convict, then I’m sorry.”

Lan Xin’s alertness was maxed, and she was prickly like a heavily armed hedgehog. Lan Jinyao understood that she’d touched Lan Xin’s bottom line; it seemed that she wouldn’t be able to get anything out of her today.

Anyhow, since she wouldn’t be able to get anything out of her, she could just take an indirect approach!

“Lan Xin, it’s precisely because you’re my friend that I want to give you some friendly advice. Even if you want to do something, don’t go overboard, and don’t let anyone find out, because anyone can become an uncertain factor that could destroy your plan.”

After she said this, Lan Xin became somewhat impatient and asked, “What are you trying to say?”

Lan Jinyao didn’t mind her and slowly explained, “What I want to say is that Shen Wei’an’s corpse has been found, and the police believe that Shen Wei’an didn’t die by accident and was murdered instead. Now the police have set up a special investigation team to look into this.”

Upon hearing this, Lan Xin didn’t speak for a long time, and a dead silence fell in the room.

After what felt like a century, Lan Xin suddenly broke out into laughter. At least in Lan Jinyao’s eyes, Lan Xin had already lowered her guards completely. This made Lan Jinyao frown in puzzlement. Could it be that what she’d just said sounded funny to other’s ears?

Lan Xin finally stopped smiling with great difficulty. She rubbed her stiff cheeks as she said, “Yeah, whenever this topic is brought up, I feel thrilled. Say, even the Heavens don’t want someone as bad as Shen Wei’an to live in this world. She went through the trouble to flee to a secretive place, yet was still eliminated by someone in the end.”

“This just proves that she has too many enemies,” added Lan Xin.

Lan Jinyao then asked cautiously, “Weren’t you...behind this matter?”

“Haha, what made you think that I was the one who did it?”

Lan Xin stared at Lan Jinyao with a straightforward look on her face, leaving Lan Jinyao with no clues whatsoever.

“I initially thought…”

Following this, Lan Xin’s laughter echoed again in the quiet room.

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