Chapter 151 - Suspecting It Was Shen Wei’an’s Corpse (2)

Chapter 151 - Suspecting It Was Shen Wei’an’s Corpse  (2)

The next day, the murder case of a popular actress had swept across all the media channels. Shen Wei’an’s Assistant was crying hysterically with a runny nose in front of the camera, repeatedly confirming that it was Shen Wei’an’s corpse.

Lan Jinyao replayed the scene several times as she stared at the TV, just to verify that Shen Wei’an’s Assistant wasn’t acting and was instead telling the truth.

However, Shen Wei’an’s death was bizarre. The police said that she’d drowned and that her entire body, including her face, had been submerged in the water for too long. Due to this, her face had been disfigured, and since it was such a disturbing sight, it was best not to show it to avoid scaring the fans and negatively impacting their emotions.

From start to finish, Shen Wei’an’s corpse was covered by a piece of white cloth, so no trace of that so-called distorted face could be seen on screen.

Fu Bainian arrived home at noon and accompanied her out for a meal. After that, the two of them went straight to the hospital. For the time being, Shen Wei’an’s corpse hadn’t been touched yet. The police had said that this case was still full of doubtful points, so a lab test must be done to examine the corpse.

Lan Jinyao took advantage of a quiet period at the hospital to slip in. Fu Bainian had good connections and had established a good relationship with the hospital, so it was quite easy for them to get in without many people noticing. It could be said that they’d managed to enter the morgue smoothly.

A man in a white coat was fiddling with the corpse, and the white cloth covering the corpse was also lifted. However, they couldn’t see the face when they walked in as that person was blocking it.

Upon seeing this, Lan Jinyao felt a little nervous and tightly grasped Fu Bainian’s hand as they slowly walked forward.

When Fu Bainian saw her like this, he thought that she was scared, and immediately held hand tighter as he said, “If you’re scared, we can turn around and go back now. We don’t need to delve into it being true or false.”

It seemed that Fu Bainian’s sudden voice startled the man in white. He turned around and stared at them with a frown on his face as he said, “Outsiders aren’t allowed to come in here as they wish.”

When Lan Jinyao heard this, she hurriedly explained, “We aren’t outsiders, we are Shen Wei’an...Wei’an’s relatives.”

The man eyed Lan Jinyao suspiciously, apparently not wholly believing her words. Why would the victim’s relative show this kind of not sad nor happy expression? Seems more likely that they’re strangers.

Lan Jinyao was also helpless. In fact, there were no issues with her acting skills, but no matter how good her acting skills were, she was unable to shed even one teardrop for Shen Wei’an, the main culprit behind her death.

The man’s piercing gaze swept back and forth between Fu Bainian and Lan Jinyao, and he eventually came to a conclusion as he said, “You guys must be Shen Wei’an’s fans, right? Recently, many people have visited and claimed to be the victim’s family members, while in fact, they were either journalists or Shen Wei’an fans. I understand why you’re doing this, but there is currently no progress on this case, so outsiders aren’t allowed to come in contact with the corpse.”

When the two saw his piercing gaze, they realised that he was determined not to let them get close to the corpse.

Lan Jinyao looked somewhat helplessly at Fu Bainian and asked, “What do we do now?”

After sneaking in with great difficulty, they had unexpectedly run into this person who was disrupting their plans and blocking their way.

Fu Bainian didn’t reply, and instead, he fished out his phone and made a call.

A while later, a man who was all smiles ran up to them and stood in front of Fu Bainian. “This is our hospital’s orthopaedist, and he didn’t know about you. Please don’t mind him!”

Lan Jinyao resisted the urge to laugh when she saw his fawning attitude.

“Little Wang, this is President Fu. You can continue your work in a bit, but let President Fu have a look first. The victim was an artist signed under the banner of President Fu’s company, so they were friends.”

The man glanced at Fu Bainian before reluctantly walking out.

However, the words that the Director had said earlier were truly unpleasant to the ear.

After the Director walked out, Lan Jinyao poked fun at Fu Bainian. She patted his chest and said, “Shen Wei’an was your friend, huh? How come I didn’t know?”

Fu Bainian smiled and calmly replied, “The Director was just saying whatever he wanted. He’s a brown-noser and always says things to please others, so don’t mind him.”

Lan Jinyao scoffed and didn’t refute what he’d said. The Director seemed like an astute person, so if Fu Bainian hadn’t personally mentioned such a thing in front of him, how would he get the chance to talk rubbish?

Nevermind, there was a more critical issue at hand, so she had to quickly check and confirm whether that person lying there was Shen Wei’an. If that was her, then she could set her mind at ease and enjoy her life without worries. If not, then...things wouldn’t be so easy.

At the thought of this possibility, Lan Jinyao’s expression instantly dimmed.

Fu Bainian let go of her hand and said, “You have to be mentally prepared. The police have said that Shen Wei’an no longer looks the same. Her current distorted look might scare you.”

Lan Jinyao smiled and indifferently said, “It doesn’t matter. How scary could it be? Wasn’t her face just deformed from being soaked in water?”

Fu Bainian had initially wanted to respond: Sometimes, what you imagine might not be the same in reality, and the imagined scenario you could accept might be due to you subconsciously beautifying a horrific picture. In reality, though, it was completely different. Your eyes won’t deceive you; they will feed the actual scenes you see back to your brain.

However, when he saw Lan Jinyao in high spirits, he hesitated once more and lost the opportunity to say anything.

Fu Bainian extended his hand and lifted the white cloth covering over the corpse, revealing Shen Wei’an’s face. Lan Jinyao looked over, and her eyes instantly widened as she subconsciously held her breath. Following that, a piercing scream echoed within the spacious morgue.

The shriek was so loud that it could practically overturn the entire roof.

Fu Bainian quickly covered her eyes, and a trace of worry appeared in his eyes.

“What did I tell you? You shouldn’t have looked at that.”

Fu Bainian’s words were filled with deep concern, but Lan Jinyao still felt unhappy and pushed him away. “I had to see it with my own eyes. You should know that this person is my innermost nightmare, buried in the deepest part of my heart. If I don’t see it with my own eyes, I won’t feel at ease.”

To this day, she was still afraid to stand on rooftops and look at the views. Everyone thought that she was merely afraid of heights.

However, people didn’t know that if she was really afraid of heights, why would she have that kind of reaction?

Fu Bainian choked on her words and stopped talking.

Lan Jinyao walked over to recheck the corpse, and this time, Fu Bainian wanted to be prepared, so he covered her mouth.

“Let go! I won’t scream again.” Earlier, she just wasn’t mentally prepared.

As was reported by the news anchor, Shen Wei’an’s face had already turned pale and was completely distorted. Not even the outline of her face could be made out.

Lan Jinyao instantly frowned at this sight.

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