Chapter 148 - You Dare Say You Don’t Love Me? (2)

Chapter 148 - You Dare Say You Don’t Love Me? (2)

In the quiet room, Lan Jinyao was waiting for Fu Bainian’s answer. However, after she’d asked that sentence, Fu Bainian didn’t say anything for a long while.

This kind of stiff ambience made Lan Jinyao very uncomfortable. If she were alone, she would rather things stay quiet and tranquil, but whenever she was with Fu Bainian, she’d constantly want to talk some more. After all, they were a married couple who ought to tell each other everything.

“Fu Bainian, promise me that you won’t do this again in the future.” She looked him in the eye and firmly threatened him.

However, such a threat didn’t seem to work as Fu Bainian just half-heartedly acknowledged her words. With one look at his expression, one could see that he was simply indulging her and didn’t intend to follow her words at all.

Lan Jinyao was rendered speechless. In any case, she couldn’t just grab him and beat some sense into him, right?!

Then, she suddenly remembered the cause of the injury and asked Fu Bainian, “You got injured when you were abroad, right? How was it possible for you to get injured on a business trip?”

Since his arm was wrapped in several layers of gauze, she couldn’t see what kind of wound it was, nor what might have caused it. She could only guess that since Fu Bainian had chosen to hide this matter from her, it must be extremely severe.

“It was just an accident; it’s not a big deal!”

Here we go again, Lan Jinyao thought. Yet, she wasn’t angry at his perfunctory attitude.

“Okay, I won’t ask further. However, Fu Bainian, you have to promise me that you’ll be careful in the future.”

Fu Bainian then recalled something, and his expression darkened for a moment as he replied, “I promise you.”

“You’re not allowed to be careless!” Lan Jinyao reiterated.

Hearing this, Fu Bainian solemnly nodded.

Finally, Fu Bainian asked, “Oh right, you said earlier that you had something to tell me. What is it?”

“I...I’m pregnant!”

Fu Bainian froze for a second, and then asked with a look of astonishment, “What did you just say?”

Lan Jinyao poked his chest and repeated, “I said, I’m pregnant.”

Fu Bainian’s eyes widened in surprise, and he loudly repeated, “I’m going to be a dad, I’m going to be a dad…”

Lan Jinyao leaned happily against his chest now that the boulder pressing against her heart had finally lifted and disappeared. She’d initially thought that Fu Bainian wouldn’t like children. Anyone in her shoes who had seen the situation from before would feel insecure; after all, a man with zero scandals suddenly appeared in public with an artist from the eighteenth tier, leaving an ambiguous impression behind.

However, everything was clear now.

“Look at how happy you are!”

Lan Jinyao lay beside him, her eyes shining brightly and brimming with joy as if the black clouds hovering over her head all this while had dissipated in an instant.

“Let’s go to sleep!” She hugged Fu Bainian and tried her best to avoid the wound on his arm.

Lan Jinyao soon fell asleep, but in the middle of the night, she suddenly woke up when the urge to vomit hit her. She quickly got out of bed and rushed barefoot into the bathroom without even turning on the lights. She leaned forward and retched into the toilet bowl. However, her stomach was empty, so nothing came out.

“Fu Bainian, I feel so uncomfortable…”

Afterwards, she stood up by supporting her hand on the wall. She felt a bit dizzy and only softly called Fu Bainian’s name, afraid of waking him up. She stood in the bathroom for a while before she finally recovered and felt a bit better. She cradled her head with one hand and walked back to the bedroom.

Lan Jinyao was worried about waking Fu Bainian, so when she went to lay down on the bed, her every movement was cautious. Lan Jinyao lowered her head and saw that Fu Bainian was frowning in his sleep.

He clearly looked ecstatic before he went to bed, so why was he frowning in his sleep? Was he having a nightmare? Or, was there something weighing on his mind?

Upon seeing this, Lan Jinyao also frowned.

She stared at Fu Bainian’s face in the dark for a while before finally laying down again. However, she couldn’t fall asleep. As soon as she closed her eyes, Fu Bainian’s frowning expression would appear in her mind.

Why would you get injured? Why were you not willing to tell me about it? Fu Bainian, will you meet with danger again in the future?

The next morning, Lan Jinyao got up very late. The drawn curtains blocked the sunlight, so she didn’t know how late it was. Fu Bainian was nowhere to be seen, and the spot beside her felt cold; it seemed that he must’ve woken up long ago. She rubbed her sore temples before reaching for her phone to check the time.

Lan Jinyao reached out towards the nightstand and searched for her phone for a long time, but she couldn’t find it. So, getting up, she saw that her phone wasn’t there. Her phone was usually placed on the nightstand, but it wasn’t there today.

She puzzled over it as she walked out of the bedroom, finding Fu Bainian right in the middle of eating breakfast. When he saw her come out, he hurried to her side to support her. “Why didn’t you sleep a little longer?”

Seeing him being careful like this, Lan Jinyao couldn’t help feeling amused and said, “What are you doing? I’m just pregnant, so I can still walk. You're way too nervous!”

Fu Bainian, on the other hand, was extremely serious as he said, “You have to be careful, you’re not only one person now.”

When she heard that, Lan Jinyao laughed into her sleeve.

She then remembered her phone, and asked, “Did you put my phone away? Why can’t I find it anywhere?”

Fu Bainian dully said, “I’ve put it away; you can’t touch any electronics now. There’s radiation, so it’s not good for the baby. You must give birth to a beautiful and healthy child.”

His attitude couldn’t help but make Lan Jinyao feel a little sour in her heart, and she bitterly said, “Before this, I've never seen you being so nice and so careful towards me. Now that there’s two of us, your attitude has drastically changed. Say, is our baby more important than me? Could it be that you don’t love me anymore?”

Generally speaking, one would get a headache when women behave irrationally for no reason. However, Fu Bainian seemed to be enjoying it.

Lan Jinyao wasn’t happy, so he gingerly coaxed and consoled her.

As a result, Lan Jinyao became happy once again. But, she still intended to fight for certain things, so she quickly said, “I’m fine with not touching anything else, but my phone can’t be confiscated. I’ve already stopped taking on work, so I’ll really die from boredom without my phone.”

After a period of her acting dainty and coquettish, Fu Bainian reluctantly fished out her phone from his pocket and handed it to her. Then, Lan Jinyao was all smiles and kissed him on the lips.

After dinner, Lan Jinyao had said that she would accompany Fu Bainian to the hospital to change his bandages. However, Fu Bainian didn’t let her go so she felt unhappy and asked him with a long face, “Back then, when you were in the hotel, did you ask Yin Yun to change your bandages? Or else, why would she be there that day?”

Fu Bainian held his forehead and sighed. This matter couldn’t be kept unsaid forever, so he still had to explain things himself.

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