Chapter 145 - A Battle Of Wits Against Yin Yun (2)

Chapter 145 - A Battle Of Wits Against Yin Yun (2)

Lan Jinyao recalled the night she’d died. Back then, she’d attended a party similar to this one, and at that time, Shen Wei’an hadn’t yet broken the mould, and their relationship was still very good. That day, she’d stood in the corner, quietly drinking wine and listening to Shen Wei’an blabber about her plans. And, Shen Wei’an had always fantasised about a luxurious lifestyle.

Afterwards, Fu Bainian came, and he’d attracted a lot of attention as he walked in, stealing the spotlight. At that time, there were no women around him, and there had never been any scandals. His reputation was so clean that it was inconceivable that he was part of the entertainment industry.

It was later that Lan Jinyao learnt the reason why Fu Bainian was so clean; he already had someone in his heart, and that person was her.

However, Lan Jinyao didn’t understand one thing. They were finally together now, yet Fu Bainian’s attitude towards her had become so odd. She could feel that Fu Bainian loved her dearly, but the things he’d done in the past few days somehow made her feel uneasy.

This time, when Lan Jinyao linked arms with Jiang Cheng as they walked in, they immediately attracted all the attention. In that instant, she detected Fu Bainian’s infuriated gaze on her, like he seemingly wanted to rush over to her side. However, his expression remained as unreadable as usual.

Jiang Cheng pulled her along, step by step, towards Fu Bainian. When the two men’s eyes met in midair, sparks flew everywhere; one with a look of provocation, one with anger.

As soon as Lan Jinyao entered the hall, the dance began. Fu Bainian and Yin Yun were forced aside by the dancing crowd. When Jiang Cheng saw the two of them, he took Lan Jinyao over and stood in front of Fu Bainian.

Yin Yun was dressed very sexily tonight, and her lips were painted a bright red which reminded Lan Jinyao of the lipstick print on Fu Bainian’s body the night she’d first met Yin Yun. As Lan Jinyao recollected this, her expression darkened.

Yin Yun stared at her provokingly, and then coquettishly said, “Bainian, let’s go dance too!”

Just as Yin Yun’s hand was about to seize Fu Bainian’s arm, Lan Jinyao stepped in between them and grabbed Yin Yun’s hand, blocking her from Fu Bainian.

When those present saw this scene, they came to a sudden realisation: So, it turned out that there were no extramarital affairs, but a marriage battle instead!

The people who watched the scene unfold had their eyes locked on the four of them, but Lan Jinyao didn’t mind their gazes. She shook off Yin Yun’s hand and took Fu Bainian’s hand in hers.

She then sweetly smiled and said, “Darling, let’s go dance!”

Fu Bainian conceded and put his arms around her waist before he brought her to the dance floor. Meanwhile, Yin Yun was glaring at her. If there weren’t so many people around at the moment, Lan Jinyao reckoned that Yin Yun would be stomping her feet in a rage.

Lan Jinyao, on the other hand, thought that this wasn’t enough, and proceeded to lean her head on Fu Bainian’s shoulder. That affectionate display not only made Yin Yun look away angrily, but also made Jiang Cheng’s expression sink.

Yin Yun then suddenly spoke, “President Jiang, let’s go and dance too!”

On the dance floor, the four of them danced back and forth in circles but remained inseparable. Yin Yun and Jiang Cheng would dance to Lan Jinyao and Fu Bainian’s side from time to time, and after a while, Jiang Cheng suddenly smiled and asked, “President Fu, do you mind changing dancing partners in a minute?”

Before Fu Bainian could say anything, Lan Jinyao was a step ahead of him and stated, “I do mind!”

Yin Yun smiled, and said, “Miss Chen sure isn’t magnanimous. It’s just a dance, what are you worried about?”

“Haha!” Lan Jinyao smiled insincerely and answered, “Please address me as Mrs. Fu. Besides, it’s just a dance, so why can’t you just dance with someone else instead of insisting on dancing with my hubby?”

When she addressed him as ‘hubby’, Fu Bainian’s lips slightly curled up into a faint smile before he laughed.

When Lan Jinyao heard his laughter, she glared at him and softly grumbled, “What are you laughing at? This is all because of you.”

Fu Bainian then led her to the side, their steps adept and graceful.

Finally, we’ve escaped from those two annoying people! At this thought, Lan Jinyao instantly felt a little better.

At the end of the song, people in twos and threes began to get together again. Lan Jinyao had drunk a bit earlier, and now she had to use the ladies’ room. So, she told Fu Bainian that she would go to the bathroom. When she came out of the bathroom, she saw Yin Yun standing outside in the hallway, waiting for her.

Lan Jinyao had initially wanted to ignore her, but as she passed by Yin Yun, Yin Yun reached out her hand and blocked her path.

Yin Yun’s lips were curled up in a faint smile, and this sight reminded Lan Jinyao of those actresses who acted as those vicious and bad to the bone supporting roles in melodramatic soap operas.

If Yin Yun were to act as a vicious supporting role, Lan Jinyao estimated that she’d be able to become popular in one fell swoop.

“A good dog doesn’t block someone’s path. Could it be that you haven’t heard of this saying before?” She coldly glared at the hand that Yin Yun was using to block her.

Yin Yun coldly snorted. “I have something to say to you.”

“But, I have nothing to say to you!”

Lan Jinyao raised her hand and waved away Yin Yun’s hand. She was about to return to the hall, but in the next second, she was pulled to a stop by Yin Yun.

“What on earth do you want?!” Lan Jinyao coldly asked. In fact, at this moment, her patience had already been exhausted; she didn’t want to see this woman at all.

Yin Yun leaned against the wall, her expression like that of a fierce blooming flower, emitting a venomous smell. It would look extremely delicate, but it was contaminated with enough venom to corrode everything.

And, the flower, covered with venom, was stretching its petals towards her in an attempt to devour her.

“You must listen to me. If I were you, I would know that it would be better to withdraw early, than to keep a marriage that has already lost its passion and heat. That’ll save you from losing everything when the time comes.”

What a sincere piece of advice! Lan Jinyao sneered and said, “Even if I have to guard this marriage till my death, I won't give it up to others; especially not to a certain person harbouring evil designs. Do you want to marry into the Fu family? Wait for your next life!”

Yin Yun’s expression sunk as she coldly rebuked, “Why can’t you discern good from bad? How long do you think Fu Bainian will preserve this marriage? When Fu Bainian acquires everything in the Chen family, he’ll soon kick you out and be with me.”

Upon hearing this, Lan Jinyao smiled. She’d initially thought that Yin Yun would reveal something earth-shattering, but it turned out to be just this. How funny! Fu Bainian didn’t even tell Yin Yun her secret, so how close could they be? Everything was just a facade.

In the beginning, Lan Jinyao was still a little worried, but after hearing this, the last bit of worry in her heart completely disappeared. Fu Bainian had known since long ago that she wasn’t Chen Meimei, so how could this count as using her for his benefits?

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