Chapter 150 - Suspecting It Was Shen Wei’an’s Corpse (1)

Chapter 150 - Suspecting It Was Shen Wei’an’s Corpse  (1)

In the evening, Fu Bainian hadn’t yet returned, and Lan Jinyao was sitting on the sofa watching the news. Since the drama starring her had been broadcast, her popularity continued to rise, even managing to surpass her popularity from her previous life. However, when one became more popular, more scandals would follow suit. The media had posted many of those earlier scandals about her and Jiang Cheng without evidence; then a certain internet celebrity had commented that those scandals might be for the sake of hyping things up before the drama’s release. Soon after that, the storm had calmed down, and no one commented on this anymore.

Following that, Fu Bainian and Yin Yun’s scandal brought the media’s attention back to the previous news reports.

Nearly all the entertainment news agencies used photos of Lan Jinyao and Jiang Cheng or images of Fu Bainian and Yin Yun as their front cover. When Lan Jinyao saw the TV host hyping things up with her exaggerated words, she could only speechlessly shake her head and press a button on the remote control to switch channels.

After lazily switching channels several times, Lan Jinyao’s gaze suddenly locked on a particular scene on the TV.

It was a case of a murder and body dumping. The reporter was currently interviewing the police at the wastelands in the western suburbs, and behind the policeman, a young girl was kneeling on the ground, wailing. Beside her, there was a body covered with a white cloth.

However, the moment Lan Jinyao switched to this channel, she saw the crying girl’s face. That was Shen Wei’an’s Assistant! She was probably the only person in this world who thought Shen Wei’an was a good person.

The girl was crying and grieving so sadly, that corpse covered with a white cloth...whose was it?

Shen Wei’an’s!

Shen Wei’an had meticulously planned everything and then fled the city, yet now she made her appearance in such a way. This was Heaven’s will!

Lan Jinyao looked at the TV screen and laughed. She laughed so hard that she started tearing up. She’d wanted to take revenge for such a long time, but she didn’t expect that Shen Wei’an would actually die by someone else’s hands.

At this moment, Lan Jinyao felt that she was like a female ghost with deep grudges who would vanish in a puff of smoke once her enemy died.

Lan Jinyao now felt empty in her heart. After a while, she finally stopped laughing and extended her hand to stroke her lower abdomen, her eyes gradually softening.

“She died just like this! That’s also good, I’m alive, and you’re dead. Shen Wei’an, if your soul is still there, will you think that Heaven is being unfair to you again? You’ve killed me, but I’ve been miraculously reborn…”

Even though Fu Bainian was very busy these days, he’d still make an effort to come back home on time at 8 PM every day. And, Yin Yun also never appeared in front of Lan Jinyao again. Though, in the end, Lan Jinyao still didn’t manage to find out what was going on between Fu Bainian and Yin Yun.

When Fu Bainian came back, Lan Jinyao was rubbing her eyes. Under the brightly lit lights, her red eyes made her appear as if she’d cried. When Fu Bainian saw this, he quickened his pace and strode to the sofa. He then sat down next to Lan Jinyao and brushed the corners of her eyes, asking with a dejected gaze, “You’ve been crying? You must’ve seen some nonsensical news again, right? Those paparazzi like to scribble nonsense. Tomorrow, I’ll ask the PR team to get rid of all of that, and I’ll make sure that there are no traces left, alright?”

His words were very gentle, and he specially lowered his voice as he consoled her. His cello-like and suave voice stirred Lan Jinyao’s tranquil heart.

“I didn’t cry because of gossip!” Ever since she took over Chen Meimei’s body, she’d gone through a lot of those things. Chen Meimei’s life was unlucky to begin with, and as soon as she made an appearance on screen, she would be scolded like mad by groups of people, but Chen Meimei herself didn’t mind. She was single-mindedly focused on Fu Bainian, and little did she know that her body would be taken over by Lan Jinyao once she’d died. After experiencing all those things, gossip no longer affected her.

After all, the man being gossipped about was sitting right next to her, so what else did she need to care about?

“Then why did you cry?” Fu Bainian immediately became a little nervous and added, “I heard that women will have prenatal depression once pregnant and always get mood swings; crying one time and laughing at another. When things don’t go their way, they would…”

Those last words, ‘commit suicide’ were held back in his throat before he spoke them.

Lan Jinyao rolled her eyes at him and said, “What are you saying? There’s no such thing! Besides, I wasn’t crying at all; I was laughing.”

And your eyes got red from laughter? Who’d believe that?

Fu Bainian, with his acute senses, certainly didn’t believe her words. However, in front of his wife, he must go with the flow and act along with her.

So, Fu Bainian asked, “Then, why were you laughing?”

“Shen Wei’an...she’s dead!” Lan Jinyao dully said, her tone sounding somewhat relieved as if all the hatred she’d harboured in the past had disappeared along with it.

Upon hearing this, Fu Bainian froze, and only recovered after a long while as he muttered, “She’s dead? That is indeed some good news for you.”

Only now did Fu Bainian finally believe that his wife was indeed laughing and not crying.

Fu Bainian gently pulled Lan Jinyao into his arms and said, “You’re feeling a bit melancholic now, right? As if a goal that you’ve been striving for has finally been accomplished.”

Lan Jinyao nodded; his metaphor was quite vivid and true to life.

“Fu Bainian, do you want to hear a story about Shen Wei’an and me?”

In fact, Fu Bainian was quite clear about those things between her and Shen Wei’an, but at this moment, Lan Jinyao had asked this question in such a sad tone, making his heart ache for her. So, Fu Bainian let her lean on his shoulder and gently responded, “Tell me about it!”

Some things, when said out loud, might make one’s heart feel less uncomfortable.

Lan Jinyao told Fu Bainian about the past. Back then, when she’d entered the entertainment industry, she’d always liked to be alone. She wasn’t sleek or sophisticated, she was unworldly and didn’t attract a lot of attention. She’d only gotten along with Shen Wei’an, but Shen Wei’an was too arrogant, and her interpersonal connections weren’t so good. At that time, the relationship between the two of them was still quite good.

When she got to to the part about their relationship, Lan Jinyao silently added, “That was only my one-sided opinion.”

Indeed, Shen Wei’an had never thought the same way. Shen Wei’an had always believed that Lan Jinyao was standing in her way, blocking her path.

She told Fu Bainian that at that time, she was very lonely because she and Shen Wei’an had different worldviews and values, and that it was only a matter of time before they parted ways, but she didn’t want to be alone.

Fu Bainian tightened his arms around her. “You were never alone.”

When she was done recounting her past, Lan Jinyao heaved a long sigh. She suddenly felt that her mood had seemingly calmed down.

Then, Fu Bainian suddenly asked, “How can you be so sure that the person who died was Shen Wei’an?”

When she heard this, Lan Jinyao felt ridiculous. That’s right, what could an Assistant prove? What could those unsubstantiated speculations from the media prove?

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