Chapter 149 - You Dare Say You Don’t Love Me? (3)

Chapter 149 - You Dare Say You Don’t Love Me? (3)

As soon as Lan Jinyao mentioned this matter, Fu Bainian compromised.

“Fine, you can come with me, but you’re not allowed to go into the hospital. There are too many germs and all kinds of viruses; even the smell of disinfectant can be unbearable...”

Lan Jinyao immediately interrupted him and said, “Okay, fine...I’m not going in. I promise that I’ll just stay outside and watch you enter.”

Fu Bainian held her hand and strode out, his behaviour as cautious and as careful as before, seemingly afraid that she might accidentally fall or bump into something.

Seeing this, the corners of Lan Jinyao’s mouth arched up, and she teasingly said, “Fu Bainian, you’re becoming quite long-winded now!”

Fu Bainian just listened and didn’t bother refuting.

While in the car, Fu Bainian often asked her a question or two, e.g. “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?” or “Are you feeling alright?” and so on. Lan Jinyao felt her patience quickly decline, so at the end of the day, she simply ignored Fu Bainian and let him talk all by himself.

However, Fu Bainian’s attitude had changed drastically compared to previously. Before, he was aloof, indifferent, and had even accompanied that pesky Yin Yun from time to time to show off in front of her, making her feel irritated at the sight of it.

When he arrived at the hospital, Fu Bainian looked at her hesitantly and asked, “How about you come in with me and do a check-up in passing?”

“It’s alright; I won’t go in. You were right, the smell of hospitals make me feel uncomfortable. As for the physical examination, I’ve already made an appointment for that, but it’s not today.”

Fu Bainian then reiterated, “Then, you stay in the car and don’t go walking around on your own. There are too many people coming to and fro, so it’s not very safe.”

Lan Jinyao couldn’t help but chuckle at his words. “Okay, don’t worry. You should hurry up and go in. If you continue dawdling like this, the doctors and nurses all will clock off work before you know it.”

Not long after had Fu Bainian left, Lan Jinyao’s phone rang. It was Chen Zetao. Only now did she suddenly remember what Jiang Cheng had told her that night. He’d said that Fu Bainian was intending to push Yin Yun forward and promote her, so most likely, Yin Yun would get the female lead role for this movie that he’d invested in.

However, she was now...

Lan Jinyao stared at her belly and thought: No matter what her current attitude was, Fu Bainian would certainly not agree.

After hesitating for a moment, she finally answered the call.

“Director Chen, it’s been a while. Why did you suddenly call me? Did you miss me?”

Lan Jinyao deliberately joked with Chen Zetao as soon as she spoke. However, she hadn’t forgotten that matter between Chen Zetao and Chen Meimei. Who said that Chen Meimei didn’t possess any charms? In fact, she had a lot of admirers! The two people who struck her the most were Chen Zetao, and the John Doe who’d previously kidnapped her.

Chen Zetao awkwardly coughed twice and cleared his throat before saying, “You should’ve already guessed the reason why I’m calling you. Recently, you’ve been refusing to take on roles because of President Fu’s affairs. However, the production for the movie ‘Twilight’ can’t be postponed any longer, so I wanted to ask you what your plans are regarding this.”

Before Lan Jinyao could answer, she heard Chen Zetao continue to say, “I’ve seen all the recent entertainment news, and I presume to guess that you must be feeling depressed after seeing the scandal blown out of proportion like this. Fu Bainian didn’t fancy you in the past, yet you were thick-skinned enough to continue pursuing him and was even willing to follow him around like his little tail. I can’t give you much advice, but now that such a thing has happened, I suddenly feel very regretful. If only I could’ve stopped you at that time…”

It seemed that Chen Zetao had been quite worried about her.

Lan Jinyao lightly smiled as she said, “Things between Fu Bainian and I are not as bad as what outsiders think, nor is it like what’s written in the entertainment news. Only we understand what is going on between us, and all I can tell you is one thing; I’m doing very well. Besides, I’ve never regretted my choices.”

It seemed that Chen Zetao was choked by her words as he didn't reply for a long time.

“About this movie, I’d initially given you my word, but now I think I might need to think about it some more before deciding!” After all, the baby in her stomach was more important.

Chen Zetao then said, “Alright, think about it and let me know. I didn’t want to say this at first, but you ought to know that Yin Yun will be present at the audition and everyone from our crew, including all the investors and sponsors, know that Yin Yun was someone recommended by President Fu. When the time comes, Yin Yun will have a very high chance of landing the lead role.”

Lan Jinyao’s expression darkened upon hearing this. Sure enough, Jiang Cheng hadn’t lied to her; Fu Bainian had really recommended Yin Yun. Then, the reason behind this, was that just an act? Or, did he really want to support Yin Yun and promote her?

“Director Chen, let me think about it first! I’m not certain...”

Not certain whether she could act with her present condition or not. She had to wait for the doctor to examine her first, and then ask the doctor about it. She didn’t want to lose her child; she loved her child as much as Fu Bainian did.

Chen Zetao pondered for a moment, and then said to her, “Okay, fine. But, I hope that the next time we meet, you can treat me as a friend and not as a stranger like now.”

Lan Jinyao understood what Chen Zetao was trying to say; he minded the way she addressed him.

“Of course, we are friends, after all. When I see you in the future, I won’t call you Director Chen anymore and just call you by your name. I reckon that when that happens, people may think that I’m coming in through the back door.”

Chen Zetao laughed and said, “About coming in through the back door, this only proves that you have better connections than others, and they can’t prove anything else. Moreover, you’ve already demonstrated your abilities… Let’s go with that for now, and I’ll wait for your call. But, you must know that time is running out, so you’d better hurry and be quick.”

“No problem!”

Right after Lan Jinyao had hung up the call, she saw Fu Bainian coming out of the hospital and walking back towards the car. Fu Bainian saw her with the phone in her hand, and gently asked, “The wait must’ve bored you; let me take you home! Do you want Changning to come and stay with you?”

“No need, I want to go back and rest for a while because last night…”

She suddenly realised that she’d almost spilt the beans and abruptly stopped.

Fu Bainian didn’t seem very satisfied with her hiding something from him and immediately asked, “What happened last night?”

Looking at his nervous expression, Lan Jinyao suddenly recalled something and said, “Last night, you were murmuring some things, which woke me up and I couldn’t sleep after that for a long while. Is there something bothering you?”

Fu Bainian was initially facing her, but the moment she’d asked that question, he’d instantly averted his eyes.

“There’s nothing to worry about; it’s just some work-related matters. When we get back, you should get a good rest! Don’t overthink things so much.”

Lan Jinyao acknowledged Fu Bainian in a low voice, her gaze landing on his arm.

He was obviously injured, but he still refused to tell her about it. Fu Bainian, was he worried that she’d become sad or uneasy after knowing the truth?

What was the story behind all of this; how did he get injured?

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