Chapter 152 - Who Killed Her (1)

Chapter 152 - Who Killed Her (1)

The face was already beyond recognition. Besides, being in an environment like the morgue made it horrifying.

Lan Jinyao subconsciously grabbed Fu Bainian’s hand, exerting quite a lot of strength and not allowing him to break free.

Fu Bainian sighed and said, “With the body looking like this, can you still recognise if she’s Shen Wei’an?”

They used to live together, so they more or less knew a few things about each other that outsiders wouldn't notice!

Lan Jinyao nodded. After glancing at the swollen corpse once more, she quickly looked away. She then walked up to Shen Wei’an’s arm. The unruly Shen Wei’an had a tattoo on her arm with a very unique pattern, as the design was based on Shen Yu’s English name.

When she saw the blurry tattoo on the body, Lan Jinyao breathed a sigh of relief and said, “That’s right, it’s her.”

“So, you can rest assured now?”

Lan Jinyao nodded, and then the two of them walked out hand in hand. It wasn’t until this moment that Lan Jinyao finally felt at ease.

On the way home, Fu Bainian suddenly asked, “How were you so certain that that was Shen Wei’an? In my opinion, that corpse was already beyond identification, and none of her features were visible.”

“Didn’t you see it just now?” Lan Jinyao was somewhat speechless as she asked this. Fu Bainian already knew the answer, yet he still asked. He’d clearly seen the tattoo on Shen Wei’an’s arm.

Yet, Fu Bainian deliberately said, “You tell me about it!”

Lan Jinyao didn’t understand Fu Bainian’s purpose, so she glared at him before saying, “You already know the answer, but you’re still asking. You saw the tattoo on Shen Wei’an’s arm, right? Although her skin was mushy, the tattoo’s outline could still be identified. The tattoo was derived from Director Shen’s English name, so I recognised it at a glance.”

“How did you recognise it at a glance?” Fu Bainian steadily followed up with another question.

“Aren’t you asking the obvious? I used to live with her, and you know how hot it can get during the summer, so we’d usually wear tank tops at home and I could see Shen Wei’an’s tattoo every day. Besides, I was with her when she got that pattern tattooed, so as soon as I saw it, I thought of Director Shen.”

After saying all this, Lan Jinyao stared at Fu Bainian suspiciously. Did someone else’s soul invade Fu Bainian’s body today, or else why would he ask these kinds of stupid questions?

“So, I guess that apart from you, no one else has seen Shen Wei’an’s tattoo before?!”

Lan Jinyao nodded with certainty. The fact that Shen Wei’an liked Shen Yu was no longer a secret between them. It was just that Shen Wei’an had never wanted others to know, and this was the most humble and difficult to mention secret she had buried in her heart. Besides, it was unknown how many beds she’d climbed in just to soar to the top. In fact, Shen Wei’an subconsciously understood that this kind of behaviour made her unworthy of Shen Yu. But, she’d always deceived herself and put on an arrogant front.

“That’s the main point!” Fu Bainian slightly narrowed his eyes and continued, “In that case, how did Shen Wei’an’s Assistant recognise that it was Shen Wei’an and rush to the scene in the first moments? How come she was so certain that it was Shen Wei’an’s corpse? Even if it were Shen Wei’an’s closest relatives, they would still have some suspicions, right?!”

That was right. After all, her face was completely distorted.

Fu Bainian’s words had planted a seed of doubt in Lan Jinyao’s heart which dawned on her like a bolt from the blue. The seed of doubt had seemingly burst out of the ground, quickly evolving into an entangled vine.

“You mean to say that that wasn’t Shen Wei’an’s carcass?” Lan Jinyao suddenly asked, her tone a little heavy.

Fu Bainian shook his head. “I didn’t say that. I just thought that there were some dubious points since this was labelled as a murder case by the police.”

Following that, he glanced at Lan Jinyao and freed one of his hands to rub her head. “Alright, don’t think about it any further. I’ll take you home first. No matter the outcome, the police will take care of it. All you have to do is to set your mind at rest and wait for the outcome of the investigation.”

“Mhmm!” Lan Jinyao lightly answered, but her mood became heavier by the second.

This case was labelled as a homicide, but the police hadn’t gotten ahold of any evidence yet. But, if the person in the morgue was really Shen Wei’an, then she believed that she already had a clue as to who killed Shen Wei’an.

When they got home, Fu Bainian accompanied her for a while before he reluctantly returned to the company under Lan Jinyao’s constant objections.

It wasn’t until recently that Lan Jinyao had noted that Fu Bainian’s hand extended quite far. Whether it was the opposition towards River Group Corporation or the continuous expansion of his territory, it was necessary for Fu Bainian to lead everything personally. He didn’t have any time to rest at all. As far as his ambition was concerned, Lan Jinyao understood that it was useless for her to persuade him by herself, so she simply kept quiet.

Not long after Fu Bainian had left, Lan Jinyao phoned Lan Xin. Lan Xin had entered the scene at a much later stage, so she’d never managed to get a lot of resources. It was still okay at the beginning, but afterwards, there was no more contact and no mention of her on the Internet.

Only now did Lan Jinyao realise that she hadn’t been in touch with Lan Xin for a very long time.

Lan Xin’s number was still stored in her phone, so she found it as soon as she searched for it. The call connected, but no one picked up.

Meanwhile, Lan Jinyao recalled Shen Wei’an’s previous incident. Back then, Shen Wei’an’s room was smeared with bright red blood. When Lan Jinyao went to ask Lan Xin about it, Lan Xin didn’t deny and had instead openly admitted that it was her doing. As for the other actress, she was just hyping things up and nothing more.

In that case, if it was really like what the police had said this time, then Lan Xin...could it be that she was the murderer?

About ten minutes later, Lan Jinyao made another call, but yet again, no one answered.

Was Lan Xin deliberately not answering, or was she too busy running away to notice?

Lan Jinyao couldn’t find the answer to this question, so she simply gave up and didn’t call again. However, to her surprise, Lan Xin returned her call soon after; her voice sounding somewhat delighted as she spoke, “How come you have the time to call me today? I thought that you’d completely withdrawn from the entertainment industry.”

“I missed you, of course. Are you available now? How about we meet up to catch up a bit?”

Lan Xin then replied, “Okay sure! Say, did you get traumatised by those paparazzi? I heard that you’ve stopped taking on work; is that true? Did you stop working to make time for your family?”

Lan Jinyao laughed at this and said, “Let’s first meet up tonight and then talk. You choose a quiet place and let me know where!”

Lan Xin didn’t hesitate and immediately agreed to her request.

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