Chapter 146 - A Battle Of Wits Against Yin Yun (3)

Chapter 146 - A Battle Of Wits Against Yin Yun (3)

When the banquet ended, Lan Jinyao took the initiative to go outside. She stood at the hotel’s doorway and waited for Fu Bainian. Tonight, no matter if he were going home or not, she’d keep him.

Seeing Lan Jinyao leave, Jiang Cheng instantly followed her out. After she’d waited for a while, Jiang Cheng went to stand next to her and whispered, “I brought you here; do you need me to be a gentleman and send you back?”

“No need!” Lan Jinyao immediately declined his offer. “Bainian is coming out soon, so I’ll just wait for him to go home together.”

Jiang Cheng sneered with a sarcastic smile and said, “Go home together? As far as I know, President Fu hasn’t been living at home for a long time already. I bet that you guys haven’t even shared a bed for quite a while, right?”

Lan Jinyao was speechless when Jiang Cheng asked this. He was telling the truth, so upon hearing this, Lan Jinyao’s hands instantly clenched into fists.

After a long moment of silence, Lan Jinyao suddenly asked, “You seem to be very clear about Fu Bainian’s matters? You even know when he comes home and when he doesn’t!”

Lan Jinyao felt as if she’d touched the source of his scheme.

The moment this question was asked, Jiang Cheng’s face suddenly darkened, and Lan Jinyao keenly noticed this. She then neared him a little and inquired further. “You’re secretly investigating Fu Bainian, and know about his each and every move, right?”

“So, what if that’s true?”

Jiang Cheng was seen through by Lan Jinyao, so he simply admitted to it. However, Lan Jinyao, on the other, froze when he did so.

“Why are you doing that?” It was very unbelievable for someone as straightforward and upright as him to resort to these kinds of despicable means.

Jiang Cheng had seemingly read her mind as he mockingly said, “I’ve never said that I was a straightforward and upright person. Additionally, I’ve also never said that I wouldn’t resort to despicable and shameless means. You were the one who thought of me like that.”

“As to why I’m doing all of that, I thought you knew already.” Jiang Cheng paused for a second before lowering his voice and whispering in her ear, “I want you. You belong to me, not to Fu Bainian.”

This time, he no longer addressed Fu Bainian as ‘President Fu’, but directly addressed him by his name. His voice was brimming with possessiveness, which frightened Lan Jinyao.

Then, Lan Jinyao quickly pushed him away and said, “I’ve never belonged to you! Jiang Cheng, if possible, I’d rather not have you in my life.”

Jiang Cheng’s expression instantly sunk upon hearing this one sentence. “I’ll leave first!”

He seemingly hated to hear her say those kinds of hurtful words. He briskly turned around and left, his figure quickly disappearing into the distance as he bolted away.

Lan Jinyao slightly frowned as she stared at his disappearing figure. The one that Jiang Cheng liked; was that her, Lan Jinyao, or Chen Meimei?

It seemed that she could only now grasp Jiang Cheng’s intentions.

Following that, Fu Bainian came up behind her and asked, “What did he say to you just now?”

His sudden appearance startled Lan Jinyao. She abruptly turned around and saw Fu Bainian standing there with one hand placed on his belt, and also Yin Yun, who stubbornly clung to him like glue.

Lan Jinyao shook her head and was going to say it was nothing, but when her words came out of her mouth, they changed again. “He told me to pay attention as there’s a certain someone harbouring ulterior motives out there who is eyeing the ‘Mrs. Fu’ position.”

Hearing this, Fu Bainian lightly glanced at Yin Yun and then dully said, “No, that won’t happen.”

Lan Jinyao haughtily smiled and took Fu Bainian’s hand before coquettishly saying in a low voice, “Let’s go home together!”

Her smile seemed to have returned to the same smile as before; it was so pure, it gently stirred his heart. Thus, Fu Bainian couldn’t help but nod.

Afterwards, Lan Jinyao smiled triumphantly at Yin Yun, and then walked away with Fu Bainian, side by side.

Meanwhile, Yin Yun was angrily yelling behind them, “Fu Bainian-”

Fu Bainian halted and, at the same time, Lan Jinyao’s heart skipped a beat.

“President Fu, are you sure you want to go back with Chen Meimei?” Yin Yun solemnly asked. “Are you certain about that?”

At this moment, Lan Jinyao’s intuition told her that there must be something going on between Yin Yun and Fu Bainian that she didn’t know about. But, this had absolutely nothing to do with love, because when Fu Bainian was looking at Yin Yun, his gaze was utterly devoid of it.

Lan Jinyao suddenly tightened her grip on Fu Bainian’s hand. Her fingertips were a bit cold, and Fu Bainian felt it. He slightly turned his face and saw a feeble pleading look in Lan Jinyao’s eyes.

Don’t go...

Her eyes seemed to be conveying this to him.

Fu Bainian hesitated for a moment before finally telling Yin Yun, “You go back by yourself! I’m...going home tonight!”

Upon hearing this, Lan Jinyao’s expression instantly lightened up like a ray of lovely spring sunshine and flowers in full bloom. Fu Bainian blankly stared at her for a long while before his lips curled up into a faint smile.

“Hubby, let’s go home!”

She then looked back at Yin Yun, who seemed to be furious as she stood there, staring at them for a long time. Her eyes were burning with anger, yet she didn’t say another word after that.

Lan Jinyao was particularly happy and was softly humming a song in the front passenger seat.

When Fu Bainian saw that bright smile on her face, he suddenly felt that his dull mood from the past few days had immediately disappeared into nothingness.

“You seem very happy.”

Lan Jinyao couldn’t help but smile. “Of course!”

Fu Bainian didn’t understand why she was so happy, because he didn’t know that in the past she’d been depressed to the point that her heart had almost drowned with despair. There had been countless moments where she’d told herself: Forget it, even if you can’t go on, don’t let yourself feel sad and don’t hurt your heart.

However, she’d persevered and told herself: Fu Bainian wasn’t that kind of person. Although he’d done those hurtful things, he must’ve had his reasons for doing so and couldn’t tell her his feelings.

“Why...did you show up with Jiang Cheng today?”

Fu Bainian was somewhat hesitant when he asked this. He focused on the road ahead, but his hands were tightly gripping the steering wheel, and this movement exposed his inner tension.

When Lan Jinyao heard this, she smiled all the more brightly and asked back, “Do you care about that a lot?”

The answer she got was, without doubt, silence.

Lan Jinyao deliberately waited for a while before answering, “That’s because Jiang Cheng had said that he was going to take me to catch a couple in the act. As a result, I went there and saw you with Yin Yun.”

She suddenly lowered her voice, and pretended to be fierce as she ferociously stated, “Fu Bainian, let me tell you, I absolutely won’t divorce you!”

Lan Jinyao stared into Fu Bainian’s eyes and repeated, “I absolutely refuse!”

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